Biden Allows Unvaccinated Illegal Aliens to Flood Border

26 Jul 2021

CLAY: Buck, I was up in Michigan last weekend. I just got back from L.A. where it was mask central and everybody’s freaking out about covid again. But in Michigan, my in-laws live on the Detroit River, and we were out boating. And if you get close to Canada at all, they have shut down any sort of transit from the United States and Canada.

People in Canada who are guarding the border will lose their mind. You can’t go across. You can literally see it across the other side of the river there, as people in Michigan know. It is easy to get back and forth typically to the border. And I couldn’t help but contrast that, Buck, with what’s going on in our southern border.

Everybody talks about how obsessed they are with covid in the Biden White House, about how much they care about making sure that everybody’s vaccinated. Yet they are allowing a constant stream of people, many of whom have covid, into our country because they’re not securing the southern border.

BUCK: Yeah. So if you want to go to Canada as an American, you can’t because of covid.

CLAY: It’s impossible.

BUCK: But that’s okay. But even though there is Title 42, which allows us, under health quarantine-style rules, to say at our southern border — we could just say, “You’re not allowed in,” the Biden administration is not using that fully closing it. They’re actually gonna get rid of Title 42 entirely, stop using it, invoking it.

And it doesn’t even really matter right now because there are so many thousands and thousands of people who are coming in. You look at the numbers yourself. All-time record in June. Very possibly we’ll see an all-time record something in the 200,000 range for July.

You’re gonna have close to two million people — two million people, it’s like the city of Chicago — coming across our southern border in terms of population all in one, and it’s madness. I mean, Marco Rubio is saying look at the way they treat our border versus the way they treat people coming from Cuba.

RUBIO: You saw the forceful statement from Mayorkas almost immediately. Where was that forceful statement when Joe Biden was running for president or when he became president? You know, by the time they finally got around to saying it, it had no credibility. We’re seeing a crush on the southern border, a rotating catastrophe continues to escalate on a daily basis.

And it was all caused by the rhetoric of the Biden during the campaign and the actions he took in the first days of his administration. They didn’t say what they said to the Cubans in those first days what they said is, “No border wall and children and families will not be separated! You’ll be allowed to say while we process your claims — and, in the meantime, we’ll release you into the population.” That is an incentive we are incentivizing, they are inviting people to come here illegally.

BUCK: They are. And that means —

CLAY: And people know it. You can see ’em coming across the border talking.

BUCK: There was a clip over the weekend actually of someone who said in Spanish — it was a young woman who — I thank President Biden for, like, welcoming me to come into the country, you know, illegally. We have a system; we have a process. People keep thinking that because there’s defensive asylum claims that are being made by the people that are crossing over the border that they’re staying in the process. Not going through a port of entry, just walking across the border is like the equivalent of federal trespass. You’re not allowed to do it. That is breaking the law. This administration just doesn’t care. They just don’t care. In fact, they like it.

CLAY: They like it, but also, again, I talked about what’s going on with Canada, where because of covid you can’t go back and forth across that border and haven’t been able to do so now for over a year. How about the fact that if you go to Mexico on vacation — which I also did — you have to pass a covid test as an American citizen to be able to come back into America?

But if you are walking across the border with no American citizenship whatsoever, illegally entering in this country, you don’t get tested for covid at all! Think about how broken that system is, that American citizens who are going to Mexico on vacation have to take a covid test to come back in, but all of the people illegally crossing the border are not subject to covid tests.

BUCK: I really do think that in the midterms… I know there’s a long way out but I think that eventually the media can only cover for the Biden administration for so long by assessing over the January 6th Commission and trying to bring up Trump as the bogeyman and all this stuff. The border is the worst it’s ever been.

It’s always, when you look at national polling, a top-three issues. Immigration, illegal immigration has always been a top three, top four issue. And what the Democrats are doing right now is it’s reckless and its intentional and we can all see it.

And just from the perspective of covid and the double standards here you would think, first of all, that they would have much more stringent protocols about where people are going once they’re brought into the country and are they checked for covid beforehand, ’cause they do this to everybody else, but if you do it at our southern border in any statistic way, it’s racist. That’s the way this goes.

CLAY: Well, everything is racist, right?

BUCK: That is true. Everything is apparently racist.

CLAY: Everything is racist, according to the Democratic Party. That’s their mantra now. That’s their three-word reason for being as a party is to constantly tell us and lecture all of us that everything in America is racist.


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