After 24 Hours in the GOP, Musk Faces Sex Smear

BUCK: What Elon’s trying to do is so important not just for our business, I think for the country. We talked to you about why Twitter is so important for the media narrative. It is the closest thing to a town square that exists right now in the digital realm. And Elon said, Clay, “They’re coming for me.” I mean, he’s been putting out tweets for weeks saying that there’s gonna be some hit job against him. And here you go from the Daily Mail.

Elon Musk says “claims he paid $250,000 to silence SpaceX flight attendant’s 2016 sexual harassment claims are from a far-left activist/actress with a political ax to grind, to stop him from buying Twitter.” He challenged openly the liar to describe his naked body, on Twitter, which is quite a challenge. It’s quite a gauntlet to throw down, so to speak. And you know what, my man? This is just Blasey. I mean, I’m sorry. I’m not buying it. Blasey Ford 2.0. It’s so clearly timed, it’s so desperate, and I think Elon is gonna keep on pushing past this nonsense.

CLAY: Okay. So, let’s break this down for just a moment. Elon Musk announces he’s going to vote Republican for the first time in his life and within 24 hours there is a story accusing him of sexual assault. That they’re trying to say it’s sexual assault. So, I read this story and here’s how I would break it down. I’m gonna put my lawyer hat on for you.

First of all, Buck, not a lot of people noticed this, but the story is hearsay. The woman who allegedly is saying that she was mistreated is not the source of the story. It’s a friend of the woman who is alleging that she was mistreated. So, the person who is telling the sorry to this news outlet is not the actual woman who was even involved in this story. It’s a level removed. Her comments may not even be admissible in a court of law because again it’s hearsay. There are certain hearsay exceptions that we could run through. So, let’s start there.

Two, the allegations in the story are not sexual assault. So, even if you take them as truthful, this is not in any way sexual assault. Three, the allegations are ridiculous. It sounds like a joke. Elon Musk said he would “buy a woman a horse if she was interested in engaging in some sort of amorous activity with him.” Now, I think this is just — I read that, and I kind of spit out my drink as I was reading it because — I don’t know.

We’ve got a lot of women who are listening to us right now, Buck. Has there ever been a time where a man has won your heart by offering to buy you a horse? I mean, it sounds like such a ridiculous joke to make, right? And also, what kind of horse are we talking about? The story doesn’t specify, but my first thought is there’s a wide range of horses —

BUCK: There’s a pony and an Arabian thoroughbred.

CLAY: That’s right. There’s a big difference in the value of the horse. But I can’t imagine there ever being any woman who I have ever met that they would be impressed if I offered to buy them a horse. It sounds like a joke, particularly ’cause she used to ride horses. And then the payment here is $250,000. Which, to people out there who are maybe not involved in the legal process, $250,000 might sound like a lot. You cannot even combat a sexual harassment allegation without paying far in excess at a major corporation like this or for a major individual like Elon Musk. Far in excess of $250,000. So a lot of times, people just say, hey, this is a rounding error.

BUCK: This is a nuisance payment.

CLAY: That’s exactly right. The amount of time that Elon Musk would have to spend on this, $250,000 to Elon Musk is like, Buck, you or me paying $20, right? It’s like going for coffee for him because of his wealth. And when you’re paying — and you know this, but a lot of people out there don’t realize it — every lawyer that Elon Musk ever pays is probably a $1500+ an hour lawyer, for people out there. So, you know, if you have them work on a case for 20 or 30 hours…

I used to do sexual harassment investigations, it’s almost impossible not to spend that amount of time on these cases at a minimum. This is a total nuisance case. And I would just say this. He’s been a public figure, Elon Musk has, for 25 years now. It took him 24 hours of being a Republican for somebody to come out and accuse and be published, him as being inappropriate when it comes to women.

BUCK: It’s just so obvious what’s going on here. I mean, it’s obvious —

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: — because Elon said, “Hey, guys, you know what’s gonna be obvious? When they come at me with something, when someone dredges up something in order to stop me from purchasing Twitter.” Look at the fear. I’ve said this from the beginning, Clay. It’s so illuminating just to watch how terrified the Democrat apparatus overall — politicians, media figures, news people — they’re terrified at not having their hand on the scale of the digital public square. It sends them into a frenzy.

