Awful Trudeau Calls Canadian Truckers Nazis

CLAY: Justin Trudeau is maybe the worst leader in all the world right now, and even for dishonest politicians — and we have a high standard of dishonest politicians because so many of them are frequently dishonest — Justin Trudeau is trying to demonize these truckers as their influence continues to grow, and he’s claiming that they’re Nazis, that they’re Confederate sympathizers, which is even more ironic in Canada which managed to miss the Civil War. Listen to Trudeau — play cut 13 — try to argue that these truckers are awful human beings.

TRUDEAU: Individuals are trying to blockade our economy, our democracy, and our fellow citizens’ daily lives. It has to stop. The people of Ottawa don’t deserve to be harassed in their own neighborhoods. They don’t deserve to be confronted with the inherent violence of a swastika flying on a street corner or a Confederate flag or the insults and jeers just because they’re wearing a mask. That’s not who Canada and Canadians are.

BUCK: All you have to know about this pronoun-announcing —

CLAY: Blackface-wearing.

BUCK: — leftist wimp is that he’s lying about the truckers. Just start with this. Look, I’m gonna admit something right now. I generally get super angry about anybody blocking highways or access or whatever because of a political thing. So I will admit that on this one maybe I’m bending my principles on that notion a little bit because I think this is so important, and this isn’t some vague thing. These are their demands for normalcy, demands for normal life.

No one’s asking anything radical here. The truckers are like, “Hey, how about we just go back to our normal lives and you radical tyrants, people like Trudeau, stop being insane?” But notice that he doesn’t even engage on the substance of what they’re saying. They don’t want any more vaccine mandates. They want the madness to end. Instead, he’s, as you point out, “Swastikas! Confederate flags!”

Clay, we’ll have a friend from Rebel News. There’s very little free press in Canada, actually free press. The Canadian government pays basically every major newspaper. There’s funding for journalism, so to speak, or alleged journalism from the government in Canada. It’s all state media at some level, really, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Rebel News is one of the few places…

I used to do Sun News, which was kind of its precursor many years ago, sometimes as a guest, and I know Ezra Levant, who was on Tucker’s show last night. He’s a pretty well-known guy, conservative in Canada. And, Clay, what you see is that the entirety of the Canadian media is allowing just blatant lies to be told about what’s going on here. The truckers are white supremacists? A lot of the truckers are Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Asian immigrants. What are they even talking about? They’re just making it up as they go along.

CLAY: No doubt, and this is what infuriates me about cancel culture mixed with identity politics is there’s not even an argument against them, right? If you are Justin Trudeau and you want to argue, “Hey, I disagree with their protest and here’s why,” I’m not going to agree with Trudeau, but that is the kind of intellectual battle that should exist, a debate of ideas. Buck, you know this. As soon as anybody starts to score political points, what happens to them?

Their actual arguments are not analyzed and debated. They are attacked as a white supremacists. I mean, this is so transparent. We could have predicted exactly what they were gonna say — and, by the way, the idea that these are Nazis? I get so fired up about this, and I know you do too. There are virtually no Nazis in the world today, right, in the United States or in Canada in terms of massive numbers of neo-Nazis.

No supporters to speak. Like, this idea that they would in some way be capable of organizing an event like this is designed to be a false flag to take away from the legitimacy of the protest itself. They’re not arguing what they’re protesting. They’re trying to attack them directly. And you know this is the number-one playbook for cancel culture and identity politics. It’s to immediately attack the person as opposed to actually focusing on what the person is arguing.

BUCK: If Justin Trudeau had a good argument — which is, remember, vaccine mandates. This is what they’re hoping no one actually focuses in on: Vaccine mandates as a policy were built on a lie. The policy was built on, “You have to get this shot no matter what your health considerations, no matter what, whether you’ve had natural immunity or not.” They suppress that. “You have to get this shot because you are a danger to people around you!”

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: That turned out to be a lie. So if they actually had to make the argument now — and people say, “Oh, but what about hospitalization and death?” That’s up to people. You want to take the greater risk of the shot or not the shot, that’s on you. That’s a different thing than stopping spread. They built the vaccine-mandate programs in this country and all over the world, including Canada, on this will be about protecting other people.

That was a lie. If they could, they would go back now and Justin Trudeau would be saying, “Loo, they want to put people in jeopardy, guys. If we end this vaccine mandate, people are gonna be getting sick everywhere. Everyone just got sick, basically.” This is what really… You’re asking, “Why the politics change?”

CLAY: You and I both did too.

BUCK: We both had covid twice.

CLAY: We could see it directly.

BUCK: We aren’t even in the same city, and we got covid within a week of each other, guys. Covid was everywhere, and I was vaccinated and had natural immunity and I still got covid. The whole thing it’s so crazy, which is why Justin Trudeau has to make — or, rather, chooses to make — this incredibly disingenuous argument about how the truckers are racist, their demands are racist because, what, they don’t want vaccine mandates?

We also forget in this that there are a lot of members of the minority community in this country. Canada is a less diverse country overall, by the way, but that’s a whole other thing. A lot of people in this country who are minorities don’t want to get the shot, didn’t want to get the shot. This is in no way white supremacist or Confederate flag-waving concept, but he’s just smearing the truckers. You know why, Clay? ‘Cause they’re so effective, and the Canadian people… I saw you share the data. Canadian people are increasingly on their side.

CLAY: New poll came out: 54% of Canadians. In the wake of this trucker protest, support to end covid restrictions has grown from 39% to 54% in the past few weeks, according to a poll. I shared that on social media the other day. That is a sign, and certainly you can tell by how vociferously the attack is coming from Justin Trudeau, that’s a direct impact of what they are doing in terms of changing ideas.

So he’s got to try to go out and argue that you can’t support these guys, not because of their arguments, but because they are Nazis, because they are… I don’t even know what the Confederate flag in Canada would even represent, right? The North won the war and they’re above the North, so maybe it’s just there’s some guys there who are rebellious and are using the Confederate flag.

To the extent that it’s there and it’s not a false sign, right, a false signifier, false flag event, it’s probably just a sign of rebellion. The same reason that Kid Rock and many other different entertainers have used the Confederate flag over the years. I salute the Canadian truckers — and, Buck, when we come back, we should have a little bit of a conversation about whether the United States could use our own Canadian trucker-style uprising.