Bret Baier Exposes Tim Ryan on Abortion in the 9th Month

CLAY As we went to break, we were talking with Kate, a mom of three in Cleveland. And I really do believe that there are a lot of Kates out there, a lot of  moms, a lot of grandmas, but certainly a lot of moms, suburban moms, as we get ready for Mother’s Day — a little bit of a perfect segue there. Buck and mine: Our mothers will be on the program tomorrow in the final half hour.

This is Producer Ali’s work. They will be on. You’ll be able to hear from our moms tomorrow at 2:30 Eastern, 11:30 on the West Coast, as we get ready for Mother’s Day. And I really do believe that suburban moms are going to decide not only the midterm election in six months, but also are going to decide the 2024 presidential election based on the data if you look right now.

And it’s interesting, we talked about the failure of Democrat politicians as it pertains to schools and keeping your kids out of school and many of them keeping kids in masks, which is insane as we sit here in May, over two years after covid kind of exploded on the map in March of 2020 in this country. And there’s a lot of talk about Roe v. Wade — and, look, I’m not claiming to speak to the millions of you out there.

Everybody has different impressions and exact lines that they draw in their own lives. But I do think it’s important, Buck, to point out that this is not the “safe, legal, and rare” Democrat Party as it pertains to abortion. They’ve become really radical such that — we were just talking to Kate in Cleveland, Ohio. We just had… We’ve got a lot of people listening in Ohio. We’re number one in Cincinnati.

We’re number one in Columbus, Ohio. And there’s a big Ohio Senate race going. JD Vance is gonna be going up — who won the Republican primary, very hard fought, a lot of good candidates in that race. They’re going up against Tim Ryan, who is going to be the Democrat. And I saw this yesterday — and I got give credit to him because, man, have you been watching?

Bret Baier is really good at interviewing people, Buck, and getting them to actually answer questions. He’ll actually ask questions.

BUCK: Bret is excellent at the polite haymaker.

CLAY: Yes. (laughing)

BUCK: You’re like, “Wait, but he’s so polite.” It’s wham! Wham!

CLAY: Yeah, he’s got a certain teddy bear component to him. You look at him and you’re like, “Oh, this guy’s so nice,” and then he’s just an assassin sometimes, which is what the media should be.

BUCK: Just asking real, fair questions. That’s all it’s supposed to be.

CLAY: And getting real answers. And so Bret Baier had Tim Ryan on, and he said, “Hey, do you support abortion in the ninth month of pregnancy?” And I think there are a lot out there that are sitting around, and you hear “ninth month of pregnancy,” and if you’re fortunate enough to have had children, ninth month of pregnancy is mom is so big that you almost feel like you need to put her in a wheelbarrow-stage pregnancy.

Mom is not wanting to be pregnant, by the way, in the ninth month of pregnancy in July or August anywhere in this country ’cause she feels like she’s got — she does — a basic child that is fully grown inside of her, and it’s 110 degrees outside and you’re sweating like crazy. Nine months of pregnancy!

That is at any moment your water might break. At any moment you might go into labor. You have basically carried that child all the way to the very precipice of delivery. And, Buck, Tim Ryan said he supports abortion in the ninth month of pregnancy. Play cut 8. This is Bret Baier pressing him on this.

BUCK: Oh, it’s very easy, actually.

CLAY: Nine months, Buck!

BUCK: Clay, the state of Colorado just passed a state law saying this, codifying it. And this is what… The entire abortion regime has been built on lies: The lie that it’s a constitutional right, the lie that it was going to be all about safe, legal, and rare. It is built on lies for decades. And that’s why you know, first of all, the frenzy from the left on this and all these different explanations, whether legal or ethical or…

They can’t keep the stories straight because none of it actually holds up really or makes sense when you look at the what they’re really advocating for. A nine-month-old baby — and people are probably saying, “Buck, what about a six-month, three-month?” Yeah, of course. A heart, a brain, it is a tiny human being. It is a tiny human beyond any doubt of science or ethics or morality.

I would argue far before that, but just for the purposes of discussion, let’s be clear about where we are. In the ninth month, no person could seriously claim that that is not a human being. And yet, and yet, Clay, you’ll actually have some leftists who will argue… I believe there’s actually an ethicist at Princeton University who’s made this case publicly, but there are others who when will say, “You know, we really actually shouldn’t confer personhood on a baby until a certain point post-birth.”

CLAY: Yeah, that’s right.

BUCK: This is how… Now you’re starting to get into the same level of ethics as the Aztecs, which were a civilization based on human sacrifice of women, of children, of slaves. Now you’re getting into truly macabre, bloody insanity. And yet this is mainstream in a lot of Democrats, a lot of places.

CLAY: It is.

BUCK: So while we’re gonna have this discussion about what’s going on state to state and I’m also gonna say, Clay, Supreme Court is now fenced off. We keep talking about this like it’s a done deal. There are calls across the nation from the looniest left-wing psychos to go after Supreme Court — obviously conservative justices — at their homes now.

CLAY: Yeah. Well, the reason why I wanted to play that one — I mean, I thought Kate’s call was fantastic to close out the hour and it got me thinking the situation in Ohio. But Tim Ryan, Buck, is running as the most moderate — this is his claim — “I am the most moderate Democrat out there,” and yet he to Bret Baier on Fox News said that he believes a woman should be able to get an abortion in the ninth month of her pregnancy.

