American President Openly Demands Censorship from Big Tech

13 Jan 2022

CLAY: To me, this continues to be an incredibly chilling example of the collusion that is existing between the Big Tech companies and the White House. Listen to cut 3, I believe it is here, as Joe Biden asks tech companies to do more to stifle the flow of information.

BIDEN: (whispering) I make a special appeal to social media companies and media outlets. Please deal (sputters) with the misinformation and disinformation that’s on your — your shhh — shows. (sic) It has to stop. Covid-19 is one of the most formidable (slurring) enemies America’s ever faced. We’ve gotta work together, not against each other.

BUCK: It’s amazing, Clay, how open they are about the demands from the very top of the United States government for censorship. They don’t even pretend to care about free speech and the First Amendment anymore. And the media, who were lecturing us for four years of Trump’s presidency about the threat to democracy, about fascism creeping in America, they are the handmaidens of this Biden administration.

He is calling for Big Tech to shut down debate and discussion specifically at a time when the apparatus has been proven to be wrong. There is no person in the world who would win an argument with you or me right now about whether these vaccines stop the spread the way we were told they would. Clearly, that is false, and he’s calling for a doubling down not only on the failed policies but on the suppression of the very discussions that could prevent more of the failed policies.

CLAY: That’s so well said, Buck, and I’ll just reiterate for our audience there: Think about how often the opinions that we share on this show would not be allowed to be shared on social media. I’ll just give you a few examples. Facebook and Twitter shut down any discussions that covid might have emerged from Chinese lab. It now appears that the evidence strongly supports that covid did come from a Chinese lab.

By the way, potentially funded by our own tax dollars as part of gain-of-function research by the guy who’s in charge of covid now in Dr. Fauci. All of that was a wild conspiracy theory that you were not allowed to utter on social media. How about the idea, as we saw our buddy Alex Berenson who we continue to have on the show? In the summer he was saying, “Guys, the data out of Israel and the data our England is alarming about the efficacy of these vaccines.”

The idea of what you are being told, that if you take this vaccine, you will neither get nor spread covid is not supported by the scientific data right now. They kicked him right off Twitter. I guarantee you the White House had been flagging him and saying this guy needs to go — and the efficacy of masks! You can go on and on, Buck, with things that are very integral to our discussion as a society in the marketplace of ideas.

We need dissent to be allowed. Dissent is the very essence, by the way, of the scientific method, challenging everything, and here you have so many members of the media meekly acquiescing to whatever the narrative is, and then — this is maybe the most disgusting part of it, Buck — when the narrative changes, they pretend that nothing has changed at all. Do you know how many people out there on social media now, Buck, say, “They never said that the virus would prevent transmission or that covid would be stopped by the vaccine to prevent transmission or to prevent you from getting it,” and you have to actually share the clips with them.

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