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MSNBC Biden Regime Apologist: Quit Complaining, America!

23 Jun 2022

BUCK: “The Biden regime,” I like to call it. I really mostly call it that because it upsets the libs, and that in itself there is a certain currency of saying things that they go, “You’re not allowed to say that!” I think I am, actually. I think I am, and so I will. Biden’s having a rough time right now in all the polls that we can see. And the new Quinnipiac poll has Biden down 24 — negative 24 — with Hispanics. He’s down negative 31 for white voters.

His approval among black voters is plus 28, but those are all really historically bad numbers for a Democrat president and certainly bad numbers at this stage. And I think they might want to take a little messaging moment here, ’cause usually how it works is you have Democrats who are all on the same sheet of music, who are all saying the same stuff. That’s why you’ve been hearing recently, “A recession is not inevitable! A recession is not inevitable!” It may not be inevitable, but it will be televised.

We will see it, be with it, it will happen, right? It’s almost certainly going to be the reality of what we face. And I thought this was a particularly worthwhile moment, though, ’cause they don’t have good talking points. So you’re gonna have some people that decide they’re gonna go on TV and they’re hoping to advance the interests of the regime. They call themselves a journalist. They call themselves somebody who’s unaffiliated politically.

They’re just… You know, journalists, journos in the media — Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary had a moment here that I think you should all hear because price of gas very high, inflation very high, food prices skyrocketing. And also, the baby formula shortage still going on, folks. They haven’t addressed that. They haven’t fixed that. It’s still hard for a lot of people — a lot of parents across the country — to find the baby formula that they need for their children. Well, this Washington Post columnist on MSNBC wants you to know (summarized), “Stop whining, okay? Stop all your complaining, America.”

Play clip 3.

BUCK: (impression) “Calm down, Americans who can’t pay their bills right now, can’t afford their gas, can’t pay their rent or their mortgage, can’t find baby formula for their children, don’t know what their economic future six months from now will be like if the current situation of not just inflation, but likely stagflation and maybe recession becomes all too real. Calm down! Biden’s doing a great job. What do you not see?

Maybe if the American people weren’t all just so silly in their thinking that Biden’s economy isn’t awesome, we’d be in a better place right now, everyone. Get your act together! You’re gonna see some of this. You’re gonna see some Democrats who say, “Oh, well, some people are suffering but not most of you, so shut up and just vote Biden!” Ohhhh. Is that what the promise has become now, the promise of the Biden regime? “It’s not awful, so vote Biden!

“It’s not as bad as everyone says it is, vote Biden! You still have food to eat, peasants — sorry it’s 20 or 30% more expensive — so, keep the Democrats in power.” Oh! That’s gonna be quite a pitch. It seems to be the way they’re going with this, though. I also thought it was fascinating earlier on in the week when Biden said, “Sorry…” Oh, wait. Actually, we have it. We have it here. I was hoping. I was saying, “Do we have this one on our cut list today?” Biden is defending himself, saying, “Yeah, okay, prices are high and the economy is crappy, but you know, what are we gonna do, not stand up to Putin?”

Play clip 15.

BUCK: You know the ruble right now, Russian currency, is at a seven-year high? The Russian economy seems to be just moving along okay. But our economy’s taking a big hit. You say, “Oh, ’cause we have to stand up to Putin.” Okay, well, let’s continue with this thread. First of all, the snide nature of the Democrat commentary around this, as if they’re all out there on the front lines in the Donbas taking enemy artillery fire? Please.

You put a Ukraine flag emoji up on your Facebook page, “I stand with Zelensky.” Give it a rest, all right, libs? Calm down. Start with that. But beyond that, like, looking at the policy side of this more, okay, is our support to Korean worth a recession in America? Is supporting Ukraine with munitions worth a skyrocketing unemployment rate? Which, along with that of course comes shortened life expectancy, massive increase in suicides and alcohol and drug use and overdose, and misery for millions of people, destroyed futures and despair.

I’m just wondering, where do they actually…? You know, there was a little story didn’t get much attention about trying to stop imports from a piece of Russian territory, essentially cut it off. This didn’t get much attention because people are so focused on putting up their emojis with the Ukraine flag on it. But Kaliningrad — I’m not even sure I’m saying it right — which is a Russian toehold in Europe, could be cut off entirely from the outside world by major… Well, by the actions of Poland essentially, saying, “You’re no longer… We’re gonna cut you off.”

So there’s a little piece of Russia that is, effectively, surrounded by non-Russian territory. Lithuania stands between it and Belarus, Poland borders it to the south. So what happens if we cut off this territory. The Russians would just allow that? No one’s even paying attention to that. Blockaded it. What would happen? What lengths is Biden willing to go to? Well, no one even discusses it, do they? “Shut up! We support Ukraine,” they say. Oh, yeah? We should play closer attention to that, shouldn’t we?

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