It’s Captain Deplorable! Buck Runs Into “President Trump” in Florida

22 Jun 2022


BUCK: I happen to be down in Florida and who do I stumble upon but former “President Trump” himself, and he has a lot of thoughts for us, including on our one-year anniversary, on current occupant of the White House Joe Biden, and much more. Mr. President, good to have you with us.

CAPT. DEPLORABLE: Well, I want to say, congratulations to you, Buck, and also to Clay, on your one-year anniversary of fantastic radio. You know, you’re really doing a tremendous job. And we’re down here in a beautiful convention and — on Key Largo. You know, they call it Key Largo. It’s, quite frankly, the largest key and the greatest key in the history of the Florida Keys, when you look at it. Everyone’s driving golf carts around, and you know how much I love to golf. And one thing you don’t see?

You know, you don’t see a lot of people on bikes out here. Maybe that’s because Sleepy Joe just fell, but I can tell you this: I will never ride a bicycle. I’ve been saying that. I’m not going to ride a bike because I don’t want something like that to happen. But I can probably ride it better than Lance Armstrong, when you think about it. But I love golf carts. I love golf.

And this is a beautiful place. And you are doing a fantastic job, you and your partner, Clay, you’re doing a fantastic job standing up for everything, including what Clay likes to say, the First Amendment and other things, you know, when you look at it, he said it on fake news CNN. But you’re doing a wonderful job with your program, and congratulations on one year — you know, one, big beautiful year.

BUCK: So, the price of gas, as you know, Mr. President, is really high right now, and a lot of people are playing a clip from a couple of years ago where you said, “If Joe Biden becomes president, gas will be $6, $7, $8 a gallon.” It’s already hit $7 a gallon in some parts of California, and some of the higher gas price states. So, how did you see this coming and how do we get out of this mess?

CAPT. DEPLORABLE: Well, the fake news is going to say I was lying because gas is going to go to $10 a gallon and they’re going to say, “You know, look at that. He played it off like it was nothing. He said only $5.” I said $5, $6, maybe $7 a gallon. It’s going up higher than Hunter Biden on a Saturday night, when you look at it. It’s a horrible thing. Like Elon Musk’s rocket ship, it’s going to the moon. But, you know, they’re blaming it on Vladimir Putin. We need to be energy independent again.

And, quite frankly, I think it could happen, and it will happen. Just give it a few years, and we’re going to take it all back, and we’re going to Make America Great Again. But we could fix it, and they refuse to fix it. You know, now Sleepy Joe wants to talk about federal gas tax. How about we look at producing our own energy and stop relying on Russia, Russia, Russia for energy and oil? And maybe we could get better gas prices, because it’s killing people. Quite frankly, it’s killing people. Believe me.

BUCK: You know, Mr. President, CNN just last week posted its worst week of ratings in over 20 years, which a lot of people are saying shows just how broken that network is after your presidency. So, if Jim Acosta is going to bed with tears at night knowing that CNN has been beaten up so badly by Trump, what do you want to say? How would you encourage CNN to come out of their fake news slumber?

CAPT. DEPLORABLE: Well, I would have to say, you have to tread water. But two more years this, then I’ll be back, and then you’ll finally have something to talk about because there’s nothing to talk about on the fake news. They don’t talk about anything. They used to talk about Trump, Trump, Trump. You know, that’s why I said, the failing New York Times is probably going to endorse me because I’m the only thing keeping them afloat.

And now they have nothing to talking about. The ratings are going down, you know, harder and faster than, quite frankly, when Rosie O’Donnell falls out of bed. It’s a horrible thing that’s happening. But you’re seeing the rise of new and better news, and CNN is going by the wayside unless they shape up. And they’re not going to do that because, you know, quite frankly, they’re going to lose even more ratings if they do that. So, I would say tread water and wait for me to come back, and then maybe you’ll have something to talk about.

BUCK: And you’re gonna tell folks to follow more of your work, and I know you’re very close with Captain Deplorable. Where should everybody go to see what Captain Deplorable, your good buddy’s, up to?

CAPT. DEPLORABLE: He’ll leave you a big, beautiful birthday message, and you’ll troll your liberal sister-in-law if you have one — and it’s a great place to go. So, check it out — — and check out the podcast. It’s really incredible, believe me.


BUCK: Clay, that was our friend Captain Deplorable, obviously, who I bumped into in person down here in Florida. He has been on the show before, does the best Trump voice I’ve ever heard. I don’t think anybody’s quite as good, and he’s… (laughing) He’s phenomenal. Phenomenal.

CLAY: He is so good. We had him on live, what, maybe two or three months ago and he killed it. It was hard for us to keep a straight face. And even there listening to him, it’s so perfect. He sounds just like Trump! He’s the best impersonator I’ve ever heard.

BUCK: I feel like if he called a lot of people I know who don’t get calls from Trump, he could probably for a minute or two… He’d probably get away with it, they’d probably be like, “Oh, Mr. President…” He’s that good. If I didn’t know he was calling I’d be like, “Hey, hello again, Mr. President. Good to talk to you.”

CLAY: Trump comes on the show enough that… I keep waiting. It’s gonna be like War of the Worlds. Somebody’s gonna report that Trump actually said what Captain Deplorable playing Trump said. And they could even clip it and argue, “Hey, this is him.” I think Trump would listen to it. And I’d like to hear him and Trump going back and forth talking with each other. Because that would be almost —

BUCK: Remember that moment when Trump let Jimmy Fallon, you know, kind of tussle up his hair whatever? When Trump has… He’s shown sense of humor about himself, and that is yet another secret weapon and people really appreciate that. No matter who you are, you can never take yourself too seriously.

CLAY: Well, Trump was great. I mean, the bicycle line that we played yesterday talking about how he’ll never ride a bicycle, and that is what so many of the far-left wing that hated Trump never really got. He had a decent sense of humor because he has an intuitive sense — almost like a comedian — how to work a room and how to work an audience. It’s why he was so good.

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