Bombs Away with Ann Coulter: It’s Trump! It’s Trump! It’s Trump!

BUCK: We have a special guest joining us, the one and only Ann Coulter. She is, of course, the author of 13 New York Times bestsellers and has a Substack and a syndicated column. So subscribe to Ann’s Substack for video content and her column there. Ms. Coulter, I hear from a little a little voice in the background that it is your birthday. So happy birthday, first and foremost to you.

COULTER: Thank you! Yes, that’s because I tell everyone weeks in advance. (laughs)

BUCK: So, we’re pleased to be part of your celebration today. So, Ann, I wanted to ask you, you know, we have these stories going on every day now, it seems — at least, you know, Fox is covering it. Clay and I talk about it. The border is so bad and so dystopian when it comes to lawlessness, constant illegal crossings. And it’s all really… Well, I shouldn’t say all, but it’s primarily through asylum requests. Right? So it’s not even “Oh, if only we would catch these people.” They’re turning themselves in in huge numbers and saying, “I want asylum.” None of them are going to get asylum, but they’re pretending like this is the whole scam. Then they get let into the country. They stay, they don’t get — no one gets deported. Basically, under Biden, I thought this should be a bigger issue in the midterms. Why don’t people care more about this? Do they care more about this? What do you think?

COULTER: Oh, it’s a huge vote-getter. It’s a problem, though, getting Republican politicians to talk about immigration, because — as you’ve heard me banging on about for years — the donors want the cheap labor. They want to open borders the same way the left does and they got politicians’ ears. I mean, that’s what was so great about Trump’s 2016 campaign. Once the campaign was over and he won the election, everything he was ever going to accomplish had been accomplished, and that was just showing politicians — I don’t care if they’re Republican or Democrat. The country, ordinary voters — not the ones who have billion-dollar lobbyists in Washington — are desperate for there to be a wall along the border, for illegal aliens to be deported, for there to be fewer legal immigrants coming in.

I mean, year after year after year, Americans are polled on this. Do you want more immigration, the same, less immigration? They keep saying less and the politicians keep giving us more. So, yeah, of course it’s a huge issue. The other reason that it really came up much in the midterms was that the man who accomplished everything he was going to accomplish as of election night 2016, demanded that all of these Republican candidates make the stolen 2020 election their number-one issue now. I mean, clearly, the midterms were crushed by Donald Trump — and, oh, speaking of which, I want my bet with Clay Travis. Please remind him of that.

BUCK: What, lose the bet? I forget. Which one was that?

CLAY: I don’t’ know This is a new phone. Who is this? I’m not… I’m not even sure who this is.

COULTER: (laughing) January?

CLAY: What is the bet? Is this the Herschel bet? Is this the Herschel bet?

BUCK: Oh, it was Herschel Walker. Yeah, it was Herschel Walker. I remember.

CLAY: I made a mistake. I told Buck as we finished the first hour, I was like, I think I lost a big bet to Ann but maybe she won’t remember.

BUCK: Ann, can I ask you, you know, I put out a poll. I was just curious. I put out a poll on Twitter and it got like 60,000 votes — which it’s not scientific, but a lot of people weighed in — and it was about responsibility for what happened specifically in Georgia. And I put Herschel Walker, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell or just write-in basically. A lot of people wrote in with different names —

CLAY: Who was the most responsible for the loss was the question, like, those were the options.

BUCK: Yeah, responsible for the loss in Georgia. How much does leadership really matter? I mean, we had Kevin McCarthy on the show yesterday. I get more angry emails about Mitch McConnell probably than anyone else in America — like more than, you know, Nancy Pelosi or you name it does. Is that the problem? Does it make a big difference? How do you see all that?

COULTER: Well, coincidentally, I wrote about in my column this week. It went up yesterday morning. No, there’s no question Trump is 100% responsible for Herschel Walker. I mean, it wasn’t like it was Herschel’s lifelong dream to run for Senate. In March 2021, it was Trump who put out a statement, “Oh, Herschel would be the best. He should run for the Senate. He’ll be unstoppable. Just as he was on the football field for my U.S. Football League. Run, Herschel, run!”

And why did Trump think that Herschel Walker would be a fantastic candidate with everyone knowing he has a string of illegitimate children throughout the South? Well, he’s a fine guy. I did everything I could, by the way, to lose that bet with Clay Travis. I was promoting Herschel. Obviously, he’s better than any Democrat, but why are you putting out problematic candidates? Oh, yeah, because he was on Celebrity Apprentice and played for Trump’s defunct football league. That’s how Trump picks candidates. (crosstalk)

BUCK: We were taking some incoming bombs on this one. Go ahead, sir.

