Biden Shrugs Off Activists Chasing Sinema Into Bathroom

4 Oct 2021

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BUCK: We have crazy leftists running around who believe that they have the right to harass people in public. You will recall no doubt during the Trump administration, there was a real habit made by people who are charitably called “activists” chasing senior Trump administration officials out of restaurants in public places, harassing them — sometimes in front of their families with small children.

It didn’t matter. They’ll show up at conservative media personalities’ homes and terrify their wives. The left-wing activists act like lunatics, probably because a lot of them are actual lunatics, which explains their politics. But here we are seeing this once again. You have Senator Sinema, who is — at least on the current issue of the budget, it seems — holding the line against total socialist impulses, right?

She’s not a… Look, she’s not a conservative, not a small-government person. She’s a liberal, folks. Let’s not ever forget that. But she’s making a choice right now not to allow — and this could change — the spending to get completely out of control in this reconciliation bill. But it’s not on that issue. It’s on the border, which, just to remind everybody, we are looking at probable the biggest ever month of illegal border crossings this month.

It might, in fact, hit… This is what is predicted based on the 15,000 to 60,000, depending on the source you look at, that are in a caravan right now of mostly Haitian migrants coming to the United States already make their way through Mexico. Thousands and thousand, tens of thousands of other migrants who are just gonna do what they’ve been doing which is to show up as family units at the border and get access into the United States.

The Biden administration wants to stop using Title 42 power under the CDC’s authority during a pandemic for public health reasons to turn people away. They’ve only been doing that to single adult males. They might get rid of it entirely. They’re moving toward that. And with all of that happening right now, activists are chasing Senator Sinema into the bathroom at Arizona University, or University of Arizona —

CLAY: Arizona State.

BUCK: Arizona State. Thank you. Sorry. The other place. The other —

CLAY: The Sun Devils as opposed to the University of Arizona.

BUCK: You know, Clay, I learned so much about the SEC this weekend, I feel like we should just be happy that I know what Roll Tide and Hotty Toddy means. But, yes, there are big schools in Arizona too. Learn something new every day, Buck. Here we go. Here is Senator Sinema be chased into the bathroom. They recorded it. You can hear the flushing.

PROTESTOR 1: We knocked on doors for you to get elected — and just how we got you elected, we can get you out of office if you don’t support what you promised us.

PROTESTOR 2: We need 7 million — citizenship for 7 million. We need the Build Back Better plan, right now.

TOILET: (flushing)

PROTESTOR 3: My name is Blanca. I was brought into the United States when I was 3 years old —

TOILET: (flushing)

PROTESTOR 3: — and I’m here because I definitely believe that we need this pathway to citizenship. We need to hold you accountable to what you told us — what you promised us that you were going to pass when we knocked on doors for you. It’s not right.

PROTESTOR 4: I’m a survivor… I’m a survivor of human trafficking, and it’s because of the lack of worker protections that we don’t have the gig economy. I need you to stand by workers.

BUCK: This is really the left, Clay: Hysterical crybabies cornering somebody in the bathroom in the flushing going on.

CLAY: If you haven’t seen this — and I’m gonna read Senator Sinema’s statement and then when we come back in the next segment, Joe Biden has evidently addressed it and we’ll discuss this more. But, Buck, if you haven’t seen this video, first of all, you can hear the toilet flushing. They follow her. She’s teaching at Arizona State and takes a bathroom break; they follow her into the bathroom.

The first flushing you hear there is some other random person! So can you imagine if you just happened to be in the bathroom and you’re doing your business in the toilet — it’s not even the senator — at Arizona State, and then you start to hear some woman talking? You flush the toilet and you walk out, and there’s somebody holding a camera there?

And then Senator Sinema, regardless of what you think about her politics, the idea that a woman — or a man, for that matter. It’s super creepy either way. But that you would be filming on a camera in the bathroom of anyone — and here is what Senator Sinema said. She just released a statement within the last hour on this, on that video that went viral that we just played for you.

She says, “Yesterday, several individuals disrupted my class at Arizona State University. After deceptively entering a locked, secure building, these individuals filmed and publicly posted videos of my students without their permission — including footage taken of both my students and I using a restroom,” and then she continues, “Yesterday’s behavior was not legitimate…”

This is Senator Sinema’s statement.

