A Very Interesting Statistic Out of the State of Florida

16 Sep 2021

BUCK: This is from somebody in the comms office for Governor Ron DeSantis. She just shared this. It’s a blue check, Christina Pushaw.

CLAY: Yep.

BUCK: She wrote, “Just now @GovRonDeSantis said: At the Broward monoclonal antibody treatment site…” Actually, you know what, Clay? What percentage…? Let me ask, ’cause I didn’t show this to you before. By the way, this is unfair, but I think it’ll make a point here: What percentage of people at the Broward County, Florida, monoclonal antibody site so they’re getting treatment ’cause they’re really sick and they’re worried, are vaccinated?

CLAY: So positive from Florida, by the way, hospitalizations are going down substantially. You probably haven’t heard that anywhere in the media it’s because not Florida-is-burning level. So that’s a positive there. I would bet, I would get, given that rate of vaccination there, I bet it’s close to 50-50.

BUCK: Wow. Look at you, Mr. Travis.

CLAY: Did I nail it?

BUCK: Nailed it. I did not tell him this beforehand, folks. I would be perfectly happy if Clay had said 5%; I could have made fun of him. It’s 52%. You totally nailed it. For 65 plus, that percentage vaccinated is even higher.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: Clay, something’s going on here, my man.

CLAY: Yeah. Look, and we’re just sharing the data with you, and it is significant, and it is a bit scary. What we were told was, if you got the vaccine, you would never have to worry about covid, and there’s ample evidence out there it’s not true.


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