Blake Masters Tells Buck Why He’s the Man for Arizona Senate

BUCK: As promised, the man who is leading the pack right now for the Republican Senate nomination in the state of Arizona, Blake Masters, is with us. Blake, good of you to stop by again.

MASTERS: Great to chat with you, Buck. Thank you.

BUCK: Can we start with this ’cause we discussed this news earlier on in the program? The Biden administration, in Arizona, is admitting that they are strengthening — fixing some of the holes in, et cetera — the border fence down there. What’s going on, Blake?

MASTERS: Can you believe this? Look. The Democrats spent years insisting that Trump’s wall was racist. Remember when they said this, Buck? And all of a sudden, they’re pretending like they want to finish the wall, they’re pretending to be tough on border security. It’s because the Democrats in power have failed. They know they’ve failed. They know Mark Kelly, the incumbent Democrat senator and my opponent this fall, he’s failed, he’s got nothing to run on. So, I think this is just political show. They’re gonna patch a few holes in the border wall. I’m glad they’re gonna do that, but it’s too little, it’s too late. They don’t actually care about border security. This is all because they know I’m coming after them in November.

BUCK: Clearly Senator Kelly is on board with this Manchin, last-minute Manchin deal, the slimmed-down slightly Build Back Better agenda item. What are you thinking about when you read what they’re saying that bill will do and what, as you with a background in venture capital and functioning in the free market, know it will actually do?

MASTERS: It’s so Orwellian, right? They’re calling it the Inflation Reduction Act. Of course, what it is, is a tax increase and a massive spending bill. This is the Democrats’ playbook. Tax and spend. They don’t have any other ideas. Right? The tax and spend policies have created this recession. Instead of reversing those policies to get us out of recession, they just try to redefine what a recession is and insist we’re not in one, and then their Inflation Reduction Act literally is just a tax increase and a spending spree, right? Spending on the Green New Deal and all this crap. It’s just gonna make inflation worse. And, you know, I pray it doesn’t pass.

BUCK: What do you think about the arguments over whether — I mean, it’s not really an argument, but people are pretending, right, that we’re not in a recession. And also, where do you think the economy is going?

MASTERS: We’re definitely in a recession. You know, I know this anecdotally just by talking to hundreds and thousands of people in Arizona who are trying to make ends meet and things are just getting worse and worse for them under Joe Biden. But even with the normal, conventional, you know, economic definition, two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. That happened. The numbers are out. We are technically in a recession. And for the Biden administration, they put out this linguistic game. But again, the Democrats in charge, they’re the party that won’t even define what a woman is, right? And so now they’re trying to change the definition of recession. I find it completely Orwellian, frankly. It’s almost scary. I think this level of censorship and manipulation of language would make a Soviet censor blush.

BUCK: Speaking to Blake Masters, he is running for Senate in Arizona. And Blake, I don’t know if you’ve seen ’cause it just broke, they’re now sending another — I think it’s 500 million to Ukraine to bring it up to eight billion. And then we also simul — so we got checks going courtesy of the taxpayer to Ukraine, and then we have the Pelosi visit to Taiwan on the horizon here, should happen in the next 24 hours if it’s gonna happen. And the Pentagon spokesman Kirby, General Kirby, saying we do not support Taiwan independence. So, what is Pelosi doing there? I mean, on these two foreign policy issues, what do you think about how this Biden White House is handling things?

MASTERS: The only thing you can trust the Biden White House to do is to put America last. It’s unfortunately just what they’re doing. Look. I’ve condemned, you know, Putin’s crazy invasion of Ukraine. Putin’s obviously a bad guy. And that was a horrible thing to do. It’s also, you know, more Europe’s problem than America’s problem, frankly. I think, you know, sending some humanitarian aid may have made sense back in the spring. But sending $40 billion, right, which Congress voted to do, sending 500 million more, it sounds like. Remember, the Democrats couldn’t spare 10 billion for border security. They said the wall was too expensive. And so, I think they just care more about, you know, Ukraine than certainly the people in Arizona, people in the Southwest, people in America. I find that shameful. Biden has also just been soft on China. He’s been soft on China his whole life. I think he’s latest — 2014 as Vice President Biden was saying, “China, come on, man, they’ll never catch us, they’re not a competitor.” And it’s a shame, you know. The Chinese Communist Party —

BUCK: Well, there was — Blake, to be fair, there was some good cash flow coming to Hunter Biden from Chinese Communist Party; so, Biden didn’t want to trample on things there. By the way, do you think they — do you think they might actually, the U.S. attorney in the state of Delaware, may do something about Hunter Biden now that so much has come out and simultaneously Biden as the Democrat standard-bearer is looking shaky, to say the least?

MASTERS: Well, I hope so, but I’m not optimistic. No, it’s Biden’s DOJ. They’ve weaponized the DOJ. They’ve turned it into this basically arm of the Democratic machine. But Hunter Biden, yeah, he’s like on tape committing all sorts of felonies — cocaine, you know, he lied on a Form 4473 to buy a firearm. Buck, if you or I did that they’d throw us in jail for a long, long time. But, yeah, Hunter Biden’s corruption in Ukraine, which you’re not really allowed to talk about and China, I think we’re just kind of scratching the surface, frankly. Pray for his soul. He’s messed up. He’s committed crimes. Will he be held accountable? No, because in this country, unfortunately, we’ve developed a the two-tier justice system. The Democrats think, “Rules for thee but not for me.”

BUCK: Blake, you know, we got a big audience in Arizona. We got a lot of folks listen in the Phoenix area on KFYI and all across the state. Biggest differences between you and Mark Kelly when it comes to how your votes will be cast would be what?

MASTERS: Mark Kelly puts America last. You know, he’s voting in lockstep for this radical Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden agenda. Mark Kelly has a left-wing, extremist record but he pretends to be a moderate. And I’m actually kind of the opposite, Buck. I’m running a bold campaign. I’m speaking from the heart about issues that matter. I won’t apologize for my boldness, but all of it is in service of a common-sensical “America first” agenda. Let’s have border security, let’s get crime under control, let’s get inflation under control. I want to make Arizona the best place to raise a family. And the difference couldn’t be more stark.

BUCK: Where should folks go to learn more about your campaign, Blake?

MASTERS: Thank you, sir. It’s very simple. Just go to

BUCK: Blake, best of luck to you. And when you win, come back on for the victory dance. Yes?

MASTERS: Absolutely. Thank you, Buck.

BUCK: Thanks so much.