“It is unacceptable for activist organizations to instruct their members to jeopardize themselves by engaging in unlawful activities such as gaining entry to closed university buildings, disrupting learning environments, and filming students in a restroom. It is the duty of elected leaders to avoid fostering an environment in which honestly held policy disagreements serve as the basis for vitriol — raising the temperature in political rhetoric and creating a permission structure for unacceptable behavior.”

She says, Buck, she’s been teaching at Arizona for 19 years, said her “students were unfairly and unlawfully victimized. This is wholly inappropriate.” Senator Kyrsten Sinema. And I think everybody out there listening to us would say, that statement, she’s a hundred percent right.

BUCK: Yes. But we also know that the left knows that… This is why I started… Remember when Sarah Huckabee Sanders was being chased out of restaurants and lunatics and —

CLAY: And Maxine Waters encouraged it.

BUCK: Yeah, and lunatics outside of D.C. were gathering outside of Tucker’s home when he wasn’t home, his wife was there alone. And they would chase people out of restaurants, they would scream at Ted Cruz. They kicked Ted Cruz out of a D.C. restaurant, the left does this stuff regularly. They act like crybabies because so much of their ideology is driven by irrational emotionalism.

So it’s ever been a big leap for them all the sudden to start mobbing people and acting like lunatics that they are. And in this case, Clay, I think there’s a whole other point of this. One, the left has normalized this behavior and now they’re kind of eating their own, which is what you’re seeing going on. But can you imagine? You’re using the ladies’ room and there’s these lunatics who are sitting there filming? You’re coming out of the actual stall.

It’s not like they’re standing over in the area by the sink or by the entrance. They’re standing as they’re coming out of the bathroom stall videoing and they’re putting it on the internet for everybody. There is a law about non-consequential bathroom recording, as I understand it, in the state of Arizona.

CLAY: It should be prosecuted.

BUCK: And you gotta think about this. Yeah, I don’t think it’s okay to go in and videotape people in the bathroom. I think that actually is not just bad taste, but something that maybe the law should look at.

CLAY: I think it should be criminal. Just think about it. Senator Sinema. Pretend it was your wife. Would you feel free comfortable out there with someone chasing your wife into the bathroom and filming them? And, by the way, the acceleration of this would turn into men chasing women into the bathroom, right, which we’re when we now have these unisex bathrooms everywhere.

And everybody wants to talk about how it doesn’t matter what gender you are when you use a bathroom. Just think about the psychology in any direction of chasing someone into the bathroom while they’re going to the bathroom and filming — and then sharing that video with the idea being, “Oh, this makes me look good because that’s why it shared.”

BUCK: And then there’s the whole other level of Kyrsten Sinema can’t do anything, really, about amnesty right now because Democrats can’t get it through reconciliation.

CLAY: That’s right. I’m sure that activist doesn’t understand that. Yes.

BUCK: She’s not even the political problem here — quote-unquote, “problem.” You need to get to 60. Republicans… You’re not gonna get a single Republican vote for amnesty. So you’d be at 50-50, which is 10 votes shy of what you need. But this is the point. Never mind the whole notion of open borders, which is what they’re really talking about, amnesty. Clay, we’re gonna get an amnesty for they say seven million.

By the way, the number, ask Border Patrol. It’s at least 15 million. I mean, you know, ’cause they’ll say seven million officially. By the time the courts are done with this… There were still people in the early 2000s, if memory serves, challenging in court Ronald Reagan’s 1987 amnesty all right? “Oh, I should have included in that.”

And the number 11 million illegals, Clay, we got 200, 300,000 illegals a month coming into the United States. Does anyone really want…? And they’re not getting official status. That’s actually not what’s happening so does anyone really want to believe that number? But on top of all this, they don’t even care to do the research to know how they could get what they want politically. They just want to agitate — in the bathroom, no less!

CLAY: That’s what they’re being told to do, frankly, and I would think the one positive here is I, if anything, it just steels the spine of Senator Sinema not to bend to the will of these idiots.


CLAY: We have the Joe Biden… We just played you all of the Senator Sinema audio from Arizona State, and if you haven’t already, we have got Joe Biden being asked a direct question about that behavior and whether he thinks it is appropriate or not. Here’s Biden just in the last hour being asked about Senator Sinema being followed into the bathroom and being recorded and berated by activists.

REPORTER: Mr. President, uh, you’re talking about how you have 48 Democratic votes right now. The other two, uh, have been pressured over the weekend by activists. Joe Manchin had people on kayaks show up to his boat. Senator Sinema last night was chased into a restroom. Do you think that those tactics are crossing a line?

