Are We Heading for a Rough Covid Winter?

21 Oct 2021

CLAY: We talk a lot about the data on this show and sometimes that data is not necessarily encouraging. Certainly during the Biden administration there have been a lot of data — inflation, border crossings, covid — that has been really uncomfortable data to have to discuss. Buck, the national media is not talking about one of the biggest issues that’s, I think, going to continue to emerge and that is — I know you were looking at the England data. England just went over 50,000 covid cases for the first time in months.

BUCK: A day.

CLAY: A day. Yes. Sorry. For a day, in England, where they have really good covid data that’s reliable for the nation. And Maine and Vermont are two of the most vaccinated states in our country, and the number of covid cases there are skyrocketing as well. England just released new national data that further confirms the people dying in their country now with covid, over 70% of them are double vaccinated.

So if you look at the data out there right now, Maine setting all-time highs, Vermont setting all-time highs, no one in the media is talking about this, but what Maine and Vermont have in common, obviously, is it gets colder there earlier than it does in many other parts of the country. There is an ominous tracking forecast here that suggests — and again covid can make pools of predictors, it certainly has and we’re not trying to be in the prediction business. We try to be in the talk about the data business because Lord knows I’ve gotten a lot wrong, you have too when you try to predict where this thing is gonna go purely from an epidemiological perspective and, by the way, Fauci who’s supposed to be the biggest expert has gotten everything wrong all the time.

BUCK: The difference is, Clay, the people that admit that they can be wrong here are the only honest ones.

CLAY: That’s right. That’s right. But I’m looking at the data, and I’m getting increasingly concerned that we are headed for a really rough winter. And that everything out there that is being sold to us, which is that this is primarily a pandemic of the unvaccinated — how many times have you heard Joe Biden utter phrases like that? Well, the data doesn’t reflect that that’s remotely true in Vermont and Maine.

And I tweeted this last night, but this is one of the reasons why I’d like to have Dr. Fauci on this show, because he doesn’t get asked honest and intelligent questions by hardly anyone in the media. And the number one question I would ask Dr. Fauci if we had him on this show right now — and I’m curious what you think about this, and it ties in with what’s going on in Florida and what’s going on all over the country in terms of our basic freedoms — if Vermont is 90% vaccinated, which is true, adults are, and they are setting all-time highs for covid infections, why is vaccination going to lead us out of this covid pandemic?

Now, you could argue Fauci, if he was smart, might say, well, the vaccination is not going to stop cases from spreading, but what it will do is limit the overall severity of the infections, and that could be an argument. But, Buck, if I had told you back in January when they were rolling out this vaccine that as we approached late October states like Maine and Vermont, two of the most highly vaccinated states in the country, would be setting all-time highs, that would be staggering information, it would be overwhelming, and it would go directly to the efficacy and success of the vaccine itself, which is the essence of this issue, I believe.

BUCK: If it really is just unvaccinated people who are getting sick in Maine and Vermont — think about the way it has always worked here. When the apparatus and the Fauciites have numbers that they can point to — we see them. They want people know about it, we see it all the time — so why aren’t we seeing this day in and day out? Yeah, they’ll give you data from August. They’ll give you data from 60 days ago pretty readily, maybe from September. But we’re now almost through October, and we’re at the point where the respiratory virus season in the more, you know, temperate northern states of the country starts to kick up in a serious way in places like where I am here in New York, even in Tennessee to a degree, right? So this is happening. Why don’t we know what the numbers really are?

And also there’s a fundamental disconnect that they don’t address. If we have to get people boosters because without the boosters not only will they get sick, they could end up in the hospital even as a vaccinated person, that is an admission that this is effectively a short-term therapeutic and that what we were sold on what these vaccines in the beginning is fundamentally not what actually ended up happening, not correct. So they’re hoping to get everybody, oh, boosters, boosters. This is what we planned all along. Is absolutely not what the plan was all along, at least not the way they sold the plan all along — some people are saying, oh, Buck, they always knew this. That may be true, but this isn’t the way that they got us to all agree with this and that’s why I think Senator Rand Paul sang that this has become so arbitrary and so made up as they go along really resonates.

PAUL: I think any mandate that ignores the science is really arbitrary and capricious and should not be honored so many of these policemen and fireman were out there every day they caught covid naturally a hundred million Americans have caught covid naturally and have developed antibodies and immunity to it studies out of say their immunity is as good or in all likelihood better than vaccinated immunity, but the bottom line is all of their arguments fall they say, oh, the unvaccinated are making us less safe. Well, it turns out that if you’re vaccinated you can carry it also. There is no perfect safety that anybody can find, and really the ultimate personal choice, the most personal choice of all is what you inject into your body, what you take. And look. I’m not against the vaccine. If you are at high risk in particular, by all means get vaccinated. But you should have a choice. It’s a free country.

BUCK: Sounds like two people we know.

CLAY: Yeah. But this goes to the very biggest question that I think is out there about covid. How do we land the plane? How do we return to normalcy if what we are being sold as our pathway back to normalcy, ’cause that’s what their guy saying, Buck, they’re saying, “Hey, if everybody were vaccinated right now, covid wouldn’t be an issue.” And what I’m and what you’re seeing with the data is, that is not true. And so if that’s not true, which is what the data is telling us, then how do we return to normalcy, and how do we prepare the American public for a reality, ’cause they’ve been so terrified and so scared, for a reality that covid’s never are going to go away and it’s gonna be here with us for the rest of our lives?

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