Berenson Joins C&B to Talk Twitter Suspensions, Vaccine Dangers

BUCK: Dr. Joseph Ladapo, trained at Harvard Medical School, the surgeon general for the state of Florida, pointing out something that is, I think, stunning to hear.

Even if you’ve been someone, as we have here on this show, who has been willing to show skepticism and ask questions, even in the face of the overwhelming efforts of the vaccine matrix to push this on everybody. Right. Even with social media clamping down. Thank heavens, Clay, you know, we have this, we have this radio platform to be able to reach people. Not a word that we say here on radio is censored. I mean, there are FCC regulations.

We can’t start dropping certain, you know, verbal bombs on the air. That has nothing to do with content, though. That’s just a word choice issue. But we’ve been talking about this for a long time. And I think what we see here with with Ladapo and the situation of the vaccines, they’re going to try to suppress this with everything that they have. They’re going to try to say that this is not the case. This is not true. We have Alex Berenson, as promised, with us now.

Author of Pandemia, his Substack, something you should all check out and subscribe to. Mr. Berenson, we want to talk to you about your Twitter fight. But actually, first, can you just respond? Dr. Ladapo is a serious guy who’s been right about a lot when it comes to covid in the pandemic. And they took this off. They’ve taken this study off of Twitter. What’s going on here?

BERENSON: Well, yes. So, on Twitter, it’s weird what’s happening with Twitter right now. Right. Twitter is about to get purchased by Elon Musk. And I think, you know, I think at this point, the odds are pretty good the deal is going to go through. You know, it’s Elon, you know, I don’t think he can walk away again. And they have, you know, they have an agreement. They’ve, you know… he’s got the money. It’s going to happen. So, Twitter is having this sort of fit at the end of its last days.

You know, it’s like, it’s like the Russian armies on the outskirts of Berlin and like they’re in their bunker, you know, trying to do one last round up. So, they’ve been barring people, banning people, suspending people. Me, they’ve tried to give a strike to. Now under the terms of no, I have ways to, you know, to fight them over this. But frankly, at this point, it doesn’t matter that much to me right now because of Elon. If the deal falls through, then I guess I will have to start to pursue my remedies to, you know, prevent them from suspending me. Right now…

BUCK: Yeah, but Alex. We also want to ask you, though, about the substance of what Dr. Ladapo said there.

BERENSON: Yes. Yes. So, no, what he said is totally right. So, I mean, this is look, there’s a number of countries that have already stopped recommending the vaccine for people under 50, basically further boosters. In the case of Norway, people under 65, unless they’re really ill, chronically ill or in the case of Norway, are in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, which is a little weird. But that’s what the Norwegians say. So, not just, you know, Ron DeSantis, but other countries’ health authorities are looking at this and now saying no more boosters for healthy people.

You know, healthy adults under the age of 50, 30, in some cases, teenagers for some countries. So the tide is rolling out. And that study is a good study. Okay. It’s observational, but the design is a good one. And he didn’t overreach. He said, based on what I see in this data, I don’t recommend that men 18 to 39 get more mRNA shots because they have a double the risk of cardiac death following the shot in the four weeks following the shot. That’s a, I mean, that’s a pretty solid finding.

And there’s tons of other data about myocarditis that back it up. So, but there is… I mean, I’ve spoken to him. He’s a smart guy. He doesn’t overreach. And I think it’s a little bit terrifying now that Florida, which has a database, you know, of 20 million people, is going to start to look at their database. So, it’s not just going to be foreign countries that are going to say, “Hey, our data is showing problems with the vaccine.”

It’s going to be a big U.S. state, too. So, that’s what they’re doing. And it’s not just Twitter, right? Whenever Twitter bans something, you know, the media is suppressing this. They’re ignoring it. They won’t cover it. But the vaccines, as we talked about the last couple of times, you know, they’re gone. No one’s taking them anyway.

CLAY: So, Alex, what is the long-range impact for people who got the covid shot? Right. That’s what at this point what I’m concerned about, because a lot of people trusted the quote unquote experts and they went out and they got their first couple of shots. They may have even gotten a booster. What is the data reflecting for them going forward? That there’s about 20% of us that basically said, “Hey, we’re never going to get it.” I’m in that group. I think you’re in that group. Certainly. Hopefully, a lot of kids are in that group, younger kids. But what’s the data reflecting? Like my parents who went and got the first couple of shots and people like them.

