Fauci Says Omicron Will Find Everyone — And It Found Clay

13 Jan 2022

BUCK: They’re doubling down on everything. This is no longer about Democrat vs. Republican, Left vs. Right so much as it is Sane vs. Insane, Clay. That’s what we are up against right now: People who are seemingly suffering from some sort of mass anxiety disorder. Remember, they get very touchy about the usage of some of the terms now about mass anxiety or about a mass mental illness of some kind. Mass Formation Psychosis is what they really hate you to say.

They’ve got now vaccine and mask mandates — just for a quick overview, folks — going into effect in or already in effect in of course New York, Boston, D.C. — yeah, that’s right, vaccine passport — Minneapolis. I believe, now if your 5-year-old isn’t vaxxed, he can’t go into a restaurant. Los Angeles, San Francisco, you have all these other cities., I can’t even keep track of all this all across the country. Meanwhile, you’ve got cases still exploding. You’ve even got Fauci out there saying that everybody essentially is gonna get hit by Omicron at some point.

FAUCI: I think in many respects, Omicron — with its extraordinary unprecedented degree of efficiency of transmissibility — will ultimately find just about everybody.

BUCK: Ultimately find everybody, including our main man, Clay. How’s it going over there, buddy? How you feeling?

CLAY: Yeah, yesterday people may have heard me coughing and sneezing some during the course of the show. I had to point… People don’t see behind the scenes, but a couple of times I had a coughing fit and I had to point to you.

BUCK: It was like Stockton to Malone. We put it away right away.

CLAY: Yeah, yeah. To pick back up. So I tested yesterday positive for Omicron. Some people say, “Well, why did you decide to test?” The answer is I never got tested when I had the Alpha version back in November of 2020 of covid, and I wanted to make sure if I was talking to people, that this time I knew I 100% had it. So I went yesterday; tested positive.

It feels to me like a low-rate cold. I’ve been honest with people. I haven’t gotten vaccinated. I had the Alpha version. Now I’ve got the Omicron version, and I don’t really… I’m having a normal workday. I work, people may or may not know this, but I have a home studio for television, radio, writing. I had that before covid so that’s the way that I work.

So, I’m not really around anyone other than my family. I’m hanging out down in the bedroom on my own and then up here doing the show. So, everybody else in the household has zero issues, and I don’t really… People are always like, “Where did you get it?” I don’t really know. We talked about off air yesterday during the show. I went over and watched on Monday night the Georgia-Alabama game with some friends, and one of the kids that was at that event tested positive.

So, I told you guys off the air, and you were like, “Well, you should go get tested. You probably definitely have it if that kid had it at the party you were at,” and so, yeah, I tested positive. I think by tomorrow, I’ll be back to 100%. I feel almost 100% today. I had a lot of good sleep. I probably need more sleep than I get anyway, and so I’ve just been drinking fluids.

I’m not taking really anything other than drinking fluids and trying to get some rest, and, for what we do, I worry about whether I might lose my voice. We’ve talked about this before. We’ve got kind of a unique job where we make a living based on being able to talk. But, knock on wood, so far it doesn’t seem… I might sound a little bit different to people because, again, I feel like I’ve got a low-range cold. But, Buck, in November people were listening to us and that was one of the worst colds I’ve ever had.

BUCK: We both got wrecked. We weren’t even in the same city, so it wasn’t likely to be, you know, the same strain of virus, not like we were right next to each other. We both got wrecked with upper-respiratory infection. But I just want to be clear. It’s apparently our fault — in fact, it’s everybody’s fault, if you listen to Democrats. It’s Clay’s fault, it’s my fault, it’s everyone’s fault if they catch what may be the most infectious upper-respiratory pathogen we’ve ever known, right?

It’s up there. It’s up there with measles. It’s up there with things that… If you’re in a room with somebody for 15 immunities without immunity you’re probably gonna get it. Had to be close to that, right? It’s your fault Biden says because you haven’t done enough of the useless crap they’ve been mandating like masking up between bites and putting up plexiglass. So now it’s more testing, better masks and more and more and more shots of course. Here he is just from this morning trying to tell everybody (angry muttering impression). I don’t even know what he’s saying. One.

BIDEN: (husky whisper) Now, I don’t like tuh… (sputtering) Uh… (pause) Uhhh. Y’know, uh (frustrated sigh) outline the next steps we’re takin’ against, uh… (sputters) I — I — I like tuh outline the next steps we’re takin’ against oval… (sputters) Uh, the, uh, the Omicron variant. Vaccinations are obviously the most important thing we’re doing, but they’re — but they’re not the only important thing. First, masking. Masking! You are –there — there — (sputtering) There are a lot, y’uknow, (frustrated sputtering), lots of different kinds of masks out there, and the Center for — and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, says that wearing a well-fitting mask of — of — of any of them is certainly better than not wearing a mask, if it’s well fitting (unintelligible) over your nose.

