Biden Killed Aid Worker, Not Terrorists in Afghanistan

13 Sep 2021

BUCK: Right now, up on Capitol Hill, you got Blinken, Secretary of State Blinken about to be grilled — that’s the term we all have to use, “grilled” — for the Afghan exit debacle. But remember, Democrats have been telling everybody for the last couple of weeks, “It was actually a stroke of brilliance by Biden. He’s a hero! He’s amazing!”

One thing that I want to spend a little more time on, if not today, soon, did the Biden administration…? Because, Clay, I went on Fox right after the horrible suicide bombing incident that killed 13 of our American Marines and Navy corpsmen, and Biden had claimed that the people that did this to us were going to be held to account right away.

I said, “Look, I was a CIA officer; I know how this stuff goes. Finding who was responsible directly and stopping the next attack would certainly be something that would require tremendous intelligence capability that you tend not to have in a chaotic withdrawal situation when all of your tools, sources, and methods are going to be working in a frenzied state.

“People on the ground aren’t gonna be able to provide the same kind of information.” Sure enough, now we’re told that maybe a Hellfire missile strike that was supposed to be stopping the next big suicide attack may have killed an aid worker. This is from the New York Times, Clay: It may have killed an aid worker and, I believe, nine family members.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: Including seven children. This, I find entirely tragically plausible because there was a political imperative ’cause Biden looked like an idiot, and everyone knew it, and they couldn’t hide from it, and we’d just lost 13 Americans. So the Biden administration decides, “We just gotta go for it! We gotta hit a target. We gotta make sure we stop the next attack and look like we’re tough.”

So they had two strikes, actually. One was, I think, eastern Afghanistan (again, unnamed individuals as if we’re supposed to take their word for it that these were the masterminds) and then a strike that they said was at the incoming suicide bomber, the next big suicide bomb that was gonna go off at the airport.

Now it looks like they blew up… We don’t know for sure, but a New York Times detailed analysis — with video and travel time stamps — shows a guy who had never been on the radar before of the U.S. government. He seems to be an aid worker, and definitely had a bunch of kids with him, and they blew him up. If it were the Trump presidency and this occurred, this specific incident, I am certain this would be getting not just scrutiny. There’d be outrage over this.

CLAY: No doubt, and I give credit to the New York Times for writing the piece and actually being willing to look at all the evidence. And, by the way, it came out on Friday. I bet we’ll be one of the only media outlets in the country to mention it on Monday. I will say even in the world that we live in now… When you drop a story on Friday afternoon headed into a weekend, it used to be the tried-and-true way to bury bad news.

But when you’ve got all the different activities that are going on a Saturday and a Sunday, by Monday that story is almost vanished. I mean, that’s just the truth of the world that we live in. But it is indicative of the overall failure of the Biden regime.

Every direction that you turn, they are failing. And that’s why he’s out there desperately campaigning today for Governor Newsom because he’s trying to avoid losing an ally. He already lost one ally in New York. He’s trying to avoid Newsom being tied to the fails covid policies of the Biden administration.

BUCK: It’s too hard to make the case that you lose the governors of your two biggest, most important blue states during covid — when states were so important in the response, right? Especially if you believe that Trump — as Democrats do — was so MIA, which is not true, and Operation Warp Speed is all of a sudden erased from the memory banks of all these people.

But it’s very hard to make the case to anyone who’s open-minded and paying attention, at least, that the Democrats — in the most important states — did a good job with covid when you’re losing allies. I know that for Cuomo it’s for sexual harassment, but you’re losing both of your most important governors from a state and electoral perspective.

And on the Afghanistan thing, the narrative right now would be — if Donald Trump were president and you had the same fact pattern through the month of August and the same situation played out in Afghanistan up to this drone strike with a Hellfire missile on a carload full of people. It would have been, “Donald Trump, to distract from how awful he is, he blew up a carload full of children! That’s what a monster he is.”

You hear nothing like this about the current commander-in-chief. I know people say, “Oh, the intel community, the military.” Yeah, but when there’s pressure from the White House do anything to stop this and you have the order to go the first moment you think you know when the first attack is?

This kind of stuff happens — and, you know, the buck stops with the commander-in-chief on this, right? This is the kind of incident that would be treated very different. Anyway, I didn’t want us to go without mentioning that at least.

CLAY: No, because most media are not gonna mention it by Monday because the story came out on Friday and then it’s gone.

BUCK: It just goes to the desperation of the Biden administration as well to look less absurd in the face of all the Afghanistan lack of planning and the debacle of people running on the tarmac and trying to get people out of there. By the way, we’ve got “Blinken faces furious lawmakers over Afghan exit.”

That’s, right now, the headline on Fox News as Capitol Hill testimony is happening. I’m just gonna skip to the end on this for everybody. Nobody in the Biden administration is getting fired. If they resign, it will be months after they’ve gotten their book deal from some big publisher and they’ve got the Council on Foreign Relations giving them a nice little sinecure or whatever.

That’s what happens. No one’s gonna be held accountable. So all the histrionics you’re gonna hear on Capitol Hill right now from whoever it is on the Republican side about, “Oh, my gosh. And why didn’t you plan and why didn’t you…?” You know what the Democrats are doing? They’re looking at them and saying, “Yeah, what are you gonna do about it? We’re gonna be talking about the insurrection for the next 12 months! What are you gonna do about it?” That’s their approach.

CLAY: Well, and also the Blinken discussion arguably provides cover for the budget details that are continuing to come out that we talked about earlier where suddenly people in New York are paying an over 60% tax rate. And people are not focused on that because the outrage over Afghanistan or whatever the latest daily news cycle is obscures the larger, more complete trillion-dollar Bernie budget that is moving through that is going to screw, I think, the economy.


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