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An Unintentionally Hilarious Attack Ad Against DeSantis

30 Sep 2021

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BUCK: We want to start today with why is it that you are not hearing about the Florida covid caseload so much anymore? You probably know the answer just by the fact that we’re asking the question. But we were on this show and talking to you about it in July and August because the media was convinced that Ron DeSantis…

They would say things like he doesn’t care about old people or children dying of covid, horrible things. And then it became a joke among conservatives that Ron DeSantis somehow must have also caused a covid surge in Hawaii and in Oregon. What was Ron DeSantis doing to all these places? We knew that it was absurd and that they were scoring cheap political points when we all know that there’s a seasonality to the virus.

There has been from the beginning, and as it gets warmer in the summer months people go inside in Florida — more air-conditioning, greater spread of the virus. That’s at least the best theory out there for why this happened. And now you got covid cases in Florida down over 50%, I think really over 60. Depends on the time frame you’re using, but certainly over 50% in the last two weeks from the high.

So what’s going on here? Why aren’t they paying attention? Well, you get an idea of what’s happening when you look at the way that they’re trying to demonize Ron DeSantis. This is among the most unintentionally hilarious and powerful for the person being attacked political ads either Clay or I have ever seen. This is a new attack ad put out by Remove Ron on Twitter.

I almost… I want to check and make sure they’re not trying to not remove Ron because that’s how this goes. You have to understand, now… I know you’re only gonna hear this, but really juxtapose what he’s saying and the music, juxtapose the 50% drop in cases in recent weeks and what they’re trying to imply and just understand there’s a lot of people in masks in the video and everything. But the audio does it pretty well here.

STEWARDESS VOICE: (melodramatic music) Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of your cabin crew, we’d like to inform you that we have officially entered Florida airspace. Now that we’re making our final descent, please watch this short message from Governor Ron DeSantis on covid-19. Thereafter, everyone on board will be required to comply with the state’s forever purge.

DE SANTIS: We are not doing any vaccine passports in the state of Florida. We trust people to make their own decisions in the state. We are not gonna bludgeon people with restrictions and mandates, and lockdowns, or any of that stuff.

STEWARDESS VOICE: As Governor DeSantis stated, while you’re within state lines, I do not have to wear a mask. I do not have to get a vaccine. It is against the law for private businesses or schools to mandate masks or vaccines. And you have the absolute right to infect whoever you want whenever and wherever with covid-19. Thank you for traveling with us. And, please, enjoy your forever purge.

BUCK: (laughing) Clay, it’s amazing.

CLAY: It’s such nonsense. If Ron DeSantis had to pick his enemies and got to pick the way that they were going to attack him, for anybody who’s seen The Purge movies, that’s the trend line that they’re trying to tie into from a pop culture perspective. But, Buck, I think facts matter here. Only eight states right now have a lower covid infection rate than Florida in the entire country.

And Florida is down over 50% in the past couple of weeks. So the reason why I think all of this is significant is, one, we told you exactly what was going to happen, and this is why Florida is so threatening to so many people in the Blue Checkmark Brigade, to the Dr. Faucis of the world, to the Biden administration, because they didn’t implement a mask mandate, because they didn’t require covid vaccine passports, and the cases still came down.

And so what they try to do, Buck, is they try to argue — and you know this, but I think there’s still people missing what exactly is going on. They implement new policies, and then when the virus follows its natural course, they argue that the policies they implemented are the reason why the virus followed that course.

If everybody does it, then you end up with Australia where there is no real test case scenario to say, “Hey, was any of this actually necessary or beneficial?” Florida has proven how much of the Fauciites are filled with emperors wearing no clothes. Like, there’s no illegitimate basis whatsoever to virtually any covid restriction that has been put in place over the last 18 months in terms of making us safer.

BUCK: And you can see that there are some CDC studies, too — and just for anyone who’s wondering, “Is the CDC politicized?” They put out a statement from their official… The Centers for Disease Control, friends, is supposed to be about the science. They put out a statement on Twitter about “pregnant people.” Can’t say pregnant…

The Centers for Disease Control will no longer say “pregnant women” because, yes, it is a fact the only people who can get pregnant are women. I know this is a controversial thing on the left now. I understand that they do not like this biological reality. But it remains true, nonetheless. That the same CDC is riddled with politics, with politicization.

