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Biden Called It a “Tragedy” in ’06, Now Dems Are Abortion Extremists

27 Jun 2022

BUCK: We’re one year in, and we’re having a great time with all of you, and we are on a mission to save the country. You know, NBD. Save the country, save America, that’s what we’re trying to do here every day with all of you, with your help. The Democrats, on the other hand, they’re looking to find some way to prevent the oncoming speeding bus that is the midterm election that is heading right toward their base of power.

And here you have, for example… The kinds of discussions that are happening right now after the Roe decision are remarkable because so much of it is just histrionics. It’s just not going to happen the way they say it is happening. Kamala Harris, though, who you would think — a female vice president — she’s going to find a way to make this a real moment. Here she is speaking about this as a “health care crisis.”

BUCK: Now, a thing here. One is, when she talks about everyone losing this, that’s just not true. The way that Democrats like Kamala Harris speak about this, it’s as though… They speak of it as though the Supreme Court made abortion illegal across the country. That did not happen. It just said that the states… There is no constitutional right to abortion and the Mississippi 15-week fetal heartbeat law will stand, which means this goes back to the state level, which is where it should have been all along. I think there actually is a strong case that you could make for equal protection and a federal ban on abortion.

But that’s a whole other conversation. That’s a whole other layer to add onto this, effectively that a baby is a life even inside the womb and a life is protected. All this stuff about privacy, you don’t get to abuse your spouse or your child in the home and say, “Oh, I have a constitutional right to privacy.” No, they have a right as well to not be physically assaulted or abused, and that is where the state comes in.

But, Clay, also on the access to “health care” part of this, you can tell they’re uncomfortable with the reality of what it is they are advocating for, because they so rarely speak of it unless they really have to. It’s always about “access to health care,” and just to remind everybody of what an enormous fraud the current president is, Joe Biden — he’s an enormous fraud and always has been — whatever works, whenever he has to say it. Here is Joe Biden back in 2006, and here’s what he said about the abortions that Kamala’s referring to as just “health care.”

BUCK: Now, he’s a Democrat so he’s obviously not pro-life, but notice, Clay, is it — if you had to get, you know, your appendix taken out, is that a tragedy? Why is it a tragedy? I mean, this is where Democrats run into problems, they talk about this as though it’s just health care like any other health care. That’s clearly not true. That’s obviously… This is not the same as having an appendectomy. This is not the same as open heart surgery.

CLAY: What Joe Biden is saying there is what Bill Clinton made the hallmark of Democrats, which was abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare,” and in the third hour of the show, I want to talk a large extent to which there isn’t enough discussion about how radical the Democrat perspective has become, Buck, in that you’ve now got nine-month abortions. People — babies — that are fully formed in the womb, capable of life on their own. If there was a shooting that occurred and the mother and the baby inside of her, the fetus, were to die, then there would be double homicide charges.

So we’ve got a criminal court system now that treats a viable fetus inside of the womb as a person and a Democrat perspective which would say that if you are nine months pregnant and suddenly decide that you want to have an abortion, you can do it. And also on that Kamala Harris clip, Buck, this is not true what Democrats are trying to say in terms of a right being taken away. There are a lot of decisions that the Supreme Court has, upon reflection, gone back and overruled. Dred Scott allowed slavery to exist essentially anywhere in the country.

It was a precipitating factor to the Civil War. The Supreme Court — the Taney Court, for those of you who are 1850s scholars of the Supreme Court — ruled incorrectly that slavery basically had no boundaries. Dred Scott was a slave who was sued for his freedom after being taken to a, quote-unquote, “free state” and argued that slavery basically should exist everywhere. Plessy v. Ferguson, Buck, “separate but equal,” 1896, overruled by Brown v. Board of Education. That was a constitutional right, slavery was, believe it or not, and so was the right to have separate but equal accommodations.

BUCK: Segregation.

CLAY: Segregation was a constitutional right, and Korematsu, which dealt with the imprisonment of Japanese citizens during World War II.

BUCK: American citizens of Japanese ancestry.

CLAY: That’s right, for fear that that they might be connected or rooting for or helping to spy for Japan during World War II. All of these things were upheld by the Supreme Court for decades, later examined and determined to be wrong. So this idea that because a precedent has existed for a long time, it is therefore a right that cannot be overruled, Dred Scott, Plessy v. Ferguson, Korematsu are three easy examples where the Supreme Court said, “You know what? We got those wrong and we have to reconcile the modern era and fix that incorrect precedent.”

BUCK: But I just think it’s so instructive when you hear that Democrats — and I mean from the top and all across the country spectrum of the party and the Democrat media apparatus — they’re just constantly lying about this. They’re lying about the implications of the decision. They lie about the legal reasoning of the decision. And you have all these journalists you may have seen. Some people may have seen this over the weekend, who are going, “Oh, wow. You mean that basically all of Western Europe, for example —

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: — bans abortion after the 12th week?

CLAY: Great point.

BUCK: All of Western Europe — which we think of as socialist and so liberal. They ban abortions in France. So when Macron is say that the Mississippi law, for example, which is at the heart of the Supreme Court case, he’s putting out sympathy, all these things, it’s all just a fraud.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: They’re banning abortions in Europe at a certain level, and that’s what now will be the discussion going on state after state. But to call this health care and pretend like it’s getting a checkup on your tonsils is also just disingenuous, such a lie. There is no health care procedure that is done, that is elected, that people would ever call, including Joe Biden, a tragedy. They know there’s something different, but they lie to people and pretend that it’s all the same, it’s just like having your appendix out.

