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5 Aug 2022

  • UK Daily Mail: The map that reveals the American dream is over? Salary needed to buy the median US home is now $76K – and the typical family cannot afford a house in 35 of country’s 50 biggest cities
  • FOXNews: US economy adds 528,000 jobs in July, blowing past expectations
  • Breitbart: UK Heading for Long Recession Says Bank of England Amid Warnings of 15 Per Cent Inflation
  • PJ Media: It’s Not a Loophole Just Because Dems Don’t Like It
  • New York Post: WH press secretary’s stunning ignorance, the NYT’s stealthy omission and more

  • Breitbart: China First: Automakers Push to Allow EV Tax Credits for China-Sourced Batteries
  • UK Daily Mail: How the Democrats won Sinema over on the Inflation Reduction Act: $13billion tax increase on hedge funders and executives is SCRAPPED and billions will be used to combat drought – and help her home state Arizona
  • FOXNews: Kyrsten Sinema says she will support Manchin-Schumer spending bill: Here is what Arizonans had to say

  • New York Post: FBI Director Wray admits alleged bias in Hunter Biden probe ‘deeply troubling’
  • Daily Wire: FBI Head: Disciplinary Action Over Crossfire Hurricane Has ‘Slowed Down’
  • Breitbart: FBI Director Wray Confirms Detroit Field Office Head During Whitmer Kidnapping Debacle Now Leads D.C. Field Office
  • Federalist: Grassley’s Questioning Of Wray Suggests Biden Scandal Is The Tip Of The Deep-State Iceberg
  • Federalist: Report Shows Biden Admin Run By Former Registered Foreign Agents

  • Breitbart: $3 Billion in Foreign Investment Leaves Chinese Bond Market
  • Breitbart: Chinese Company Buys 300 Acres Near American Air Force Base, Lawmakers Voice National Security Concerns
  • UK Daily Mail: China severs cooperation with US in retaliation for Nancy Pelosi’s ‘vicious’ and ‘provocative’ Taiwan trip: Tensions spiral as Beijing also sanctions Speaker and Biden demands talks with ambassador after ballistic missile test
  • Federalist: Even This Left-Wing Report Sounds The Alarm: U.S. Is Way Too Dependent On Communist China For Minerals

  • BizPacReview: Paul Pelosi’s blood alcohol content was likely much higher than test results, experts say
  • Breitbart: Summer of Rage, Part IV: ‘Ruth Sent Us’ Organizer Tied to Doxxing of Justices Once Claimed She Was Victim of ‘Creepy’ Stalking
  • Breitbart: Dick Cheney Tapes Ad for Daughter’s Campaign: ‘Never’ Has America Faced ‘Greater Threat’ than Donald Trump

  • UK Daily Mail: Germany fears MILLIONS of houses will be left without heating this winter as low pressure in gas pipelines due to Putin cutting supplies causes breakdowns
  • Breitbart: Dutch Farmer Protests: Far-Left Extremists Threaten to Attack Businesses of ‘Right-Wing’ Farmers

  • HotAir: NY Times: Say, this influx of migrants to Washington, DC is quite taxing
  • UK Daily Mail: First Texas bus of 50 mostly male illegal migrants arrives in NYC: Gov. Abbott says Big Apple is the ‘ideal destination’ for them and challenges liberal Mayor Adams to welcome them – as arrivals say city has ‘best opportunities’ in nation
  • BizPacReview: Gov. Abbott invites complaining mayors to see what real migrant surges look like, response is stunning

  • New York Post: Adams asks for photos of city job applicants in effort to increase diversity: report
  • New York Post: NYC ‘Recidivist No. 10’ allegedly stole detective’s car outside NYPD station

  • New York Post: Fauci and other health ‘experts’ are messing up monkeypox just as they did COVID, Ebola and AIDS
  • PJ Media: Sorry Dems, You Can’t Monkeypox This Election

  • HotAir: WaPo wonders: Why aren’t health officials urging a certain kind of “social distancing” in monkeypox outbreak?
  • Daily Wire: California Dem Senator On Monkeypox Response: ‘I Know People Who Normally Go To Sex Parties Who Will Not’

  • Daily Wire: L.A. City Council To Vote On Initiative Requiring Hotels Use Empty Rooms For Homeless
  • UK Daily Mail: Straight to the Hollywood graveyard! After ‘woke’ $90m Batgirl was shelved, FEMAIL reveals the other howlers that never made it to the big screen – from a mermaid action movie to Michael Flatley’s attempt at being James Bond
  • UK Daily Mail: Tonga underwater volcanic eruption blasted 58,000 Olympic swimming pools-worth of water into the stratosphere and could weaken the ozone layer, NASA warns

  • New York Post: Don’t be fooled: Putin chose to punish Brittney Griner to exploit US culture wars
  • New York Post: Inside Brittney Griner’s possible new home locked up in Russian prison
  • UK Daily Mail: Dramatic moment ‘six of Putin’s commanders and five soldiers are blown up in vehicle ambush’ – in region where Russian female commander who ‘enjoyed killing Ukrainians’ was killed by missile
  • UK Daily Mail: Why have so many Russian tycoons died suspiciously since the war began? Richard Pendlebury investigates the strange series of fatalities casting another shadow over Vladimir Putin’s regime

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