C&B Kick Off Weekend of Bama Football and BBQ

1 Oct 2021

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BUCK: Welcome to the Clay Travis, Buck Sexton show, Alabama edition. We are down here in Birmingham. We’ll be in Tuscaloosa tomorrow. I will be at my first ever real college football game. I did go to college and saw a little bit of a football game there once, but it was D3, and it was New England.

Nobody really cared and everybody was much more into the cider and the beer and the chicken wings than they were the actual action on the field. I think there were, Clay, probably 200 people in the stands, maybe 300 on a good weekend. So this is gonna be a little different with a hundred thousand-person stadium plus everybody gathered outside.

CLAY: You’re just gonna be blown away see a hundred thousand people without masks living their best lives. And this is what the red states have basically done. We’ve said, “We’re over it,” and I think football… I was talking with a friend last night, and she said what you know: Football is leading America back to normalcy.

I think there’s a strong argument for that. When there are millions of people in stadiums without masks and without needing covid vaccines it’s hard to argue, “Hey, you can’t go into your local convenience store without wearing a mask.”

BUCK: I’ll tell you, I was at the U.S. Open for tennis, and there weren’t a lot. There were some.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: I’d say you probably… Now, that’s an outdoor stadium.

CLAY: And theoretically they also had a vaccine requirement there, although you pointed out it was a joke. Yeah.

BUCK: It was show me the piece of paper. If you had sneezed into a hot dog napkin and held it up been like, “Here’s any vax passport,” you were allowed in. It was a joke. But we’re excited to go see it all tomorrow. If you see us there — I know some of you are local enough that you may be at the game — please do come up and say hi. If you think it is Clay or you think it is Buck, chances are it probably is, although there are probably a lot of guys down here who look like both of us, now that I think about it.

CLAY: We’re kind of wheelhouse. We could either be Hollywood agents or SEC football fans.

BUCK: There we go.


BUCK: Chuck in Mobile Alabama, down to our south, I believe. My geography —

CLAY: There you go, Buck. You’ve been to Alabama. Now you know.

BUCK: There you go. I know my Alabama ways. What’s up, Chuck?

CALLER: Yeah, hi, guys. I just wanted to find out if Clay was gonna take Buck to Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa tomorrow after the game.

CLAY: You know what’s funny? So Buck is staying in Birmingham tonight. We are going to Dreamland tonight, the crew that is going to be in Tuscaloosa. So I have a camera crew that is filming a SEC sort of reality documentary show with me. And we have dinner scheduled at Dreamland BBQ tonight. So Buck is going to…

I’m gonna try to bring some back. We’ve also got barbecue literally right now in the studio that we’re gonna dive into. Alabama, not surprisingly, has a lot of great barbecue and we’ve got Full Moon BBQ in studio right now, which is also fantastic. I’ve sampled all this, Buck, because for years and years I covered the Southeastern Conference, and they have their media days here, and they would just roll through barbecue matters for all the media, and we would dive in.

BUCK: I feel a little bit like I’m cheating on my friends at Peg Leg Porker BBQ in Nashville, though.

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: I feel like I don’t know is this more the vinegar style here or is this the sauce? I haven’t had any yet so we gotta check it out.

CLAY: I’m not an expert on what would distinguish Alabama barbecue from other areas other than the fact that it’s fabulous.

BUCK: I’m gonna become an expert in the next 48 hours. Probably gonna eat it for at least two, maybe three meals a day. You can have barbecue for breakfast!

CLAY: We’ll have it for you at the tailgate. Certainly, lots of people have bourbon and barbecue for breakfast all over the South. So we’re gonna have that option.


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