By His Own Metric, Biden Should Resign Over Covid Deaths

26 Nov 2021

BUCK Let’s take a quick reminder, quick trip down memory lane here. Joe Biden, the second presidential debate of 2020, said the following about Donald Trump, when he was trying — when this declining, entering senility buffoon was trying to convince the American people that he would bring back normalcy, he would shut down the virus, not the economy — that guy, remember that? That didn’t end up happening.

Here he is declaring that if anybody looks at the numbers under Trump with covid, that’s all they need to know about whether he should still be in charge, the death numbers.

BIDEN: 220,000 Americans dead. If you hear nothing else I say tonight, hear this. Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as the President of the United States.

BUCK: Biden is a jerk, people! You notice this? His whole big grinning, Irish charm thing, whatever, the guy’s not Irish, I’m more Irish, give me a break. Actually I think I might be more Irish than he is. But the point is he’s full of it. He’s not a nice guy. He’s a glad hander. He’s a guy that puts the big grin on and pats you on the back and pretends to be your friend while he’s stealing the fillings out of your teeth. That’s who Joe Biden really is. It’s worked in politics because he’s a useful tool of the Democrat machine. Always has been. Not a leader. He’s not a thinker.

Listen to what he said in the presidential debate. Blaming President Trump. It’s year one of the pandemic, we’re talking about that, 2020. He’s blaming Trump, saying he’s responsible for the deaths.

Well, that’s really interesting, because by that metric, I need to know why Joe Biden shouldn’t resign — I know he won’t resign — but why shouldn’t he resign, when he has recorded 386,233 covid deaths since, when was this, this was just a few days ago. November 24th, couple days ago — more than were recorded, this year has had a higher death toll in America from covid than all of 2020. We’ve got a whole other month and a bad month ahead of us, too. You see what’s going on. We’ve got a thousand people a day dying from covid right now. Probably is going to go up.

So, is Joe Biden to blame? He said Donald Trump, when we were hit out of nowhere, we had a great economy, thriving country, everything is going great — the Trump presidency is kicking butt, libs are in disarray: What are we going to do? Complain about the lack of pronoun options on the forums. Right? That’s what they were left to do. And then covid comes out of nowhere. Trump has to deal with a once-in-a-century pandemic.

Joe Biden. because he’s just a stupid and reckless slimy fraud is saying that Trump is responsible for all those deaths. You say to yourself, hold on a second, if Trump is responsible, Biden has the vaccine to lean on and a whole lot more natural immunity built up, too, which they never talk about, but which is really important, and the science says it’s really important, the data shows it’s really important. But we have more people dying. So what’s going on?

They keep saying it’s the fault of the unvaccinated. To that I say, but everybody was unvaccinated in 2020. And then I see in some of these pieces they say, oh, but it’s because people have relaxed their social distancing and their masking. That crap doesn’t work! And if they’re going to say that it works, explain to me what mask-up-between bites on the plane or a restaurant. Explain the science of that. Aren’t we past that now? This is superstition from idiots: Mask up between bites. Give me a break.

Once you’re infected you’re infected. Doesn’t matter if you’re infected in the first ten minutes of sitting there or first three hours of sitting there. Infected is infected. So this “mask up between bites” is ridiculous. And doctors know it’s ridiculous and they reach out and tell me, but they’re afraid they’re going to lose their medical license. They’re vicious about shutting people down for questioning the dominant narrative. Vicious about it, absolutely.

And then there’s a voice out there who will call for some accountability here about Biden on this one. Here is former President Trump speaking about Biden. This was on Fox Business, I believe, speaking about Biden’s inability to get this virus under control.

ASMAN: We have more deaths now than we did during your presidency. By Biden’s own standard, he should not remain as president. That’s what he said. Do you think he should resign?

TRUMP: Well, it’s significantly more deaths. And that, as I said before, that’s despite all of the vaccines and the therapeutic Regeneron and so many other therapeutics that are so good, that despite that, and because they don’t trust them, people don’t want to get the vaccine, because if you don’t remember, I didn’t have any problem. We were doing very well, over a million a day, and you didn’t hear people — the opposite. Everybody, they were clamoring for it. No, he made that statement during the debate. I thought it was a horrible statement to make. I wanted him to be successful on the whole thing, on covid, or, as I call it, the China virus. No, I think it’s a terrible thing that he said. And I think he’s done a terrible job.

BUCK: I mean, where is the covid mortality tracker that we saw on CNN and NBC for months and months on end during the Trump presidency? What happened? More people died under Biden than under Trump from the virus, even though there’s a vaccine out there right now that, yes, it is, just for clarity purposes, the millionth time, if you’re at high risk, if you’re of the age, get the shot, please. It’s your choice, but I think it’s a good idea.

Okay. That said, how the heck can they avoid the standard that Joe Biden set up here of Donald Trump is the bad guy; look at all the people dying of covid? Look at people dying of covid now. Where is all the focus on this?

It does remind me — because I remember when I was — I was at CIA Iraq office under the Bush Administration. Then I was assigned to the Afghanistan side of the house under the Obama Administration. And I can tell you this, people had very little interest in the media in the fact that there were more casualties in Afghanistan under Obama than under Bush. Why was that? Why were the deaths of soldiers under Bush so much more newsworthy than the deaths of soldiers under Obama as Commander-in-Chief?

I think we all know the answer, but I like to point this out that. These people are propagandists. They are frauds.

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