Biden Hasn’t Had His Booster Yet

24 Sep 2021

BUCK: I’m surprised. I actually watched the press conference this morning but I was so focused in on Biden’s little speech on, one, that boosters now are pretty much gonna be open to whoever wants to get a booster. There’s official guidance, but, trust me: They’re not gonna be saying, “Oh, you’re not an essential worker. You’re a less-than-essential worker. You can’t get the shot or whatever.”

So people are gonna now… If you’re an adult who wants the booster, de facto you’ll be able to get one which is a big change from last week where they were saying, “Oh, no, we don’t think you need them. Hmm.” Then also, of course, the lie about the Border Patrol which was very frustrating for Biden to just say something. The photographers involved who took the photo said there was no whipping of migrants or “strapping,” as Biden said, but it turns out, Clay, that Biden said — he was asked — he hasn’t yet gotten his booster.

CLAY: A little bit surprising me.

BUCK: Yeah, we both thought he probably had. I’m a little surprised that he addressed this and answered this. Look, he will. Right? There’s no way they’re gonna have this and be presenting this without boosters in the mix for the president and for others.

CLAY: Do you think they would hide it if he got covid, if they could? Is there any doubt?

BUCK: I think they would. I really do. I think if he got really sick, they obviously couldn’t, but I do believe that if he had… Remember we’re told right now it’s not that the vaccine will keep you from getting covid. It’s that the vaccine will make you less likely to be hospitalized and substantially less likely to die if you get covid, right?

If he got a mild case of covid that was kind of like a sniffle and they tested and they found out, I think they would say, “Under private medical records or maybe it was an oversensitive…” They would find some way to avoid telling people that he had — and again, a mild covid case we’re talking about here but I think they wouldn’t tell people.

CLAY: Yeah, I think they would try to find a way to avoid telling the American public because it would be so disastrous for the overall vaccines in general. And, by the way, God forbid, he actually got ill, right? Like Trump was when Trump had to go to the hospital. If he got ill afterwards, I think it would be a big deal I think we got the cut now, right?

BUCK: It’s cut 22.

BIDEN: The message of the day is this. If you’ve got the Pfizer vaccine, you got the (sputtering) the Pfizer vaccine in January, February, or March of this year and you’re over 65 years of age, go get the booster. I’ll be gettin’ my booster shot on. I… (sputtering) It’s hard to acknowledge I’m over 65 but I’ll be gettin’ any booster shot. It’s a very… I tell you. But all kiddin’ aside, booster shot, I’m not sure exactly when I’m gonna do it. As soon as I can get it done.

BUCK: The worst Biden is Pseudo-folksy Biden, just to put that out there, the whole like, “Y’know, I’m just here. Y’know, I’m just… I’m droppin’ Gs off of words ’cause I’m with the folks riding the choo-choo train work every day with my lunch pail.” This whole Biden act, this is a fiction, Clay. That guy I think at one point when he was in the Senate, he was renting a $25,000-a-month house in McLean, Virginia.

He has a two other three million-dollar home in Delaware, has a beach house on the Delaware shore and now is probably worst 15 or $20 million but he’s “I gotta make sure I get the less expensive Wonder bread cuz I’m, y’know, watchin’ m’pennies.” It’s such crap. He’s such a phony. But also, he’s not vaxxed. He hasn’t gotten the booster yet.

CLAY: Yeah. Look, this is a playing-with-fire incident, particularly, Buck, if we go into the fall and winter and the number of overall covid infections grows. I hope it won’t, but if it follows the same trend line that we saw previously, then the numbers would explode starting in fall and the winter. So we’ll see whether that happens again.


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