CLAY: Oh my God.

BUCK: Okay. This guy really does need to have the grandkids take him out, put a blanket across his knees and let him feed squirrels.

CLAY: It’s embarrassing. It is so bad.

BUCK: It’s getting weird. It has been weird for a long time. But, Clay, here’s one of the problems they have. We weren’t allowed to question the effectiveness of masks, right? Well, then if that’s the case, if masks are great, if any cloth mask — if your Kamala-Biden 2024 balaclava or gator or whatever it is — is great at stopping virus, why is it that this year they’re telling us we need better masks? In fact, they’re gonna send N95 masks as part of this policy now to people who want them. That’s an admission that what we had been doing was not very effective, but they won’t say it.

CLAY: Buck, listening to Biden talk there, I just want to emphasize to everyone, he’s reading off a teleprompter, and he still sounds like that. He’s not even attempting… They would be terrified to put Biden out there without ability to read directly off of the screen. So when he sounds that bad, he’s that bad just reading what’s in front of him. But Buck, the altering — and he continues to say it — that we have a pandemic of the unvaccinated is just not true.

And building on the clip that we played of Dr. Fauci earlier, if everyone is going to get covid — that’s basically what Fauci said in that clip that we played. You’re gonna get the Omicron version. He may not know that you have it, you may not even be symptomatic in any way, okay? But if you’re going to get it, how is there an argument for a vaccine mandate anymore? B

ecause what they used argue on behalf of the vaccine mandate was, if you didn’t get it, then you would help to spread the virus to others. But if you’re now saying that everyone is going to get it, the risk to the unvaccinated, like me, is entirely borne by me, right? If everybody’s going to get it, I’m not getting your grandma sick. Your grandma’s gonna get sick ’cause everybody else is gonna get sick too.

And so this whole argument that you have to be vaccinated area continue to say isn’t true. Look. Is it better if you’re older, as we’ve been saying for a long time and you are vaccinated because of your risk factors? Yes. But it’s also better if you’re not obese. It’s also better if you don’t smoke. The risk factors of not getting vaccinated now are entirely borne by the unvaccinated. There’s no argument to support a vaccine mandate at all.

BUCK: What they’ll say, I think… ‘Cause people that are being honest about this — and in Denmark — not that I can read Danish, but I saw reporting on this — one of the largest newspapers there has apologized to its readership saying, “We should have asked more questions” about their version of Fauciism. “We should have pushed back on power,” which in this country’s corporate media, by and large… There’s some exceptions. We’re here doing a show, obviously, that millions of people listen to.

There are other shows out there and Fox and other places where people can speak the truth or can at least engage in debate. But there’s been a betrayal, a betrayal of the fundamental role in a free society not just the government against the people but for those who are supposed to be bringing information and accountability into the public conversation, we’ve seen an abject failure. It’s disgusting what the Democrat-aligned corporate media has done in this country on the issue of Fauciism, covid, masking. They just right now are in this panic mode where it’s, okay, now they have to sell doubling down on failed policies that everybody can see have failed.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: It is not possible to look at what has gone on in the last 60 days and say Fauci and the rest and Walensky got it right. They knew what was coming. By the way, to your point about ending the vaccine mandate, Walensky, the CDC chief, shared information. I’ll make sure I get this right, ’cause if I get it wrong, obviously, Media Matters is gonna say I’m a fascist who’s going around murdering everyone’s grandparents. But Walensky, Clay, shared the latest data out of a study. Here you go. Omicron variant: 56% less risk of hospitalization from symptoms, 74% less risk of ICU admission, 91% less risk of death.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: What are we doing? Why are they telling us now, “You need to mask up harder! You need to social distance harder!” These people have a mental disorder.

CLAY: You’re right. And the honest answer here of what we need to be doing is for a long time remember how mad they got at the idea, if you compared in any way covid to the flu? Well, with the Omicron variant, I think very much comparing it to the flu and saying it’s not as bad. And I could say that now having the virus right now, I would much rather have this Omicron, what I’ve got right now, than many versions of the flu that I’ve had over the 25 years.

You know, when you have the flu, there’s that moment in time for everybody out there where you feel like you’re legitimately going to die, right? If you have a bad flu, you’re laying there, you’re nauseous, you’re like, this is so bad, you feel like death incarnate. At no point — having had covid twice — have I ever remotely felt as bad as when I had a seasonal flu.

BUCK: And can I just say, Germany did the whole N95 mandate thing a year ago — and guess what, everybody? Didn’t change a damn thing. We have run these experiments, and the people in charge now cannot admit that they are wrong, cannot admit they can’t control this, and so what are they doing? Double down. Doesn’t matter, Clay. Doesn’t matter what the results actually are.

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