BERENSON: So, the honest answer is we do not really know. And there’s a couple of reasons. First of all, something has happened which never happened with any other sort of mass vaccination, which is there seems to be side-effects that are occurring months or even a year after the vaccination, which the idea was, we don’t need to follow these for very long because, you know, it’s just one or two doses of something. And, you know, every other vaccine, you know, within 42 days, we’ll see the side effects if there are any. The problem is the mRNA vaccines don’t work like other vaccines.

And there is evidence that in some people the mRNA stays in your body for much longer than they expected. And it continues actually to cause your body to produce spike protein for much longer than anyone expected. So, that’s you know, that’s one problem. Another problem is there is there something to the fact that this is modified more and it doesn’t look like natural mRNA that’s causing some kind of autoimmune issues? And we don’t know the answer to that.

And the other reason we don’t know the answer is that the scientists who should be looking at this and should be forcing the companies to look at this are not really doing so. So, the data is kind of coming out in dribs and drabs. Here’s what I can tell you with certainty. Most countries that used a lot of mRNA have above normal excess deaths in 2022.

CLAY: That’s what I was going to ask. Sorry to cut you off there, but for our audience out there, explain what that excess death data is showing you as it pertains to 2022.

BERENSON: Sure. So, so, if you’re, you know, it’s a very basic demography. You know, countries know how old their populations are. And you can, you can make very good estimates of… You can make very good estimates of how many people are going to die, you know, every year in various ages. Okay. And so, in Australia, for example, excess deaths are running almost 20% above deaths.

Overall deaths are 20% higher, almost 20% higher than they should be in 2022. And Australia, you can’t say, “Oh, that’s long covid,” or “That’s because their hospitals were overwhelmed,” or any of the other excuses that would be made because Australia had almost no covid in 2020 and 2021. They locked down really hard. They didn’t let anybody in, and so they had very little covid.

So, something is producing that. Now they’ve had a lot of covid this year. Okay. And some of those deaths aren’t covid related. But even when you factor out all the deaths, I think that they’re attributing to covid using a pretty liberal standard. There’s still about 10 or 12% excess other deaths, and we don’t know what’s causing that.

To me, considering that the vaccines were given to almost everyone in, especially in Australia, but also in Europe, the rates were very high. A natural place to look would be vaccines. But people don’t want to do it. They’re afraid to do it. So, we don’t know that it’s vaccine-caused and we don’t know how long it will last. And to be clear, this is not like people, you know, it’s not like the death rate doubled or anything like that. It’s a 10% non-covid increase of close to 20% overall increase. So, that’s a big number. But it isn’t, it isn’t like apocalyptic. So, we just don’t know.

BUCK: Alex, just one more thing quickly for you. When someone says now online or you see them on TV, say, well, we know that the shots prevent severe hospitalization and death. Where are we on that?

BERENSON: I mean, that’s totally wrong. You know, in Australia again. And the reason I come back to them is because their data is clean, you know, they, it’s presented cleanly. In Australia for example in New South Wales, that’s the biggest state in Australia. It’s about a third of the whole country’s population. In the most recent week for which they released data, I believe it’s 75 covid deaths and four of those were in unvaccinated people.

So, now what they’re going to say, “Yeah, we vaccinated almost everybody. And so that’s why, you know, almost everybody who’s vaccinated, who died is vaccinated.” Okay, fine. But don’t tell me that the vaccines are doing anything or, you know, or anything much to prevent disease and death right now. Because why would 95% of the deaths be occurring in vaccinated people if that were the case?

BUCK: It seems pretty obvious, but they don’t want to admit it, folks. Alex Berenson, go check out his Substack and the community.

BERENSON: But you know you can’t follow on Twitter, well you can follow me, but I can’t tweet right now because it’s the last days of the Twitter empire.

BUCK: Yeah, we’ll have you on. Maybe we’ll have a little celebration when Elon finally has it. And we can throw a little Berenson freedom party on Twitter. It’ll be fun. So, thanks for being with us, Alex.

BERENSON: Thanks much, guys.