Ann Coulter Joins Us to Celebrate a Momentous Day

24 Jun 2022

BUCK: Right now in the immediate aftermath of Roe v. Wade overturned, we have our friend Ann Coulter joining, 13-time New York Times best-selling author. She’s got a fantastic Substack you can subscribe to, Unsafe by Ann Coulter. Ms. Coulter, good to have you.

COULTER: Oh, my gosh. What a fantastic day to be here, Buck.

BUCK: Just go with it. You’ve been in this battle. You’ve been in this fight for years. What does it feel like today?

COULTER: It’s wonderful, not just as a human being, but as a lawyer I was just thinking, I mean, every lawyer in America who isn’t a liar is happy about this. That was just such an intellectually offensive decision. The left has been using the courts, well, since the Warren Court, as their personal philosopher kings to hand them all, the, quote, “rights” but really the legislation they want that they couldn’t get Americans to vote for either in the states or, if it is a national type law or nationally; so, they can’t win in democracy.

I mean, the most beautiful example of that was, of course, the gay marriage issue, which was voted down in about — I don’t remember exactly — 33 states with direct initiatives allowing the people to vote. Even in California it was voted down, Buck Sexton, despite being wildly overspent. Same thing in Oregon. So, what do liberals do? Let’s go to our philosopher kings on the Supreme Court, and they all drop LSD, read the Constitution and say, “Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. In a document drafted by our founders 200 years ago — we never saw this before — there’s a right to abortion.” It’s just a BS way to do constitutional law.

If we could move away from this and I certainly hope we will have a court that stays within the bounds of the Constitution, and they just enforce constitutional rights as they did with the gun decision yesterday and don’t pretend to hallucinate nonexistent rights, then it goes back to the states, most of the time to the states. Sometimes it may go to Congress, but most important decisions that people care about in their lives, in the kinds of places they want to live, are decided by state legislatures, which is the most freedom promoting idea any government has ever come up with.

If you don’t want gay pride parades with, you know, sodomy being performed on the street, okay. Don’t live in New York City or San Francisco or California at all. You can live in one of the more conservative states. And if you don’t want school prayer, you live in San Francisco or New York, California, the places that hate Christians and hate God.

Therefore, you create a little environment for yourself where you’re living in a place that is good for you, fits you, not always, maybe. There may be tradeoffs. But, no, that’s not good enough for the left. They want — this is why they want everything to be federal, national, so that they can bully five Supreme Court justices or just snark them into ruling the way they want the rule to be.

BUCK: Speaking to Ann Coulter. You can subscribe to her Substack, Unsafe, on the Substack platform. Also look for her column, her syndicated column. Ann, the politics of this, I’ve been thinking all along that it’s very much overstated that now, ’cause I kept hearing Democrats say it, which I usually think is the tell. “Oh, this will mean that now the midterms…” I don’t see that, meaning that this is gonna bail out the Democrats in the midterms in any meaningful way.

Do you see it that way? And also, I mean, you’ve got AOC telling people to take to the streets. To me this doesn’t strike me as likely to turn into something like the BLM movement just because, you know, it’s a lot of unhappy cat ladies with blue hair out in front of the Supreme Court. Like, I don’t think that they’re gonna, necessarily, riot the same way we’ve seen Democrats on other issues. But I don’t know. I can’t predict the future. What do you think?

COULTER: Well, I totally agree with that, that isn’t gonna be BLM riot. That is something I was concerned with. I may have admitted to you before when the decision first leaked, my immediate reaction, despite being both a human being and a lawyer capable of reading was not, “Yay.” It was, “Oh, I wish they could have waited a year. I don’t want anything screwing up the midterms.” Not that Republicans aren’t screwing up the midterms as much as they can on their own between Ukraine and, what, 12 of them voting —

BUCK: I want to ask you about the gun vote in a second, but keep going.

