Bill Maher Gets It About Twitter and Free Speech

2 May 2022

BUCK: Bill Maher gets it on Twitter and the need for — as he put it – “a new sheriff in town” there, which would be Elon in this case. And here is Mr. Maher, who does see things with clarity on some issues. Free speech. He’s consistent on free speech. I will say this for him. He is consistent on free speech. Here’s one of them. Play it.

BUCK: And they have failed. But notice this. He’s pointing out with his one, by the way, it’s great stuff. It’s really funny. Babylon Bee has great writing, great content and needs to get back after its social media access. But they actually are willing to slap down anybody who says Twitter is oversensitive. They will slap you down for sensitivity violations. That’s the free speech role of the left today in America.


BUCK: Here is a CNN media analyst I’ve never heard of before who says that it is dangerous — dangerous — for Elon Musk to buy Twitter.

BUCK: (laughing) This guy’s great. He’s on CNN. Oh, it’s fantastic. “We’re heading to the gates of hell because the richest man on the planet wants to allow people to actually share their thoughts on Twitter.” Think about this. People are going on TV. This guy’s going on… CNN is technically national TV, technically. It’s not really nationwide viewership particularly.

But he’s going on TV to say that we are entering this dangerous period for democracy because people may be able to share their ideas more freely. And remember that for those of you who are on Facebook and these other platforms too, a lot of what starts on Twitter ends up on those platforms. So just having a place for it to start, it’s almost like the Twitter can be the germination of the seed — am I getting that right?

It’s like the beginnings of… Yeah, right, the seeds germinate? Not really a plant guy. But I’m learning. I’m learning about these things. And so here we have CNN showing you — and all these other voices out there showing you that the whole point is they want to be able to control what you think, what you say. They don’t care that it’s obvious that they don’t actually believe in free speech anymore.

They don’t care that we all see what’s going on. This is about power. Ultimately it is about power, it is about control of people that don’t want to go along. Never mind just conservatives, people who don’t want to have a narrative that is forced on them and be unable to push back. If you can’t speak freely, are you really free? Ask yourself that. And if there are restrictions on the speech that you can get away with even on policy issues without being shut down by corporations, by government working with those corporations?

I mean, here you had an individual telling you that he wants to use the force and power of the government to regulate speech. Now they want to regulate it. Now they want to regulate it. They want to get it going. Before they were, oh, well, our people are in charge. The leftists over at Twitter are in charge. So there’s no reason, there’s no reason for us to regulate it. They’re doing a great job in the conversational health space at Twitter. It’s pretty amazing that this is what we’re up against, that this is how obvious it is.

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