As Predicted on This Show, Boosters Are Back

24 Sep 2021

BUCK: Remember when last week the FDA panel of outside experts whatever…? These bureaucracies, it’s tough to keep up with all of it. What was it? By overwhelming majority, they said, “We don’t need boosters except for people who are at particular risk with compromised immune systems,” and this was my response to it. Remember this one?

BUCK ARCHIVE: I don’t think boosters are not happening. I think this is gonna be something like or similar to what we see with J&J. This is the temporary pause to create the illusion of reasonableness from the apparatus of control before they decide in a month, maybe 60 days, “Oh, just kidding. You actually are all going to need boosters!”

CLAY: Are you gonna get a booster?

BUCK: That was… No.

CLAY: You’re done?

BUCK: I’m done.

CLAY: You got your vaccine. You’re finished. You’re calling it quits.

BUCK: No. (laughing) Now, as it is, now that I have friends — can neither confirm nor deny, but friends — who have been very creative with their arts and crafts projects recently, no. Also, now we have the natural immunity data could not be… But if I hadn’t gotten sick and known that I had covid and have natural immunity, would I have gotten it? I spend a lot of time with my parents who are at high risk.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: I would have been persuadable on that. I’ll just be honest with you. I’m not sure, but I probably would have gotten it based just on that. But the natural immunity thing now just makes it so obvious that this is unscientific idiocy. And then on top of that, the mandates are just tyrannical insanity, and I just want to say on the booster shot thing, Clay, that was last week.

Now, the only thing I got wrong on that one was I thought it might take them a month to reverse it. It took one week and all the sudden they’re like, “Yeah, the CDC decided boosters.” Why have the outside panel come in and tell you, “You don’t need all these people to get boosters,” and then a week later say, “Ehh, who needs those guys? Boosters!”

CLAY: My theory is… I think you nailed that in a strong way. But my theory on it is, they don’t want to throw everything at covid right now because if they throw everything at covid, then there’s nothing else left to do.

BUCK: So I think that the —

CLAY: Incrementalism, right?

BUCK: The way that the incrementalism works… I see what you’re saying, and I agree with what you’re saying. But I think what they’re gonna do is, it’s gonna go from, “You can get it,” to when we get into the wintertime, “You should get it,” to January-February period when we have another big surge, “You must get it.” That’s what I see happening as the progression here.

CLAY: Here’s my other question on this, Buck. You know this better than I do. So, you have a vaccine passport to prove that you can get into a bar, restaurant in New York.

BUCK: Anybody in New York City wants to go into places in Manhattan you have to have either on your phone or a card.

CLAY: Except the subway.

BUCK: By the way, some places are really intense about it. They’ll look at your ID, they’ll line it up with your… They want to check the name because remember there are people who are actually terrified, and they think this is keeping them safe.

CLAY: So the question that I have for this is, are you also now gonna get new booster papers like for your vaccine passport to prove that you got the booster?

BUCK: Yes.

CLAY: In New York now as the booster becomes more of a reality — Buck’s pulling out his vaccine passport right now in the studio — is there a spot there for a booster where you can prove that you got your booster?

BUCK: So interesting you bring that up, Clay, because I didn’t want to do make sure that I was telling everybody the right thing. There are — magically — three extra slots on the vaccine CDC paperwork. Below the place before it says when you got your shot and what it was and a little signature or whatever, there are three slots.

Now, the second slot is for the second dose, which if you get the J&J, you didn’t need, they told you, but then there are two blanks below that. Why would there be two blanks below that unless they had a feeling months ago that they might actually have to get you to get more shots?

CLAY: Which is what I’m saying. The people who got the vaccine are gonna be looking down on the people who aren’t willing to go get their boosters, right?

BUCK: No boosters, dude. No booster. I’m holding the line against boosters. That’s it. We all have our breaking point. No booster. Not happening. They’re gonna have to go full Australia on me and like Flex Cuff me and spray mace in my eyes, because I’m not masked up and I’m not boostered?

CLAY: That’s what they’re… By the way, some people out there are like, “Well, that sounds like hyperbole.” That’s what they’re doing in Australia.

BUCK: Just so everyone knows, they’re deploying law enforcement in Australia that are using rubber bullets against people for protesting in open air against the lockdowns in Australia because you’re not allowed to protest during lockdowns. They’re shooting people with rubber bullets like they’re a public safety menace.

CLAY: They’re arresting moms with kids. Again, I really do believe that without Republican governors and without federalism in this country, we would have gone down the path of Australia ’cause I think that’s what Dr. Fauci would have turn this into.


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