Monkeypox Hypocrisy Proves Public Health Apparatus Can’t Be Trusted

4 Aug 2022

BUCK: We just talked to Senator Rand Paul. Really interesting about the gain-of-function research hearings on Capitol Hill that he is spearheading. But I mentioned it, I wanted you to hear it, Ron DeSantis recently pointed out, you just can’t trust the public health authorities in this country because of politicization.

The political bent of the public health expert usually with a blue check, several masks and several Ukraine flags and suggested pronouns on Twitter and Facebook, et cetera, this is something that we’ve all seen, all very aware of it. And every American should be reminded of the fact that the public health experts, including Fauci, thought that after telling us for months, your graduation is canceled, your funeral for your relative canceled.

Your wedding, canceled, restaurants shut down, businesses shut down, mask up on planes or we will ban you from the airline forever and rescue because this virus is so serious. Oh, but if you want to have thousands of people go out on the streets and loot and pillage and destroy in the name of BLM, the public health experts said that was really important. That was necessary for society during the pandemic. They said it. They did. Don’t forget it. And here’s Governor Ron DeSantis reminding everybody.

BUCK: It’s true. And that was a red pill moment for everybody who likes to live in reality and cares about the truth. The public health establishment engaged in a mass act of self-immolation of their credibility, as soon as that happened. I mean, they were — it was so obvious, so brazen that they’re just a bunch of ideologue libs that happen to have a public health degree or an MD or whatever the case may be.

But when their politics, you know, when their political choices come into play, your health matters a whole lot less or their health directives all of a sudden were far more malleable, far more subject to circumstance. Sure. And then there’s this from the Biden administration. They just declared, the Biden administration just declared monkeypox, which is still what everyone’s calling it…

I know they’re trying to come up with a new name ’cause monkeypox they think is offensive. Whatever. Is smallpox offensive? We have to change all names? Are we gonna change all the names of all the viruses? I’m just wondering. Notice, no one thinks Lyme disease is offensive. That’s okay, even though it’s named after a place. Spanish flu. You know, Spanish influenza is kind of unfair. It didn’t come from Spain but, you know, that’s just what everyone calls it. That’s not considered offensive, though.

But monkeypox has been declared a national health emergency by the Biden administration as of today. And this is interesting because the Washington Post just a few minutes ago put this out. “Sex is a major driver of the global outbreak” of the monkeypox. “But health officials and longtime HIV activists say calls for abstinence don’t work.” Okay.

Let’s take a moment, shall we, since we have this health apparatus now that’s all about keeping you “safe “and just “the science” and “the truth”? It’s not “calls for abstinence” that anyone is talking about here. It is calls for abstaining from group sex with strangers. That is what is actually under discussion. Okay? They’re not saying you gotta be celibate the rest of your life to avoid monkeypox. They are saying — and I cannot even describe some of the practices where there have been spreading events of monkeypox on the radio. I can’t do it. I mean, it would be a violation.

But essentially, “Don’t have sex with 10 people in a week,” is the guidance that I want to remind everybody. This is what’s being debated right now, and the CDC is worried about the stigmatizing effect of that guidance, which I think is just good guidance as a general rule. I will just put that out there. But even beyond that, if this is about health, politics shouldn’t matter. We’re trying to save people.

There’s about a 5% fatality rate from monkeypox, which is not super high. It’s not like smallpox, for example, which is a much more dangerous pox, which I think was about 40% of people — 30 to 40% of people — who got smallpox would die from it. But 5% is very high. As we know in the grand scheme of data and virology and epidemiology, you have a less than 1% fatality rate from covid, far less than 1%, actually. So, you really don’t want to get monkeypox. So, it’s important to help people avoid the getting of monkeypox, which there’s been thousands of cases.

They’re declaring a health emergency. So, they’re saying it’s really important to stop this. They’re saying it’s really dangerous. They’ve gotta be willing to tell us the truth then. They’ve gotta be willing to look at what is actually going on now and say, “Hey, you know, this…” For example, they mention HIV. If you were an intravenous drug user, your risk of HIV for a long time was astronomically higher than the general population.

Would it have been, “Oh, but, you know, drug is an addiction and we don’t want to stigmatize drug users; we want them to get treatment.” So, we don’t want…? No. You need to tell people on health matters the truth, and right now, just the same way that with covid, what was the super high-risk factor? Age and then weight. But age was number one. Now, you can’t do anything about age, right?

Your age is your age. But that’s a very high-risk factor. For policy reasons, it was important for us to know that and discuss it. What is the primary risk factor for monkeypox right now? Having sex with a lot of partners that you do not know in very short period of time — essentially, orgies. Avoid orgies. Important public health guidance on this issue. Why won’t they just say it?

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