CLAY: There’s no doubt. And that’s why I flag this because I do think it’s so significant, and you’re hearing hardly anybody mention it. 47 out of 50 nations in Europe draw a line on abortion after 15 weeks. Most of them do it at 12 weeks. And we hear so much about how progressive the European health system is. 47 out of 50, 15-week abortions, they don’t allow them. Most of them draw that line at 12 weeks. It is the Mississippi law.

BUCK: The Democrat Party. So that we’re all clear on this, while they’re running around and saying, “It’s health care, and this is so important, and it’s a right, and it’s a constitutional right,” we actually probably have some of the audio here.

CLAY: We’ve got Stacey Abrams. I’m gonna hit it at the break.

BUCK: Why don’t we come back to that. Let’s finish with that, because what they argue for publicly is barbarous and immoral and there’s no question. We’re not talking about the gray areas or the close calls — no, no, no, no — and we can also talk about that. But when you’re talking about an eighth or nine-month abortion, everybody can see what that is, and the Democrats openly say there’s nothing wrong with that, which is, honestly, psychopathic — honestly — and that’s why the Democrat Party is now in disarray, because it has embraced evil as a talking point, which it’s a pretty tough thing to do.


CLAY: We had Herschel Walker in studio. He’s running for Senate against Reverend Raphael Warnock. The week before we had governor of Georgia Brian Kemp on. He is running against Stacey Abrams. And this is important. And there are Republicans out there — and I know they’ve started to deploy this. The vast majority of Americans do not believe that abortion should be legal in the third trimester. This is an incredible expansion of the Roe holding.

That we have had reached the point where 7-, 8-, and 9-month-old babies inside their mothers — third trimester pregnancies — are considered to be viable abortions. There is no argument basically everywhere, even from, quote-unquote, “moderate Democrats” when it comes to abortions taking place in the ninth month of a pregnancy. Something like 90% of Americans do not agree that nine-month pregnancy should be able to have an abortion. Stacey Abrams, who is running for governor of Georgia, was asked about like this, and here was her response.

BUCK: This should be followed up, Buck, and if there were real questions being asked, then Stacey Abrams should be asked; so if a mother who is nine months pregnant and is eager to have a baby is shot and killed and also the baby inside of her dies, do you not believe that should be charged as a murder? Because in my opinion — I think yours, too, Buck — nine-month abortion is murder.

CLAY: Of course. Much earlier than that, it’s murder, and the recognition that everybody should have here is that the same the Democrat Party that will not only state, but will punish you for saying “only women can get pregnant,” will also tell you that a baby in the ninth month is not a human being. They actually reject science. One of the great ironies here, especially in the postcovid era, is that the party of people like that to put #Science all over their social media profiles and think they listen to the doctor, they listen to the data, et cetera, don’t believe that only women can get pregnant. And they come after you if you say otherwise, and they don’t believe that a baby that… I have a friend who just had a baby two months premature.

BUCK: Yep. Baby’s fine, baby’s doing great, fantastic. Also happy, right? Well, the baby was born at, what, 7-1/2 months? This happens all the time. It’s a baby. It’s quite obvious. But Stacey Abrams will sit here and she’ll say that, because the Democrat Party demands that of people like Stacey Abrams, of anybody who’s seeking a leadership role. You have to be willing to advocate for something that is monstrous. It’s not just a little wrong, right? This isn’t about the tax rate, folks. To say that a baby in the ninth month or the third trimester or the second trimester — and, for a lot of people, the first trimester — isn’t a baby is monstrous.

CLAY: And this, by the way, people who otherwise are claiming themselves as moderates. Remember, Tim Ryan, who is running against JD Vance in Ohio for the Senate also came out and said nine-month abortions are okay? And I know there’s a wide variety of opinions on when exactly abortion should and should not be permitted. For instance, I believe life of a mother, rape, incest. I believe in those exemptions.

Others of you have different opinions. But around 90% of people agree that there should be exemptions in rape, life of a mother, incest, and also simultaneously agree there shouldn’t be third trimester abortions, 90%. I mean, those are big numbers, and so the fact that Democrats who are claiming that they are running as moderates like the would-be Senator Ryan in Ohio and Stacey Abrams down in Georgia —

BUCK: Yeah, they’ve been pushing the most extreme positions and demanding taxpayer funding for it and demanding 50 states not only allow this but celebrate this at some level, provide access, that it’s a special right. Clay, they became an extremist party on this issue. They’re an extremist party when it comes to abortion.

CLAY: Which is why I would encourage every Republican to be hitting their opponents with that question. Make them answer. Because they are all saying right now, “Nine-month abortions should be legal,” and that they are in favor of them occurring.

BUCK: Colorado just passed a law stating this. It’s not theoretical. The Colorado law is any reason up to birth.

CLAY: Exactly right: 90% of Americans disagree with it. That is the way to address this, right? That is the way to go after it, I think, if you’re in Republican races, certainly in Ohio, in Georgia, in places that are going to be extremely competitive on the Senate and on the state level as it pertains to governors.

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