CLAY: No, look, I mean, I worked hard, and we’ll have to I will take you out to dinner, but I’ll probably be involved, too, because I definitely lost. I worked as hard as I could for Herschel to win. Same thing as you did, Ann. I wanted him to win desperately. I was pretty crushed — I’m not going to lie — that we lost Georgia, that we lost Nevada, that we lost Arizona, that many of those candidates did. I think the fact that Fetterman won is maybe the biggest indictment of the American electorate that I have seen in some time.

And also a further endorsement of the fact that if you have a D beside your name, unlike Republicans, Democrats just show up and vote party line because a lot of Republicans split their ticket, you know? Brian Kemp won by seven and a half points over Stacey Abrams, who was a well-funded candidate. Every other Republican won in the state of Georgia other than Herschel. But Republicans, they lost because they switched their vote.

COULTER: Yeah, yeah?

CLAY: So Buck made a good point and I gave you credit for this.

COULTER: Wait a minute. I disagree with everything you just said.

CLAY: Okay. Okay. You disagree with everything? All right.

BUCK: Wait, but I made a good point, so can we remember the good point and then Ann disagrees?

CLAY: All right. You would disagree with everything I just said. Tell me what you disagree with.

COULTER: I mean, clearly, it was the candidate. Your own facts say that! Yeah, Kemp won. Sorry. Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp whom — and the secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger — who were the two Republicans Trump hates more than any other in the entire nation! He spent money, primary Republican governor of Georgia, and the Republican governor of Georgia won that primary by 50 points.

CLAY: Well, I’m saying, yes.

COULTER: The voters are trying to tell us: “We are done with Trump.”

CLAY: Yes. What —

COULTER: “We are done with him,” and as for Fetterman —

CLAY: What I’m saying (crosstalk) Yes. I think we’re agreeing. What I’m saying is Republican voters.

COULTER: As for Fetterman, it was 100% Trump again because he was encouraging… It was Mastriano, the guy running for governor. He was a nut. His number-one issue — as Trump recommended insisted on pressuring Republicans to say — was “the stolen election.” Mastriano was at the Capitol on January 6. He wanted to try women for murder for having abortions. You got to run candidates like that. No. Oz could have won that race. Mastriano dragged him down.

CLAY: Okay. So we agree on some of that. I guess what I’m saying is it’s Republicans in many of the states splitting their tickets that actually cost Republican candidates, right, because…?

COULTER: No! It’s Trump!

CLAY: Okay.

COULTER: It’s Trump! It’s Trump!

CLAY: So, but you’re your analysis is that Trump is causing that to happen. So, what I was going to build on here…

COULTER: All the Republicans in Georgia won!

CLAY: Yeah. I get it. I —

COULTER: They’re not splitting their tickets for governors, attorney general, secretary of state but if you’re going to keep pushing the ideas of this narcissistic moron infant, yeah. Republicans are going to keep saying, “Please just send us a normal Republican. Please, please,” and, by the way, I was shocked at how well — despite my bet with you, I was rooting like mad for Herschel Walker. And I thought Republican voters, you know, God bless them, they kept Trump away this time. And Kemp, the popular governor of Georgia, campaigned for Herschel. I thought it was going to be 45-55. It was really close. So I don’t think you can blame Republican voters in Georgia. They came out and voted for the Republican, even though it was not… He was an imperfect candidate, let’s put it that way. Okay.

CLAY: So what I was going to say, by the way, just bombs in every direction.

BUCK: I was going to say, we got to call this segment with Ann “Bombs Away,” or, like, “Get into the Bunker.”

CLAY: Yeah, which I respect, throwing bombs here. Buck had a thesis. I think he gave you credit for it, was that the reason why the politically correct era in the nineties ended was because O.J. was found not guilty.

BUCK: Well, I did give her credit because we sent her the clip.

CLAY: Yes, that’s right. So how do we break the woke virus in the United States? One of the reasons why I was so crushed by both 2020’s outcome and 2022, Ann, is it felt like a perfect time to destroy the Democrat Party for their woke virus and yet they continue to win and the woke virus gets crazier and crazier. How does it end? How do we lance this boil? How do we rid the body politic of this absurd woke virus?

COULTER: You know, it’s funny, I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. That is the thesis of my book, Mugged, and I go through just rampant crime, much like we’re going through right now in seventies, eighties. We come upon the nineties, and if you were alive during the O.J. verdict, you will remember this. There was a moment, one, when O.J. was found not guilty and black Americans throughout America — Howard University; you know, fast food places, historically black colleges across the country — cheered, cheered. Everyone had seen the trial had nothing to know that O.J. was, in fact, guilty. Cut off some of his ex-wife’s head and killed Ron Goldman. And to see black people cheering the acquittal of… I mean, I think O.J. is hilarious on Twitter. I don’t know if you follow him.

