Bill O’Reilly on His History Tour with President Trump

9 Nov 2021

BUCK: As promised, we are joined now by Mr. Bill O’Reilly. He’s got the history tour that will be going on — he’s telling us about that — with President Trump. Traveled around Florida, Texas, some other places, coming up soon. Bill, great to have you back on the program.

O’REILLY: I appreciate you guys letting me back. Thank you very much.

BUCK: We want to get into your history tour with the former president ’cause that sounds exciting. A lot of folks, I’m sure, gonna want to go check it out for themselves, Bill, in a second. I did just want, though, your take. You’ve seen what we’re dealing with here with this Biden administration. You see the polls. You see the results of policies of decision-making year one. What’s happening here?

O’REILLY: Well, it’s a collapse. There’s no question about that. I’m surprised… I didn’t think that Joe Biden would be a successful president. But I didn’t think that his policies would be so destructive to the country. I guess I felt that the experience that he accumulated in the Senate during all those decades would bring him to a place where he wouldn’t, for example, try to destroy the fossil fuel industry because the unintended consequence of that is immediate pain for the American people.

So, you don’t have to be a economics professor to figure that out, right? And almost every day, he does inexplicable stuff. So one of my commentaries tonight on the No Spin News, which guys can hear on is that the conservative opposition, the Republican Party, doesn’t really have to do anything now. They just let Mr. Biden drown in the quicksand.

Because I don’t think he can get out of it. I don’t think he has the intellectual heft to get out of it, and I don’t think anyone around him is smart enough because they led him here. They led him to where we are, where — according to USA Today, which is a liberal newspaper — only 38% of Americans think he’s doing a good job.

CLAY: Bill, thanks for coming on. Clay Travis here. Bill Clinton… You just mentioned you don’t think he has the intellectual heft, and I think you’re right, to climb himself out of this hole. Bill Clinton did it after 1994. Barack Obama did it after 2010. I don’t think there’s any doubt that the Democrats are headed for an unmitigated disaster in 2022. We were talking about this yesterday on the show.

What then becomes of Joe Biden after 2022 when he’s still in office theoretically for two more years. I don’t think anybody believes that he’s capable of running for reelection. We’ve never really had a situation like this in the country. To the extent that he’s already weak and enfeebled and being taken advantage of by our adversaries, that’s only going to get precipitously worse as his regime continues.

O’REILLY: Well, he’s gonna be a placeholder in the sense that legislation is not gonna get passed unless it’s reasonable, and Republicans have to follow my advice and be reasonable. There are a lot of Republicans who said, “Oh, voting for that 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, that was terrible” and all of this. It wasn’t terrible! I wouldn’t have voted for it. I would have voted “no” on it because I don’t believe that the federal government at this point can follow the money or even cares about where the money goes.

They just throw it into huge block grants and send it out to California where they’ll build homes for illegal migrants. They don’t know where it’s going. There’s no regulation for it. So that’s why I would have voted against it. But you have to have a reason. It just can’t be, “Well, we don’t like Biden. We don’t like the left. So everything they do we’re gonna vote against.”

The next election next year and in 2024 will be decided by independents. And this is where Biden has collapsed the most. According to that USA Today poll, independents feel that Biden’s doing a terrible job by a seven-to-one margin — seven to one — and the independents are now more numerous than the Republicans or the Democrats.

BUCK: Speaking to Bill O’Reilly. Check out more of what he’s up to at Of course check out his latest books as well, and we’ll talk about the history tour in a moment. Bill, I just want to know, after what we saw in Virginia, a lot of focus on what they’re teaching kids in school. The Democrats seem to think that playing these semantic games of, “Oh, it’s not really CRT. It’s something else.

“It’s racial equity instruction or something.” That doesn’t seem like it’s gonna fly. It didn’t fly in Virginia. Doesn’t seem like it’s gonna fly as a strategy elsewhere. Do you think this is the beginning of a movement? Do you think what happened in Virginia where parents are saying enough is enough with the schools could spread elsewhere and have an impact in the midterms?

O’REILLY: I think it’s already over for critical race theory in the public schools. You’ll only get it in the liberal colleges. I think it’s done. People know when they’re being lied to. And to have somebody come on and say, “Oh, critical race theory isn’t about dividing Americans. It’s about honesty,” and you’re looking at that, you’re saying a 7-year-old with no frame of reference, no historical knowledge, can figure out that this isn’t a divisive situation?

They’re gonna be looking at their classmate across the aisle of a different color and you are having a teacher saying how bad white people are? That’s good for children? So on a base level, it’s so heinous, so terrible. But here’s what disturbed me about Virginia. In Loudoun County, north of Washington, D.C. — and that’s where all the CRT stuff exploded and the poor girl got raped by the kid wearing a skirt and all of that, okay?

In Loudoun County, they still broke for McAuliffe, and Loudoun County is not a minority community. It’s a white community. So I analyzed it. I said, “What the deuce are these people doing in Loudoun County where it’s obvious that parents don’t want propaganda, divisive racial propaganda shoved down their children’s throats, and McAuliffe is saying you don’t have a right to voice an opinion on that, and you still vote for McAuliffe?”

So here’s what I came up with, and I’d like to hear you guys’ opinion on it. People believe what they want to believe. It’s very. It’s very hard to shake people from whatever is in their mind. And you guys know. You have friends and maybe spouses, you know, you can’t, most times, convince people, even if you have overwhelming evidence, that their opinion is wrong. So in Loudoun County, they hate Trump. Right?

