Biden Emboldens Lib Bigots to Otherize, Segregate Unvaxxed

16 Sep 2021

CLAY: As Joe Biden tried to make vaccines mandatory, he created a clear “othering.” And what I mean by that is, you were either in the vaccine camp or you were not. And we already know that many people were using their vaccination status as a form of moral authority, as a form of social justice warrioring with the masks and everything else.

And as soon as Joe Biden said, “Get vaccinated. You are the problem,” then the mandate has emboldened so many people all over this country. And we’re gonna play you some clips that are going viral of behavior in restaurants in New York City, in Targets all over this country. The idea is now if you don’t have the vaccine, you are a second-class citizen.

BUCK: That’s absolutely true. This is what you’re seeing playing out in major cities like New York and elsewhere. And, Clay, this is proving also what we’ve been saying all along. People are pretending that they’re so concerned with the health of the unvaccinated. But the kind of people that will follow you around in a store and heckle you over not having a mask —

CLAY: Yes. Which is happening.

BUCK: — which is happening and continues to happen even at this phase, are vaccinated, masked-up individuals who are actually quietly terrified themselves. They’re neurotic. They have no ability to gauge the risk of covid to themselves.

You’re not seeing 85-year-olds chasing after people saying, “Where’s your mask?” You’re seeing guys in their forties, maybe their thirties — or you’re seeing women around the same age — and it’s because their brains have been corrupted by too much Fauciism.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: It’s because they’re addicted to the pretense that they’re better than other people because they’re doing things that — in the case of masking — do not make a difference. I mean, they could sit around and pretend all day long. Cloth masks, the biggest study out of Bangladesh showed, basically don’t do anything.

I mean, “within the margin of error” maybe you could say. But is it worth it to everybody to walk around with a stupid cloth mask on their faces because of the theoretical possibility that it might limit some covid spread? And then the moment you start pulling the mask down… Everything we’ve said is true. Clay, we are in a period of mass media and mass hysteria combined, and the results are not good.

CLAY: No, and I don’t know where this goes, Buck. And we’re gonna play you here in a little bit some of these clips of confrontations that are occurring. In fact, let’s go ahead. I think we have cut 17. This is an ugly sort of example of what “othering” can create. So a black man in New York City with his family goes into a restaurant.

BUCK: Yeah, wife and small child, just so you know.

CLAY: Wife and small child. A white restaurant manager comes out and asks to see his papers. Now, this has, for anybody who has ever studied history — the racial dynamic does — an incredible uncomfortable and archaic history here in the United States of needing papers in order to travel, in order to be able to live your life in the days of slavery.

So this man — and I think we had to edit it a little bit — is inside of a restaurant. Let’s make it clear here. When you’re in a restaurant, you are not wearing a mask, right? You are sitting down. We have this ridiculous kabuki theater that we have created where you wear a mask in to be seated at the restaurant, and then you immediately take the mask off and start to eat.

But they have begun to enforce in New York City — they are soon to be enforcing this in Los Angeles — the idea that you can’t go to a restaurant unless you are vaccinated. Well, despite the fact that the media wants to continue to tell us that it is all Trump voters who are unvaccinated, the highest percentage of people that are unvaccinated in this country are black and Hispanic.

And so the majority — at least the last time you saw it, Buck. The majority of black people, in theory, are not able to go out to a restaurant in New York City. They’re not able to go to a gym. They’re not able to go to a movie. They’re not able to live a life of normalcy in New York City.

BUCK: And let’s remember that there’s often a doctrine, a legal approach that people will use called “disproportionately impact,” right? They’ll say even in a law or a rule..

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: The left loves this, and one of the best examples of it is voter ID. Voter ID is a universally applicable, nonracial standard that you could have for every human being. Every citizen, I should say, of the appropriate age can show up, can show, “I can vote.” But they’ll say, “Well, there’s a disproportionate impact.”

Meaning for whatever reason, a larger percentage of minorities in this country, racial minorities are affected by the ID requirement. Therefore, even if the rule itself is not racist; it has a racist outcome, right? This law in New York City that’s barring somebody from being able to sit down and enjoy a public accommodation — which we all know for a long time now, public accommodations don’t get to just serve or not serve whoever they want.

This goes back to Civil Rights Movement, right? We all know… This is the country we’re all living in, and this disproportionately — the vaccine passport law — impacts and affects negatively minorities in the city of New York, and leftists suddenly don’t care about this legal doctrine.

CLAY: And what’s interesting here is the people in the restaurants are… There’s one guy who, like, flips the bird at this guy and his family. They are supporting the idea that he should be kicked out of the restaurant. But I just want you to listen to this. There are confrontations that are going viral all over this country now over mask requirements, over vaccine requirements.

And again, the likelihood that this is in any way making us safer is highly unlikely based on all the data. And again, I think Joe Biden’s doing the vaccine mandate has made it such that many of these people feel emboldened and as if they are on the side of moral justice. Listen to what happened in New York.

BUCK: I love this guy. I want to take him out to dinner. I want to make him dinner. I want to hang out with him.