CLAY: Oh, I do, and Ann —


CLAY: — not to cut you off here, but you know that there are tons of 20-something girls sleeping with O.J. now in Las Vegas? I have friends out there. He goes out all the time and girls just throw themselves at him, many of whom were born after the double murder.

COULTER: Well, other than the double murder (laughing) he’s a pretty cool cat. Yeah.

CLAY: He is pretty entertaining on Twitter.

COULTER: And that woke America up. It used to be exactly the way it is now, the wokeness the way it is now. You know, you constantly have these blowhards, “Well, I think the problem in America is systemic racism.” That phrase didn’t exist yet, but, “Oh, it’s white racism,” and that’s when it was the greatest thing that ever happened to black Americans, because it was just like, as I say in the book. It was like a subway card that didn’t work anymore, pulling this racism B.S.

And I’ve been wondering, what is it going to be? Is it going to be (laughing) maybe this Brittney Griner story today. But if you want to stop losing because it really did suck. This should have been a red wave year. This should have been a red tsunami wave.

CLAY: Yep.

COULTER: You have to start telling the truth to your listeners that Trump is a big, fat loser. He lost 40 seats in the House for us in 2008 (sic). He lost the election — his own election — in 2020 when there was a red wave across the country! (crosstalk)

BUCK: Well, Ann and I still have a bet because I think Trump is still going to be the nominee. So, I think we’re going to be in a very —

CLAY: Alright, so, Ann, what…? So, I guess the question is —

COULTER: You have to tell the truth to your listeners!

CLAY: Well, look, I mean, I think we’re going to have a big —

COULTER: As long as Trump is… Hmm?

CLAY: We’re going to have a big battle in 2023, and I think it’s going to be between DeSantis —

COULTER: There’s not going to be a big battle! Trump is so dumb, but you are ginning up these few and far between dead-enders. Did you see that president announcement speech?

BUCK: We’re not beating up anybody. (laughing)

COULTER: You’re giving Trump cover.

CLAY: I think it’s going to be Trump versus DeSantis.

COULTER: You’re giving him cover. You’re telling them they’re part of a large group. No, they’re not. No, they’re not. They’re slightly bigger than QAnon. (crosstalk)

BUCK: Okay. Well, this whole, this very large group is actually going to be sending us emails for the next two days about how, you know, that…

COULTER: QAnon is very active.

CLAY: I will say this. Let me just say this. I think that Buck and I are going to provide a forum — and this is important — for a real debate about what the future of the Republican Party should be. And it’s going to be like everybody gloves off, throwing punches. And what I respect about Ann is she doesn’t tiptoe up. She’s not pretending to tell you what exactly she thinks, and I think this is the real conversation. This is why I like people who think when DeSantis and Trump, if it happens, get into a ring, that it’s going to be a really nice, well-organized boxing match.

BUCK: It’s going to get ugly.

CLAY: You’ve got to throw up, it’s going to be gloves and they are going to try to gouge each other’s eyes out. And you have to — everybody out there listening — has to get ready for that. It ain’t going to be a genteel affair.

BUCK: And to be fair, Ms. Coulter, we call a lot more balls and strikes here on the Trumpster than —

COULTER: Yeah, Fox News.

BUCK: — a lot of the other folks in the radio world. I will tell you.

COULTER: Congratulations. (laughing)

BUCK: (laughing) But it is true that we actually were willing to say.

COULTER: You go (laughing) right than Kellyanne Conway.

BUCK: I heard Kellyanne Conway.

COULTER: Not something to brag about.

CLAY: So how does this play out then? And, in your mind, you don’t. But can I have a bet? I think we both have steak bets on this. I’ve already lost a steak bet to the extent that I have because I said Herschel was going to win. I really thought he was. How does this play out in ‘23, in your mind?

COULTER: I think there are so few people who are still supporting Trump, though they tune in to Fox News and your radio show and think they’re part of some large group now with their pathetic Deadheads following them around. Look at the pictures from his presidential announcement address. Look, I’m sure they… I feel about them the way I feel about Jimmy Swaggart followers. Probably the followers were lovely people, but I have about ten more minutes of patience with them. They have got to wake up. (crosstalk)

BUCK: Ah, no. We got we’ve got to bring along all the… All the Trump voters are our family and we got to all mobilize together here. But, and we actually are out of time. So, we want to say happy birthday and people can write Ann at her Substack.

COULTER: Can I say one more thing very quickly?

BUCK: We literally have like 20 seconds. But, yeah.

COULTER: I supported Trump right after he announced, 2015, introducing him. I don’t know anyone who supported him in 2015 who still supports him now. No, these are all the Johnny-come-lately. We support him for the issues and he betrayed us.

BUCK: Okay. Check out Ann Coulter’s Substack, everybody.

CLAY: I love the flamethrower.