Fairfax County, they hate Trump. That overrode all of the local issues because they assign the Republican Party with Trump. And that’s what McAuliffe, of course, tried to do. Biden tried to do it. Obama tried to do it when they campaigned. They all tried to do it. And enough people bought it so the people in Loudoun County went for McAuliffe. I think that was the explanation. But it’s disturbing. It really is.

CLAY: Inning there’s some truth to that, though. And also obviously the big lies that have managed to be stuck to President Trump, who you’re traveling around with, Russia collusion, which has gone up in spoke and even the very fine people lying from Charlottesville that Joe Biden claimed was the motivating factor behind be which he decided to start his campaign, which leads me into this question with you, Bill.

You spent a lot of time with President Trump. I know you’re a student of history. Do you think on Trump will run again in 2024? And if he does or does not, how would you categorize him in a historical context? I know it’s always difficult to think historically in the present day. That’s one reason I love studying history. Do you think he runs? How do you contextualize Trump as a historical president?

O’REILLY: Well, I talked to him this morning. He woke me up, and I said, “Do you ever sleep?” He’s a vampire, all right? So he calls me really early in the morning, and we were discussing the tour and the logistics of the tour and things like that. But he read my column that I filed over the weekend. It’s at Anybody can read it.

The column is called Corruption, and it details in a very simple way — I’m a simple man, you guys know that — how the Clinton campaign, Hillary Clinton campaign concocted and financed this bogus Russian collusion story, and they were enabled by the corporate media. And for more than two years, every single day Trump got it in the neck from the media, and then all of a sudden he didn’t do it. Now, that is — and Durham is still investigating this.

If that goes up to high levels of the Hillary Clinton campaign, that will be the worst political corruption in this country’s history, because they tried to subvert an election by fabricating a story — and the gullible media, corrupt media, picked it up and ran with it with no scrutiny. I mean, think about how bad that is. Now, on the question of Trump running — and he liked the column, by the way. I think he’s sending it out on whatever he has. I think he has Pony Express riders now to throw —

CLAY: I think they go email distribution now, Bill, which actually has become more popular because so many people are overloaded with social.

O’REILLY: Whatever he has, I can’t figure it out, but he says, “It goes everywhere and I’m gonna put your column out.” I said, “Good.” You know, anybody can put the column out. But he wants to run again. There’s no doubt about it. And I don’t know whether he’s going to be able to run because that will depend on what happens between now and when the campaign starts, which is January 2023, because of campaign finance laws.

So, you gotta get through the midterms next year and then soon as January turns, you’ll see them flood in. But he certainly wants to run, but if he does run, this is why I’m doing the history tour. I’m not doing the history tour for any other reason than to inform the American people on what really happened during those four years of Trump because nobody knows what happened because it was never reported honestly.

So, for example, how did you get this back so fast? It’s almost a miracle. How it did it happen? Who did you go to? How much did it cost? Were there people impeding you? What about Putin? Did Putin…? What kind of guy is he? Does he speak English? You know, that’s the kind of stuff I’m gonna get into, and the tour has become so much more important than when I announced it in early summer because of the Biden collapse.

Because now independents are giving Trump another look, and I told the president. This is why it took him awhile to do it ’cause he knows how obnoxious I am. I’m not gonna sit there and be a cupcake. I’m gonna ask him tough questions, and he’s gonna have to answer ’em in front of 10, 12,000 people. So I said to him, “We’re gonna tape all this.

“You’re gonna have a record that’s never been out there before.” No matter… I saw every interview he did. Nobody ever asked him about any of the positive stuff, how the economy was good. Listen. Let me give you the most vivid example I can. Last year at this time, Trump is in office, right? Massive covid intrusion. Massive. There was a supply line problem? Was there?



CLAY: No, you’re right.

O’REILLY: There was no supply line problem. In the worst months of covid, under Trump, we didn’t have problem getting products to the market. Now, 12 months later, we do. Why? I know why, but this is the kind of stuff that Americans need to think about. So you don’t have to like the guy in the Oval Office, but that guy has gotta be a problem solver.

BUCK: Bill, where should people to go to find out more about the tour, where you’ll be, and how they can go see you and former president Trump?

O’REILLY: Well, we start out on December 11th, Saturday, at the FLA Live Arena. That’s where the Panthers play in Ft. Lauderdale, Sunrise. Then the next day, Sunday, we go to Orlando, Florida. And then the next weekend we go to the Toyota Center in Houston and then Sunday at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas. Tickets available. Make it easy for yourself. Go to, any other box office you want. Ticketmaster has ’em, arenas have ’em. It’s the Amway arena in Orlando, and we sold about 30,000 tickets, guys.

CLAY: I would love to go watch it.

BUCK: Yeah, I was gonna say, Clay and I —

CLAY: Except you guys are not necessarily gonna be total head-to-head, but, I mean, I would like to watch this.

O’REILLY: If you want to go — and this is a low-level bribe — it’s on me.

BUCK: There we go.

O’REILLY: Just tell me what show you want to go to, both of you guys, and I’ll have you there.

BUCK: All right. Well, Bill, thanks so much. Good luck on the tour, and everyone should go check out for his latest. Bill, always appreciate you stopping by to hang with us here. Thank you, sir.

O’REILLY: Any time. Thanks for having me.


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