CLAY: “This is America … everybody can eat.”

BUCK: — and feed his whole family because, Clay, the worst person in the clip in my opinion is actually… I’m angry ’cause, look, is anyone enforcing…? He could do what they did at the U.S. Open, the restaurant owner, right? He could say, ‘Show me something. Oh, yeah, that looks like a vaccine passport,'” right? Give me a break.

No one’s really going to enforce it that closely, but if he’s worried that there could be health department people, I got it. He could be fined. For me, the worst person in the whole situation are the patrons who are like (sniveling), “Yeah, get outta here! We don’t want you here.” One guy even sticks his middle finger up at him in front of his wife and kids, by the way, which is a total scum maneuver to do.

And you look at this, you say, “That guy — the little turd who’s sitting there — who’s putting his middle finger up at this father and husband when he’s just trying to have a meal? That guy watches too much MSNBC and believes too much Fauci.”

CLAY: And too much CNN, because I want to play cut 14 here. We now have media that are encouraging behavior like this. CNN’s Don Lemon last night said it’s time to start shaming “anti-vaxxers,” even though that’s not the right phrase, “Let’s leave them behind.” Listen to Don Lemon.

LEMON: It is a minority of people, and so I think we have to stop coddling people when it comes to this and the vaccine thing. “Oh, you can’t shame them. You can’t call them stupid. You can’t call them (muttering).” Yes, they are. The people who aided Trump are stupid because they believed his big lie. The people who are not getting vaccines who are believing the lies on the internet instead of science, it’s time to start shaming them — what else — or leave them behind.

Because they’re keeping the majority of Americans behind. You didn’t feel that way about the polio vaccine. You don’t feel that way about measles, mumps, rubella when it comes to your children. All of a sudden, this vaccine is different? W-w-what’s different about it? The only different thing about it is because of your politics today.

BUCK: I love how Don Lemon asks a rhetorical question, “What’s different about it?” as if that’s some kind of a slam. A lot of things are different about it, you idiot. For one thing, we’re already being told that there’s vaccine failure. How many of have you have been told, “Oh, yeah. That MMR vaccine you got?

“You gotta get another one in four or five months because you’re actually not protected. Your protection is going down.” Clay, they don’t want people to know and see the Israeli data or the U.K. data for that matter because it proves beyond reasonably that not only… Here’s what the narrative has been for the last 90 days, basically — last 60 days we’ll say. Okay, fine. Maybe you can occasionally — and, by the way, you absolutely can get and give covid after you’re vaccinated. That is clear beyond any doubt.

CLAY: Which initially they told us was not true.

BUCK: It was not true. So they were wrong about that. And now with the passage of time and further vaccine failure — or “diminution,” to borrow a Fauci word — of the effectiveness of the vaccine, what we’re seeing is people are actually able to get hospitalized and even die as the vaccines drop off in efficacy.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: Which does happen, and that’s why they’re saying you need the booster shot. Well, this is not… This is a whole change in what we’ve been told the last six months. But now they’re certain, Clay, now they have certainty.

CLAY: And look. I think the likelihood here is that this is going to continue to get worse. And when we come back, we’re going to play you something. You’re not gonna believe this. You need to see this video for yourself. Both Buck and I have tweeted it out @ClayTravis and @BuckSexton.

There are people walking around inside of stores approaching people not wearing masks and trying to publicly shame them for not wearing their masks. And the worst group that is doing this, Buck, is grown men who are harassing women all over stores. And we’ve got a viral video example of that that we’re gonna play for you from a Target store that will, I think, kind of blow your mind.

BUCK: Any grown man who did not step in to tell this guy to back off should feel a little twinge of shame, honestly. Granted they weren’t necessarily mask shaming here, but a guy following around a woman harassing her this way? Any red-blooded American male should step in and say, “Hey, buddy, back off. Why don’t you back off?” This guy is… You know, I tweeted — I really believe this — there’s a direct correlation with men who mask shame and low testosterone. I’m telling you, if we could —

CLAY: (laughing) I 100% agree with that.

BUCK: Yeah, if we could do the medical testing, I’m telling you, there’s a lot of Low T among the mask shamers.


BUCK: We are talking about the culture of otherizing and mask shaming and vax shaming that is growing in the country right now, and I think it’s in part because, one, people are — at least anyone who is paying attention is — seeing that their belief that all it takes is just people get the shot and then it’s all gonna go away.

Hmm. How many shots? For how long? At what efficacy rate? But then beyond that, there’s also the Biden administration giving be quite a bit of license to people to feel like (sniveling), “You know what? I should go around and be the vaccine police! I should be the one that points out, ‘Where are his papers? He’s not allowed to eat here! I’m gonna humiliate someone in front of their family ’cause I’m a Biden voter who watches CNN.'” Here’s Joe Biden —

CLAY: That’s where we are. (laughing) That’s what they sound like, too.

BUCK: Isn’t it amazing how much they do sound like that, by the way?

