Biden Refers to the “Great Negro” Satchel Paige

11 Nov 2021

CLAY: Joe Biden is out at Arlington National Cemetery today, and this is unfortunate, but the guy just can’t even speak. You can imagine the reaction if Donald Trump had pulled this angle. Here’s Joe Biden trying to honor Negro League pitcher Satchel Paige and totally bungling that read off the teleprompter. Here it is.

BIDEN: (haltingly) I know you’re (pause) a little younger than I am. (pause) But, uhh, you know, (pause) I’ve adopted the attitude of the great Negro at the time — pitcher in the Negro leagues, went on to become a great pitcher in the pros in (sputters) into Major League Baseball after Jackie Robinson. His name was Satchel Paige.

CLAY: So Biden is trying to say Negro League and instead says he’s adopted the mantra of “the great Negro.” I mean, this guy just… As Thanksgiving gets closer, Buck, every single time it feels like we hear Joe Biden speak, he’s deteriorating right before our eyes.

And I bring up that in conjunction with Thanksgiving because so many people out there are going to be, unfortunately, surrounded by someone at their Thanksgiving who is not in control of their mental faculties, not as sharp as they used to be. And we know what that experience is like. The difference is that person is not running the country. That is what is going on right now.

BUCK: Joe Biden has always been a gaffe machine. Now, though, you add to that he is a visibly declining gaffe machine, and it’s so interesting that the media for many years… You saw this particularly under the eight years of the Obama administration. Biden would say things that, for another politician, a Republican politician, would have been a scandal, a huge problem.

You know, he said things that would be considered by the left to be insensitive, right, running the range from insensitive to actually pretty problematic. And because he’s Joe Biden it was, “Oh, he’s like the cuddly old crazy uncle. He’s the old grandpa,” and this is just going to show that once again they create narratives that are useful for them politically that are not rooted in what is true or what is obvious.

Certainly not rooted in what is fair to both sides or the way that they would treat Joe Biden if he were a Republican. And right now, his administration has really nothing point to to show success over this year. There’s nothing that they can say, “Look at what a great job we’ve done on this issue. You were right to vote for me.” Nothing.

CLAY: And it’s only gonna get worse. Do you feel, anybody out there, that Joe Biden’s gonna solve inflation? I was just talking about going back and saying, “Okay, why was inflation so high in October of 1990?” Well, because the fear was that there was gonna be a great oil shortage in the United States ’cause Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait. What can you point to that is similarly going to be resolving itself?

Five straight months we’ve had inflation over 5% as it has continued to grow. Far greater in duration than anybody at the Fed said, than anybody at the Biden White House said it would be. What is going to occur that is going to make this better anytime soon? I can’t see the Biden administration’s economic policies improving any of the economic situation in the United States. In fact, it’ll be worse if they poured more trillions of dollars in.

BUCK: Fundamentally right now, the people in charge of the federal government believe that they are better stewards of your capital. For all you listening to this, they make better decisions with your money than you do. I think that if you’re looking for a root fallacy, if you’re looking for the foundational wrongness, it is that they think, “We’ll spend the public’s money better than individuals who make up the public will by being able to keep the value of their money.” That’s where the problems arise.

CLAY: And they’re totally wrong. And it’s not just the economy, obviously. Inflation is a disaster. A lot of you can’t get to work. Covid is rearing its ugly head again. The border is a mess. The murder rate’s skyrocketing. I don’t feel like Biden can solve any of that, and his malapropisms over and over and over again are just seeming to be getting worse.


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