COULTER: We’ll get to that. And then observing, as you say, the ones who are most — the people most — vocal and hysterical about, oh, my gosh. Abortion is being sent back to the states. We’re going to have to win in this horrible process known as democracy. And it’s just, you know, I can’t sleep at night knowing that women in Louisiana can’t get an abortion in the third trimester. Don’t worry, lady, you’re in New York. I think they are unappealing and hysterical and disingenuous enough that, if anything, it hurts them.

And, by and large, my impression is people just — they don’t like to think about it, which is why you get weird results from polls where on one hand at the top of the New York Times article, paragraph two, two-thirds of Americans agree with Roe v. Wade and then you read 18 paragraphs down and you get the fact that two-thirds of Americans think that abortions should not be legal after the first trimester. Well, that’s not agreeing with Roe, baby cakes. That’s probably where even the restrictive states — and it looks like right now about half the states are — abortion will be the same as it always was, maybe even more available if —

BUCK: They reminds me of the poll, speaking of Ukraine, on the no-fly zone —


BUCK: — a moment there where I think 80% of the country or 70% country was, yeah, no-fly zone, and the next question is you realize that means we’re blowing up Russian surface-to-air missiles probably on Russian territory, right, which would mean war.


BUCK: And then it’s, you know, like 10% or something. All of a sudden it goes, whoa, no, we don’t want that. We’re speaking to Ann Coulter, everybody. Her Substack is fantastic. Unsafe, it’s called, by Ann Coulter. You can subscribe. Ann, I do have to — obviously huge day. And it’s — it’s a great day. It’s a great day for logic, reason, the law, life. “Life wins” should be the headline for at least today.

But I do have to ask you about these Republicans who went along with this red flag bill, red flag gun bill, now law, or about to be law. Why is it we have…? There is some kind of sickness in the minds of certain Republicans where it’s been too long, it’s been a year, for some of them maybe six months, you know, for Lindsey Graham maybe three months where they haven’t gotten the pat on the head from the New York Times. And so, they just turn on the base. Democrats don’t do this. Why do Republicans do this, like these 12 senators?

COULTER: Yes. I think it comes back to the media. People like you and I, thank God, are not influenced by the media except maybe, you know, if you don’t have a position on an issue yet, check to see where the New York Times is and just take the other side. But most people, I guess, aren’t like that. And we see which ones are the weakest women.

I do think this has a lot to do with — I mean, we’ve both just assumed this is, like you say, a pat on the head from the New York Times and, ooh, these are the moderate ones. The media is very powerful in persuading the weak-minded. And we’ve got a lot of weak minded Republicans, especially — by the way, I think every — correct me if I’m wrong — every single actual biological woman. I don’t mean like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell women. Every biological woman in the Senate voted in favor of these, correct? Is there anyone who didn’t?

BUCK: I’d have to check.

COULTER: Check that.

BUCK: Yeah. I’d have to check.

COULTER: How about Collins?

BUCK: You want me to check right now? Team check. I have to see. I have to see.

COULTER: Okay, never mind.

BUCK: There’s a lot of people listening for me to be Google searching, Ann.

COULTER: Okay, blather ahead, I will go on to say that the one secret pleasure I may take from this is because I’m a little mad at Alabama today. They give us the Roy Moore fiasco, they gave us Doug Jones, the reddest state in the union and the worst voters. Well, they just voted for a girl Senate nominee over the magnificent Mo Brooks —

BUCK: I’ve seen always liked Mo Brooks. I didn’t understand why he didn’t win that one.

COULTER: Well, apparently not many people voted, but I don’t care, I’m holding Alabama responsible for this. And I was thinking, wow. Think of the irony. In a very pro-gun state like Alabama, looking at the way the girl senators are voting on this, if it was their girl senator who voted to take away their Second Amendment rights someday.

BUCK: Always provocative, always intriguing, the one and only Ann Coulter, folks. Check out her Unsafe Substack and obviously any of her 13 books. Ann, thanks for being with us.

COULTER: Good to talk to you, Buck Sexton. Bye-bye.

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