The Bidens Blow Off Masks for Fancy Dinner

18 Oct 2021

CLAY: Joe Biden out to a fancy dinner in Georgetown with his wife, caught without wearing a mask in flagrant violation of the absurd mask rules of Washington, D.C. Now, certainly he should be able to go out to a restaurant and not wear a mask. It’s not like we’re arguing that somehow, he’s doing something wrong personally. But when you have been engaged in sort of this kabuki theater for as long Joe Biden has…

There’s all these videos of him putting on his mask, taking off his mask. He doesn’t even know what to do with them. He doesn’t know what to do in general, but he certainly doesn’t know when to wear a mask and when not to wear a mask. It’s pointless, it makes no sense — and when you catch him in a restaurant alongside his wife violating the very rules that he continues to promulgate, it just points out that so many of the people out there telling you that you should be terrified of covid are not actually terrified of covid themselves, even 78-year-old Joe Biden.

BUCK: How arbitrary can it get, Clay, before they have to just admit that they’re making a lot of this stuff up as they go along? I’ll just give some examples. So in New York, if you are dining outside — which is gonna get a whole lot less comfortable.

CLAY: That’s why I was asking you if it’s cold yet.

BUCK: It’s finally feeling like fall in New York City. It’s getting a whole lot less comfortable if you dine outside. But if you go indoors, they’ll say, “Where’s on your vaccine passport?”

CLAY: You mean if you’re sitting outside at a table —

BUCK: Yes.

CLAY: — and if you go inside to, let’s say, go to the bathroom, they ask you for a mask?

BUCK: This has happened.

CLAY: It’s happened to you?

BUCK: This has happened multiple times. They’ve actually stopped me. “Excuse me, sir! Excuse me! You cannot go inside.” They want to see the passport. I say, “I’m using the restroom,” but they really insist on it. Here’s just an example of it. In in New York, we have a vaccine mandate. We do not have a mask mandate. In D.C., they have an indoor mask mandate.

I don’t know if they have a vaccine mandate, what their vaccine status situation is right now. But when they’re making these kinds of determinations, when they’re making these decisions and distinctions, there’s clearly judgment involved here. It’s not “the science.” It’s what they feel like, right? How can you…?

If it’s so clear that you need to have an indoor mask mandate in D.C., why is it not so clear in New York? Because these are judgment calls. Remember when it was, what, last year I think right around this time, if memory serves, that all of a sudden there was — or maybe I think it might have been later like November-December, they started talking about double masking.

And remember there was almost like a fashion for a while of Biden and the rest would show up everywhere with an N95 mask and a cloth mask on top of it. Why did that go away, Clay? Do they no longer take the virus seriously? It’s all so arbitrary, and they pretend it’s not judgment calls when it clearly is.


CLAY: Over the weekend, I think it was Sunday, maybe it was Saturday night late, Joe Biden went out to dinner in Georgetown — an area of Washington D.C. — at a fancy restaurant with his wife. And when they were leaving, they did not have their masks on in the restaurant. This video has gone viral.

The pictures have gone viral. This is a violation of the D.C. mask mandate which requires when you are indoors, you have to have a mask on at all times, and this was what Jen Psaki just said in the last hour or so when she was asked about that viral video and those photographs.

PSAKI: Well, I think what we are referring to is a photo of them walking out of a restaurant after they (sputters) — they had eaten, masks in hand, where they had not yet put them back on yet. So I would say, of course, uhh, there are moments when we all don’t put masks back on as quickly as we should. But I don’t think we should lose… miss… lose — the forest for the trees here and that our objective here is to get more people vaccinated, make sure that, uh, ’cause that schools and companies around the countries can put in place requirements to save more lives and keep people safer and, uhhh, you know, not overly focus on moments in time that don’t reflect overarching policy.

BUCK: Ohhhhh Oh. Moments in time, Clay! Isn’t that remarkable.

CLAY: Moments.

BUCK: One thing you see here — and this is true throughout history when it comes to tyrants — is that a real tyranny is not the universal application of very strict rules, because there’s always built in some protection there. Because if the elites have to live by the same resumes everyone else, they’re not gonna want to be that strict.

A true tyranny is also the capricious enforcement of rules: Rules for some, not for others, because they can grind you into oblivion know oblivion with the different set of rules than they themselves live under. This is become what we see with covid. I think you learn a lot, Clay, from somebody based upon how comfortable they are sitting there indoors now spewing their droplets into the air while they have servers, waitstaff, people that work in the restaurant all masked up. Why? Why is that okay?

CLAY: It’s a great question. We’ve created a caste system effectively in the United States where people who are able to afford high-end meals and certainly are being taken care of are held to one standard and people who are not are held to a different standard. I’ll say this too.

If you’re Joe Biden and you are in control of your mental faculties and you have made eradicating covid the number one focus of your administration, shouldn’t you think to put your mask on the minute you know that you’re about to go back into a public venue? In other words, if you watch that the video, they were sitting down at a table presumably eating dinner.

They then had to stand up and walk out of that restaurant. You know that all eyes are going to be on you — and not just you, by the way, also your wife. If you are truly obsessively following the rules, which is what they claim they are trying to be doing because of the kabuki theater… You know, they put their masks on when they come off the helicopter. There’s no way they wear those masks while they’re flying, in my opinion.

BUCK: Of course they do it for show. They say, “This is signaling.” They’ve admitted this many times in the past. But, Clay, Biden is almost 80 years old. He’s actually at that level where even vaccinated, even vaccinated he should be super careful for his own purposes. It’s almost like he doesn’t think that wearing masks is as important as he pretends to think it is for political reasons.

CLAY: Yes, which is why, to me, this has illuminated — covid has — hypocrisy on a level that we’ve never seen before. And, by the way, we try to be consistent because whether it’s the mayor of San Francisco she said, basically, hey, we’re trying to take away her fun. “Don’t be the fun police!” Like, yeah, of course, we’re not the ones that said the mask mandates should exist.

BUCK: In Bucktopia, which would be a fun place, if I were in charge tomorrow, mavericks everywhere except for a hospital setting where it’s actually meant to prevent infection of wounds and things from droplets that are coming into contact with sick people? Gone. Gone. No more mask mandates anywhere. Seen all the data on this stuff. But it’s become a security blanket for people. And I mean a security blanket like the one little kids hold, and if they don’t have it when they go to sleep-away camp they get really sad. That’s what masks have turned into for a lot of folks.

CLAY: I think there’s any doubt, and when we point out this hypocrisy what we’re trying to do is make everyone aware of how absurd these rules are and hopefully have them end sooner rather than later. San Francisco. New York City. I think we’ve gotten de Blasio a couple of times. Certainly we have with Mayor Bowser in D.C. Now with the president of the United States. It’s all a big show.

BUCK: I just have to say real quick. My favorite was Lori Lightfoot when she got the haircut when no one else got a haircut and she was like, “Yeah, but I’m important.”

CLAY: (chuckling)

BUCK: You know what? At least that was honest. You know, at least that was the honesty you don’t get from most Democrats on this.


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