Elon has never said, “there’s gonna be reprisals against the left. We’re gonna balance things out. We’re gonna take a look at the historical inequities of Twitter and decide that we’re gonna silence the other side.” He’s just said, “Look, we’re not gonna play games anymore and pretend that we’re doing free speech when we’re not.” And they are in a frenzy over this.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: And I think you’re gonna see, even though it’s obvious they will go forward not only with this kind of an accusation, federal regulators are thinking about how they can get involved. The Biden administration, I’m sure, has people at DOJ and looking at this as some kind of an antitrust possibility. I mean, there’s all sorts of tricks they’re gonna try to pull, all to prevent the richest man on the planet…

Jeff Bezos buys the Washington Post. Fantastic! Oh, great journalism is gonna be done. Elon wants to buy Twitter and make it free speech? It is DEFCON 1 for these lunatics.

CLAY: Yeah. And I think the one positive is everybody knows the game and how it’s played now so this accusation seems to have landed with just kind of a thud and nobody really cared, right? And I think because of obviously people who’ve listened to this show know what Rush went through over the years with people coming at him on a personal level. But to your —

BUCK: And the tax authorities —

CLAY: — the IRS and everybody else and we talked about the fact that when we took this show, at some point. I’m kind of stunned, Buck. I don’t know about you. Given the influence this show has in the audience, that you guys tune in every single day. I expected in the first year that somebody would come after us guns blazing. I mean, I talked to you about this, once our names were announced that somebody was gonna try to come after us and do hit pieces. So far, we’re a year in and nobody’s really come after us. But this is the game they play. They try to destroy you if you don’t sign up.

Think about this. Elon Musk has gone from a hero of the left to someone that they are trying to destroy based on simply believing in content neutral policies. That’s all he’s done. He hasn’t said, “Hey, I’m a far-right ideologue.” He’s just saying, “I want Twitter to treat everybody evenly regardless of what their political opinions are”, and this is such a rigged game at Twitter that they are terrified of just content neutral policies.

BUCK: And I think there’s another component of this that everyone should be aware of in the background. They’re so terrified of free speech as a general principle now. As we know, the left no longer — there is no longer foundational agreements between Democrats and Republicans, between left and right on free speech as a value, as a good, that we can agree on what it is.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: Because they’ll say, oh, hate speech is not — and you’ll say, “Well, if I’m opposed to illegal immigration, is that hate speech? Yeah, sounds like hate speech to me, right?” They do not believe in — and there’s, of course, much worse hate speech or actual hate speech that is protected under the First Amendment —

CLAY: — People don’t think that I should be able to say that men should compete against men and women — that’s hate speech.

BUCK: They’re completely insane. But in the background of this also, they say that the world is going to melt down because of climate change and it’s an existential threat. That is their phrase. Obama has said it. Biden has said it. Elon Musk is doing more, in a sense, to combat climate change than any other individual — not that I think climate change needs to be combated. But put that aside. He is doing more with Tesla —

CLAY: Impossible for any individual to have done more than he has.

BUCK: To have done more than he is. And this will destroy him if they can, to protect their speech advantage online. That’s how much they care about this. Forget about the fact he’s done more than any other human being on the planet for the issue that they say is existential, to fight against that.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: They will ruin this guy’s life and reputation so that they can run around pretending like they’re more popular online and their ideas aren’t insane. That’s how they are.

CLAY: A hundred percent right. And that’s why there are a lot of Elon Musks out there. I’m about six or seven years ahead of where Elon Musk is in terms of my political evolution, but this is why every single day I get out of bed so excited to talk to this audience because I see the results. Buck, there’s gonna more people voting Republican in 2022 that have never voted Republican before. I really believe this, in most of our lives, because they are tired of the insanity that they are seeing – drumbeat of crazy – every single day that Democrats are putting out there.

BUCK: You see what they’re doing to this Princeton professor, too, by the way?

CLAY: Yeah, I saw that.

BUCK: This is another — we’ll tell everybody about this. Another example of, it doesn’t matter if you’re right, it doesn’t matter if you speak the truth and events bear out what you’ve said, the left will come for you. They will come after you. They will ruin you. They will destroy you. This is critical to their belief system because otherwise to your point, Clay, a lot of people are gonna say, yeah, this is not making sense any more. So, they have to make examples. They’re gonna try to make an example out of Elon, they’re gonna try to make an example out of this professor.

CLAY: They rule with the fear.

BUCK: Yeah, fear.