BLM’s Thanksgiving Message: You’re on Stolen Land

26 Nov 2021

BUCK: Got an important announcement for all of you. Wherever you are, except for those listening digitally around the world on military bases and other places, but if you’re in America right now, you’re on stolen land.

Did you know that? I actually made a joke about this earlier in the week when I was on the show — welcome back to the Clay & Buck show; Clay on vacation. Buck here in New York in solo. I made a joke about this earlier in the week when I was talking to Clay about how everybody needs to sit down on Thanksgiving and say, first off, before we carve into this turkey that’s adding so much to the carbon footprint, let’s all apologize for being on stolen land. I made a joke, something like that.

I talk more than three hours a day, actually. Remember you can check out the Buck Sexton podcast in the morning. I do a quick run-down of the events every Monday through Friday. The Buck Sexton podcast, wherever you get your podcasts. But I think I made a joke about this. If I didn’t I meant to.

“Black Lives Matter,” from the official account, put out: “You are eating dry turkey and overcooked stuffing on stolen land.” This was their Thanksgiving message. “You are on stolen land. Colonization never ended; it just became normalized. Find out which ancestral homeland you’re currently occupying here.” You go and you click on ancestral homeland.

I just want to know is this only for America we have to do this? I’m wondering. How well do you think it would work out if I showed up in Turkey and I said, hey, I know you have a proud culture and you’ve been here for, since, what, the 11th century or so, gotta go back to the Seljuk Turks when they come in, Osman, one of the Turkish people who came in from the Asian Steppe, yeah, something like that. You have an Ottoman Empire name for Osman, who was a leader for one of these groups.

Anyway, conversation for another time. But if I show up in Turkey and I say, I claim this land in the name of the Christian Byzantine empire, the Eastern Orthodox Christian Empire, I think they will laugh in my face and there will not be delicious pita and kabobs for me before I’m escorted quickly to the airport and told to get the heck out of their country. Right? I think that’s likely to happen if I showed up in Turkey and say, you’re on stolen land. But from a historical conquest perspective, absolutely true. Absolutely true.

And don’t even bring up what would happen if I showed up and explained to certain people who actually have been in Jerusalem for the longest time historically speaking, because that will really upset the left. But we’re supposed to be worried about this on Thanksgiving. The left is completely, completely insane. As you know, Black Lives Matter is at the forefront of this.

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