Fiery Parents Denounce School Mask Maniacs

23 Jul 2021

“Mask maniacs live in fear that someone somewhere is breathing clean air,” Buck wisely assessed. Clay and Buck and lots of fiery parent callers want to do something about those trolls in your kids’ school hallways depriving them of that basic right.

Chris from Broward County, Florida, won’t take it sitting down like a compliant student. He opened up a charged-up Open Line Friday by declaring victory so far in his region over this potential “child abuse.”

“Down here in Broward County on Tuesday, the school board will meet to decide whether or not they’re going to force these kids to wear masks again. This child abuse has been going on for a very long time. And while other areas in Florida have lifted up on it, down here in what I like to call the commie counties in South Florida, they have continued to push the masks on these kids. And I want to say, we had a great turnout in the Palm Beach school board meeting last week, and guess what? They backed down.”

Chris encouraged parents nationwide to take his lead and to “show up. When these parents show up, when you come out and you come in to that school board meeting in a huge group, they will back down. And let me tell you, these are the kind of people that listen to Fauci. These are the kind of people that listen to the Communist Disease Center. And guess what? They back down.”

Not only is he burning mad about the non-science backed rights deprivation to your kids, he’ll be burning masks as well. His group has already talked to local police about a protest in front of some school board offices before they go in and share their parental concerns at another meeting.

Clay, parent of three school-aged kids, sympathized. “I think the fired-up nature of a lot of parents out there, if their kids are gonna be forced to wear masks for another year, I think there are a lot of people out there that are done with it, that are going to fight like hell, like they’ve never fought before to try to stop this thing from happening.”

Clay also warned parents not to just end up being so grateful that their kids could go back to school after being locked up at home that they don’t push back against authoritarian “non-science backed” mask mandates.

Chelsea in Austin was fired up about the lack of science and her athlete daughter who never contracted covid being part of the thousands of kids who really were scientific proof that kids don’t need masks.

Buck said to Chelsea, who knows, her daughter might have had “the sniffles” that could have been covid but it being so mild in most kids that’s another reason not to require masks in schools.

Listen to Chelsea, Chris and the other charged-up parents who lit up C&B’s fiery Open Line Friday:


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