And you see this even with the way they’re putting out some of these studies now on masking in schools and outbreaks. They’re looking at places, because we know the seasonality effects, we know the bans of where cases had been rising over the summer. And so they’re trying to say, “See! See! Look at what happened.”

Schools where there was less masking in September have, you know, a higher probably or two or three X the number of outbreaks, something like this. Let’s say what these studies see in October and November as covid cases be, as they will, rise through the middle of the country and even up into New England and even up to Northern California, the Pacific Northwest.

You’re gonna see that rise. All the sudden, Clay, they just won’t cover it, the same way they don’t cover Florida’s seemingly miraculous drop in covid cases after Ron DeSantis was going around with a syringe, apparently, giving everyone in Hawaii and Oregon and around the world covid this summer.

CLAY: I think it’s super important to point out — and I would love if somebody did a study on the amount of stories discussing Florida’s rising covid rate and the number that are written discussing Florida’s plummeting covid rate. Because in theory, the rise and the plummet would both be newsworthy stories if you are going to determine that the covid infection rate overall is worthy of being covered by the media.

And I think you hit on a good point, Buck, because kids in my county are not wearing masks in schools, by and large, for the first six weeks of school or whatever the heck it has been. And cases all over the state of Tennessee have plummeted the same kind of way that they’ve plummeted in Florida.

Now they are trying to say — because just in the last couple of days there’s been a federal judge who has mandated masks, now they’re already trying to argue — “Well, the reason the cases are coming down is because there was a mask mandate in schools,” even though very few kids are wearing masks and there’s no mask mandate anywhere else.

BUCK: I’d also want to know, what is it about Europe where, apparently, they can’t see the data, Clay, and understand what the Fauciites in this country…? We’re basically the only country in the world —

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: — that masks up children as aggressively and as crazily as we do. And this is at a point now where the people that have been doing this, I think there’s a lot of repressed… I’m just gonna say, I think there’s a lot of repressed shame from parents who have gone along with all of this stuff and realize that we’ve been kind of swindled, that this wasn’t necessary.

That having Little Tommy or Little Susy on the playground choking through some dirty cloth mask all day because Dr. Fauci says it’s gonna keep them safe, this is a sad and pathetic thing to do. And parents should never have done it and I think a lot of people are clinging to the hope that they’ll find out that, no, it actually was a good idea; it was necessary. And we just have to tell everyone the truth: It wasn’t and it’s not.

CLAY: And, Buck, I would tie this in, remember when all of the playgrounds got shut down?

BUCK: Yeah.

CLAY: They put crime scene tape around playgrounds all over the country, your 3-year-old couldn’t get in a swing in a public park and there was crime scene tape place like there had been 80 murders that had taken place on the playground. They filled in with sand all of the skate parks. They took rims off of basketball hoops so that nobody could take a basketball out and shoot.

All of it was mindless. It made no difference. I think, Buck, not only — and this is sad — are some people in denial because they don’t want to acknowledge they’re wrong. I think a lot of still believe that kids are in danger. They are so terrified that their kids are in mortal peril. They don’t know the data. They don’t know the reality. That’s why… Remember I asked you that question? I said, “What is your emotion when you see people wearing masks outside?”

BUCK: I feel sad for them now.

CLAY: That’s where I am.

BUCK: I used to be angry, and now I feel sad because they’re so emotionally and psychologically beaten down and they can’t even begin… It’s like they’ve got some kind of a battered spouse syndrome going on with all the CNN and New York Times —

CLAY: It’s an infirmity.

BUCK: — and Fauciism, and now they’re just… It’s like they’re paralyzed with this. Clay, of all the statistics that we could give, and you’ve made sure we talk about the be numbers frequently, the chance of a child dying from covid is literally one in a million.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: One in a million. So when you’re looking at it that way you start to say, “Hold on a second. What exactly am I doing here? Am I treating my children like they’re at extreme risk?” And, by the way, they also know that it’s unlikely they pass it to adults, which we never hear that anymore.

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