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Biden’s America Breaks New Covid Hospitalization Record

11 Jan 2022

CLAY: The Wall Street Journal just reported that we hit a new covid hospitalization record, an average of 140,576 patients. That is higher than it has ever been for covid since March of 2020. So I think a lot of people out there who hear this information… Now, there is discussion, and we should continue to have this discussion, surrounding the facts that many people who are hospitalized (I’m putting this in quotation marks) “for covid” are actually not there because of covid.

They’re there because they have covid and they find out when they go there. For instance, if you go in to have a baby and you are soon to be delivering a baby and they find out that you have covid, you would be listed as a covid-hospitalized patient even though covid is not the reason you’re in the hospital. Having said that, the data has been the same in the way that we count covid hospitalizations.

We haven’t changed the method by which we do that. So the fact that we are hitting a new all-time high of 140,576 average covid patients reflects that the vaccines, to a large extent (chuckles), are not stopping, as we know, the spread of covid in any kind of significant way. In fact, Joe Biden now one year into his presidency — when he promised now that he would shut down covid; he basically ran his entire presidential campaign on that idea?

Well, Buck, the numbers reflect that there are now 140,576 people — the most ever — hospitalized with covid in this country. And unfortunately, a lot of those people are going to, based on the data in the past, you would think that deaths are gonna continue to rise because deaths tend to follow by two or three or four weeks the overall peaks in the number of cases.

Hopefully it won’t be as high this time as it was in the summer of last year, but certainly this is not-ideal and alarming data that I think would stun a lot of people. If we had said this with Alex Berenson, Buck, back in June or July, people would have told us we were crazy that we were gonna set all-time covid hospitalization records in January of 2022.

BUCK: I think it’s very important to note that right now the official word from the CDC on this — and this could be true, this is the official word right now — is that of those in the hospital, a small number by percentage are vaccinated and an even smaller (or vanishingly small number, something along the lines of 1%) are dying who are vaccinated. That’s what they tell us. That is something we’re gonna need to dig into pretty substantially.

I think one area we’re gonna see a lot of messing with the numbers to service the narrative is when they say vaccinated — remember, this keeps changing all the time — are we now going to consider somebody who is unboosted to not be in the fully vaccinated category? How is that going to play into the data? Essentially, you’ve got the Pfizer CEO… I just saw they had a copyright claim on that video. They’re pulling it down from places on the internet now.

CLAY: Really?

BUCK: Oh, yeah, yeah.

CLAY: A copyright claim? That, first of all, is the essence of newsworthy. I can’t believe they would be trying to pull that down. I can believe they would be trying to pull it down.

BUCK: It was Jesse Kelly’s Twitter amount which, by the way, is a source of great amusement for many of us who follow Jesse. So looks like they’re trying to get this out of the public view that you have the CEO of Pfizer saying two shots doesn’t do very much at all for protection from infection. It’s pretty good for now — he said something like that — against hospitalization and death.

Does that mean that we’re gonna find out a lot of the people who were hospitalized and maybe a good percentage, unfortunately, of those who were hospitalized and actually succumb to the virus are vaccinated but not boosted? This is where… I know it’s all kind of enmeshed together and there’s a lot of parsing have to do here, folks. But keep in mind they’ve been lying to you about this stuff for a long time. So I think it’s only fair to say we should approach some of this with some skepticism. What do you say, Clay?

CLAY: No doubt at all.

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