I’m sorry. I just think that is a wildly radical proposition. I think only, like, 10% of the American population… I mean, Buck, you can put your hand on a nine-month-pregnant woman, and you can feel all the kicking. You can feel the baby moving inside. And again, you don’t know when that delivery is going to come. I mean, that’s a murder to me — and it’s a murder to most states. Because, Buck, think about this.

If someone other than the mother in the ninth month of pregnancy… If someone had a gun and a nine-month pregnant woman is shot and her baby dies, that’s considered two murders in many different jurisdictions across this country, because the baby, if it had been able to be delivered, would have lived. So the state is saying, “If someone takes a gun and shoots a nine-month-pregnant woman and also killed her child, that is very often treated as two murders.”

What Tim Ryan is saying, while claiming to be a moderate, in the state of Ohio is evidence of how radical the abortion lobby has become inside of the Democrat Party. We’re not talking about safe, legal, and rare. We’re not talking about rape, incest, or life of the mother-related issues, a month into the pregnancy. We’re talking about nine months. And he went on Fox News with Bret Baier and said that, and he’s arguing, “I’m a moderate Democrat.” That’s his entire pitch.

BUCK: And we need to understand that he’s doing that purposefully and knowingly because if he were to say that he was… If he went on TV, if he went on Fox News as a Democrat and said, “You know what? I’m actually for restrictions on abortion,” the Planned Parenthood money machinery, the abortion lobby and NARAL and all these very powerful groups among Democrats would come after him.

Or he just wouldn’t get money. You know, they’d just cut off their money, a combination of these two things. They would attack him publicly; they’d cut off money. You’re not allowed to deviate from the script on this as a Democrat. There’s a real absolutism at the heart of this. And, you know, Christopher Hitchens, who Clay and I were going back and forth about —

CLAY: Yeah, I read that. You sent me that link.

BUCK: — he was just a really talented writer, a very interesting thinker. I read his stuff religiously, which is kind of funny if you knew Hitchens because he would have not liked that term to use for his writing. But he was a self-described atheist, Marxist, and pro-life. And one of the things that he discussed in being pro-life was he said, “We all understand, irrespective of your politics, if you see a woman and someone goes up and punches her in the stomach, you think, ‘Oh, that’s a terrible assault.’”

You see somebody do that to a pregnant woman, you think, “Who is this murderous lunatic?” You know, “Where is the electric chair?” basically. Like, you really have a whole other feeling about it, and we all know that. And there’s no person — no reasonable person, no sane human being — who would come on this show or come anywhere else say, “Yeah, no, a pregnant woman gets hit in the stomach? No one thinks that’s a big a deal.”

They’re lying to you, folks, on the left about so much of this. You know, they’re not even having the debates and discussions that they will often pretend to about, “Well, what about the first trimester and what does life begin at conception.” We’re not anywhere near a life begins at conception society in terms of the legal regimen. We’re at a you can have an abortion up to the period of birth in this country, in a lot of places. Not everywhere, but in a lot of places.

CLAY: And I think that’s being underrated, Buck, as the fallout of Roe v. Wade being potentially overturned — and we really do need to continue to emphasize, John Roberts has gotta get this opinion out. Because to your point, Buck — we were talking about this off air, and it’s an awful thing to even have to consider. But when you’ve got people demanding violence in response to an as-yet-unpublished opinion.

And you’ve got five justices right now, meaning one less justice changes the outcome of this case, there are lives at stake on actually the Supreme Court, I’m afraid to say, as long as this continues to hang out there. Right? And I hope that we don’t have any sort of violence that ensues as this time period between when this was leaked and when the opinion is officially published.

But if I’m John Roberts and I claim to care about the legitimacy of my court — and certainly I would think you have to care about the health and safety of everyone at the Supreme Court, including those justices — you’ve gotta bring this opinion out sooner rather than later, and you’ve gotta join it to make it 6-3 so that we’re not looking at, “Hey, if one justice gets removed, that everything changes.” John Roberts, I’m calling him out here: He has to support this, and he has to get it out now.

BUCK: It’s not even just the horrific prospect of some lunatic going after one of the conservative justices, Clay, that’s troubling. I mean, that’s, obviously, the most troubling scenario we could see. But it’s pretty much annihilation. It’s the nuclear option for the court’s credibility if after this and there’s a bunch of protests and we know the machinery of Democrat pressure and the leftist lunatics and screaming and the shrieking and Elizabeth Warren melting down…

If after all of that they vote to uphold Roe, there’s a shift, there’s a change from those five justices — let’s just say theoretically if that happened — no intelligent person would trust the Supreme Court’s integrity going forward. You’d be deluding yourself to think that this is an honest, serious, and fair-minded institution. So the credibility of the court is on the brink even if nothing horrific happens, if they change as a result of the pressure.

CLAY: And, by the way, the result is going to be more liberal abortion laws in many states. I think that’s being overlooked. All the focus is on, “Hey, what are red states gonna do? What’s gonna happen there?” To your point, Buck, Colorado allowing abortions up to the ninth month? California is gonna do the same thing, New York’s gonna do the same thing. The liberalized nature of many of these abortion regulations I think are going to have to be debated way more.

‘Cause I think there’s a lot of people out there — Democrat, Republican, independent — who are sitting around saying, “A nine-month-old gestation baby abortion is a lot different than something that happens in the first five weeks or something that happens in the first week or two weeks.” It’s crazy to think about, and those conversations are gonna be taking place going forward.