A BLM Fanatic, Not a Car, Committed Waukesha Mass Murder

29 Nov 2021

CLAY: I’m kicking back, watching football over the weekend, and I see a CNN story come across my timeline, and it is so absolutely, astoundingly, absurdly perfectly wrong, that I wanted to make sure that we talked about it and didn’t fall victim of the same thing that New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, and CNN — among other mainstream media outlets — are.

This was a headline from CNN yesterday: “Waukesha will hold a moment of silence today marking one week since a car drove through a city Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring scores of others.” A car, Buck Sexton. Not a man driving a car. Not even, more specifically, a black man, it appears, attempting to kill white people at a Christmas parade in Wisconsin, in direct response, potentially, to the Kyle Rittenhouse story.

A Black Lives Matter supporter who had previously written negative things about white people, racist thing about white people on his social media accounts, CNN eliminates him completely from this story and turns it into the story of a car — driven by we don’t know who — running through a city and killing six people. It’s shameful, and it’s embarrassing.

BUCK: And there are reasons that I think are very apparent for why they do this. On the one hand, there is the very serious possibility that this was, in some way, spurred on… By the way, this guy, of course, is mentally unstable. I’m sure they’ll talk about how he has a history of mental health issues or whatever. But that’s not the factor. There are tens of millions of people across the country who struggle with mental health issues and they’re not — obviously — violent, homicidal, mass-murdering maniacs, right?

So that’s not the key fact here. That’s not the key point of this. What is? Well, he had a history of support for BLM. He had a history of saying he wanted to hurt white people specifically, and this is right after the Rittenhouse trial. So the media at some level might be aware — I think there are subconsciously, at least, aware — of a complicity in the creation of the narrative that Rittenhouse was a racial issue when it wasn’t, right?

But now it would be, “Oh, my gosh. Not only did we lie about that for so many months because it gave more ammunition, so to speak, to our side in the political fights out there, but also this has now resulted in loss of life.” That’s one part of it. And another part of it is, Clay, we could live in a country — we could very well live in a place — where we hold individuals responsible for what they do, and we don’t constantly have people who are trying to push… One side has collective guilt for things.

The other, of course, does not. In this case, conservatives, people who are on the right, whenever anyone does anything that is either loosely affiliated with the right. We hear about white nationalism and white supremacy and the insurrection, the overthrow of the country. Maybe we could just live in a place where we realize that that’s reckless to connect people to things to which they have no connectivity, no ideological or personal involvement in. But the left doesn’t want to give that up! They want to keep lecturing. Every time there’s a white school shooter, they want to write editorials about how the biggest danger in America are “angry white men.”

CLAY: They wrote that story within a day or two that the biggest threat to America was white men. And we had a caller who I thought crystallized this last week. Sadly, your identity defines your actions as opposed to as an individual everybody being responsible for what they did. And it crystallized, great example, in Boulder, Colorado. A guy walks into a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, and mows down a ton of people inside of that grocery store.

Early photos of that guy, he looks like a white guy. You can see his skin. Twitter does its thing. The Blue Check Brigade loses its mind blaming white people — white men in particular — for all the evils that exist in society. And then it comes out that the guy is a Syrian immigrant or at least of a Syrian-immigrant family, and the story basically disappeared. The same thing is happening right now with this man who not only hit people while driving his car, Buck. He was steering his car to try to hit as many people as possible.

BUCK: This was a mass murder. In no way, shape, or form was this accidental, something that just happens, spur of the moment. This guy decided, “I’m gonna go kill all these people with my car,” and that is what he did. It is mass murder! How often have you even seen that term used? How often has anyone used the term “terror attack,” which this clearly was? We’re not even discussing this anymore?

CLAY: Have you heard anybody, Buck, mention…?

BUCK: Kyle Rittenhouse shot three rioters who were attacking him, and it was like the big story of the left saying that the right has gone crazy and vigilantes and all this stuff. This just happened, Clay, and we’re not even talking about it anymore in the media. They’re not discussing it.

CLAY: Have you heard a single person talk about this as a potential hate crime? If a white person with any sort of social media history that suggested racism at all had mowed through a black crowd, had hit 50 black people, killing six of them, immediately there would have been a connection to white supremacy and a demand that there be a hate crime investigation. Have you heard a single Republican or Democrat say, “Hey, can we look into this? Can the Department of Justice look into this to see if potentially this was a hate crime? Can the state of Wisconsin?” I haven’t heard any of it.

BUCK: Let’s be real about this for a second, okay? If instead of, in this case, a black guy killing — a black guy who was a lone BLM supporter — killing six people…

CLAY: Out on a thousand-dollar bail.

BUCK: Out on a thousand-dollar bail for trying to run somebody else over with his car! If the facts changed here, and you had someone who was a minority who claimed that they had — there were nooses hanging from the ceiling — you would have dozens of FBI agents. You would have the Biden administration investigating the rise of hate in this country and all this, and I’m talking about an incident where no one’s actually hurt! Look what happened, NASCAR and the pull-down string and all this.

CLAY: The Bubba Wallace story.

BUCK: You had the FBI all over the place. With this, you have candlelight vigils. It wasn’t a tornado that came out of nowhere, folks. It was a mass murder by somebody spurred by hate — and it is a hate that is being spread by a Democrat media apparatus that is constantly self-aggrandizing by talking about how racist this country is and how people are being killed for their skin color without consequence all the time. But is that representative of the facts?

Maybe it’s a little reckless, Clay, for the media to run around pretending that this is the most vicious, racist, evil country on the planet when it is actually the opposite of that. Maybe they should stop this at NBC. But then they’d feel guilty about belonging to their not particularly diverse golf clubs over at the NBC newsroom. The New York Times? Yeah, they all live in really diverse neighborhoods, the New York Times editorial board, ’cause they care so much.

CLAY: Well, what should happen is what the courts try to do is treat everybody individually responsible for their own actions, and we don’t immediately group and identity politics everybody based on what might have happened. And, by the way, Twitter bears a lot of responsibility for this because everything that immediately happens that is a tragedy is immediately branded based on the identity of the person, not the individual him- or herself.

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