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: Here is Joe Biden, though, who’s saying something… He’s Mr. (impression) “Just the facts, folks. Just, you know, no joke! Facts,” and “the science” and all that stuff. We got a problem. I want Clay to answer whether he’s correct here.

BIDEN: The vaccine requirements work. (sputtering) More companies are instituting them. Even at Fox News they require it — and, uh, I’m not being facetious when I say that. But it’s interesting that they’ve stepped forward and done that as well.

CLAY: Not true, Buck.

BUCK: Yeah, I was gonna say you’re a Fox employee, Clay. What’s going on?

CLAY: Biden lied there. He’s probably misinformed. I don’t think he was necessarily intentionally lying, ’cause I don’t think he’s smart enough to know a lot of the facts, surrounding details. It’s not true. There’s no vaccine mandate at Fox. I go on Fox News all the time. I’ll be down in Gainesville, Florida, this weekend.

I’m gonna meet some people who are gonna be there for the Alabama-Florida game, shaking hands, going around all the bars, doing live television. There’s no mandates. Lots of people are vaccinated. And again, if you want to make that choice yourself, you can. But I’m not vaccinated. And I go on Fox News and Fox Sports and big Fox network all the time because there is no vaccine mandate. So Joe Biden spoke there incorrectly and spread a falsehood to the entire country.

BUCK: Seems like that’s an issue. I would like him to get the facts correct if he’s going to be walking around bludgeoning everybody as though they refuse to listen to the science and they refuse to believe what’s going on. Clay, here’s another point. I just feel like people should… There’s a peer-reviewed study out right now.

But there’s a real scientific study. “Shedding of infectious SARS-CoV-2 despite vaccinations” that is out. And these are the kind of things people should know about. This article… Oh, sorry. It has not yet been peer reviewed, but it is printed, and this is a serious study. This has got Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. It’s got Yale on it and all the rest. “Immunized, asymptomatic people are spreading covid all over the place at a statistically greater rate than the unimmunized.”

CLAY: That’s a pretty big deal.

BUCK: That would be a pretty big deal.

CLAY: That’s a blockbuster finding. It would say if you’re vaccinated, you’re spreading the virus more than the unvaccinated are, that would class as a major deal.


CLAY: Should we play the Target video when we come back, Buck? Should we save it for the close of the hour?

BUCK: Nah, let’s do it, and then we’ll talk about it, and then we’ll come back to it.

CLAY: All right. So this is… I just want you to listen. I think this is like a minute along and I want to paint a picture for you right before we start it. This is a Sideshow Bob-looking character, right? Puffy, orange hair, not in good shape, probably in his thirties or forties man who is walking around trying to shame a woman in a Target for not wearing her mask. This man not only has a mask on, he has a lapel pin in his T-shirt that says that he’s been vaccinated.

BUCK: Does he have a Biden-Harris Thermos with soy milk in it, or am I just imagining that?

CLAY: No, I think again, to your point if we tested this man’s testosterone, it would be incredibly low. I’m not sure that he has functional testicles. But let’s listen to this.

BUCK: (impression) “Eh, you’re a bad American.”

CLAY: I love these ladies, first of all.

BUCK: The ladies are feisty.

CLAY: They are letting this dude have it. But what kind of pathetic chump of a grown-ass man walks around in a freaking Target with a mask on, with a badge that says he’s been vaccinated, Buck, lecturing a woman who is there shopping because she’s not wearing her mask and says she’s a bad American?

This is the benefit. People are saying, “Oh, we need to have a just, kinder, gentler America.” Guys like that who are harassing women in stores need to get their ass kicked, right? And if you’re bragging about your wife’s educational level to justify you are a pathetic loser? Maybe just get a life and recognize what a pathetic loser you are. But I love these women standing up to him.

BUCK: They’re standing up to him. I didn’t see if there was a guy nearby. If you were a guy, stepping in there would be absolutely the right move, but remember what this is also showing you this guy who literally has… I made a joke about the soy Thermos with Biden-Harris on it, but he’s got one at home; we all know that. But he does have a badge that says “I’m vaccinated” he walks around that.

CLAY: Imagine having that badge!

BUCK: This is now vaccine signaling instead of virtue signaling, which is really just the same thing — a variant, if you will, of it. And, Clay, the pretense here all along is that guys like this one, soy guys walking around here harassing women about masks, they act like they care about what’s happening to the unvaccinated.

But that’s not true. They’re actually cowards who are neurotics who are worried that they’re gonna be exposed, even with their mask, even with their vaccine, even with fleeting contact in a large space. “My gosh. What if I get covid?” You got covid, I got covid. Let it ride if you’re under 50, like, stopping such babies. What is wrong with everybody?

CLAY: (laughing) Imagine being a woman voluntarily sleeping with that man. I actually am angrier at that woman. I hope they haven’t propagated and had kids because you know those kids are gonna grow up and be huge — I gotta be careful — wusses as well.

BUCK: A lot of the good words we would use for coward, by the way, we’re no longer allowed to use, which I find distressing. But that’s a conversation we can continue another time.



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