BIDEN: I don’t think they’re appropriate tactics, but it happens to everybody, from… (snickers) The only people it doesn’t happen to are people who have Secret Service standing around them. Um, so, uh… (sputters) It’s a part of the process.

BUCK: It’s not part of the process.

CLAY: I don’t buy that. I don’t buy that at all, Buck, because I’ve never seen, ever, video of a senator or congressperson being followed into the bathroom and berated while they’re literally in a stall using the bathroom. That’s not normal behavior.

BUCK: It’s an escalation of the tactic that we saw during the Kavanaugh hearings where then-senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake —

CLAY: Flaked out after got confronted at the elevator.

BUCK: He was chased. He was looking spilling his soy milk everywhere. He was chased into the elevator like, “Oh, no, what do I do!”

CLAY: And it changed his behavior, potentially.

BUCK: It did. So this is what I wanted to say, actually, it’s why the Jeff Flake thing is interesting. We look at this and we say, “Oh, what a bunch of lunatic leftist activists and their open borders and the whole thing. It’s just all so crazy.” Unfortunately, it can be effective which is why I’ve also been concerned. We’ve been having an ongoing conversation here, Clay.

About whether they’ll get rid of it filibuster in the Senate, whether they’ll actually tried to get H.R. 1 through, all these things — and we talk about the moderates like Sinema, like Manchin who stand in the way. We have to remember: Democrat activists, the Democrat left, the socialists, they play really dirty, and they have all kinds of ways. Not just to try to induce compliance with the left-wing agenda, but to force it when necessary. The intimidation factor here is not something we can ignore.

CLAY: Joe Biden completely whiffed, not surprisingly, on this answer, because Peter Doocy asked a legitimate question. And what Joe Biden should have said — and I think what most people would want a grandfather or a father to say in this scenario, certainly someone who ran on the idea that he was gonna bring decency and normalcy back to the White House. He should have said, “I think it’s 100% inappropriate to follow anyone into the bathroom.

“We can all disagree politically on a variety of different subjects. There are…” This is me off the cuff. “There are many different ways that those disagreements can be expressed, but what we saw in that viral video is not representative of what American democracy should be, and those people should be embarrassed for the way they treated Senator Sinema.”

That’s me responding right now live on the radio without an entire communications team briefing me in advance of the question that I was gonna get. And it’s one that I think almost everybody would respond to. Also, it’s in Biden’s best interests to play the good guy here and defend Senator Sinema, politically, even if he doesn’t believe it, which he should believe if he has a decent heart at all. “That was a super weird behavior, and you need to do everything you can to dial it back.” Because, Buck, what if she gets assaulted? What if it’s a guy next time?

BUCK: Clay, the activist left believes in this kind of stuff. They’ll even talk about “direct action,” and Biden is a coward. Biden fundamentally if you want to understand who he is at his political core, he’s been a guy who does exactly what he has to do to stay in a majoritarian good graces of the Democrat left at any point in time. That’s it.

Whatever helps Biden within the party apparatus is where he has gone. He does not stand up to, he does not speak truth to the left within his own party. He always goes where it’s best for Joe Biden. And on this one, he doesn’t want to antagonize the left-wing activist base right now because he needs them. He needs that 20 to 30% of the lunatic fr…

Not the fringe, the lunatic base of Democratic Party to be along with him. They think this stuff is fine. I can tell you, I know some Democrat leftists — I know them in my personal life — who will tell you, they think this kind of stuff is fine Clay. There are people on the left who believe this stuff.

CLAY: I don’t doubt that they do but I think the general public when they see that cinema video, I think that 90% of people — I really do — say that’s inappropriate.

BUCK: Biden’s calculation here is he’s rather disappoint the moderates or the normal people than antagonize the left, I think, at this point in time. Otherwise, how do you…? ‘Cause, Clay, that’s right. You without a comms team better statement on this of the top… We’re talking Joe Biden here. Not that your statement wasn’t excellent.

CLAY: (laughing) It’s not Abraham Lincoln.

BUCK: Yeah. Exactly, and so I think that he sees this is an administration that feels like it’s under siege and needs its most staunch allies to be rallying to its side, and we haven’t even talked about the budget. They’re now saying they’re gonna get ’em both passed — Chuck Schumer is saying — in the next month. They’re gonna get it done. But there’s gonna be a lot of political wrangling, in the meantime.

CLAY: Well, in the meantime, you also have to try to woo Senator Sinema to your side. I just think it’s a fundamentally awful answer and a miscalculation.


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