C&B Predict Mask Mandate Comeback

26 Jul 2021

BUCK: Here’s an example of it from the mayor of the largest city in America, Bill de Blasio, talking about how employees, you’re gonna have to mask up and get covid testing and all kinds of stuff if you don’t get the shot.

DE BLASIO: If you are unvaccinated and you are a city employee, beginning on Monday, you must either wear a mask indoors at your work site at all times or — if you would prefer not to — you have to immediately go get vaccinated. This is very, very clear. We will have to, unfortunately, be very tough. If a city government employee does not wear a mask indoors and they are unvaccinated, there unfortunately will have to be consequences because we have to take [it] seriously. If someone’s unvaccinated, unfortunately, they pose a threat to themselves, but they also have the greater chance of spreading the disease.

BUCK: I think you’re gonna see this. St. Louis brought back the mandate. Other places have a mask mandate for everyone. But I think you’re gonna see more city governments with this in place now.

CLAY: I feel like — and this is going to be the case, because I’m not just trying to brag on us, but I think we have the smartest show in radio, period. We are going to be a couple of weeks to a month ahead, oftentimes, of where stories are and we’re gonna be looking around the corner telling you where stories are headed.

And if you look at the data coming out of the Israel and if you look at the data coming out of England — two countries with a more substantial rate of vaccination — what you are seeing is that what you are being sold right now… And I think this is a big difference between what you are selling and what is going to be delivered in terms of the expectation of the American public.

I believe the average American out there listening to us right now — certainly the average blue check, left-wing brigade member. They believe that with the vaccine, covid effectively becomes smallpox or it becomes polio. That’s what the Faucis of the world are selling us on, that we can effectively eradicate covid. As you say, Buck, we can go to Covid Zero.

That’s not what the data shows us. So right now, they’re saying, “The reason we aren’t at Covid Zero is because of those idiot Trump voters who won’t get vaccinated, and we are going to put in place mandates to make their lives miserable.” What we are going to see — and sports is an important window, but, as I said, Israel and England are as well.

There are going to be a ton of breakthrough infections here because, according to Israel, the Pfizer vaccine is only 39% effective against the Delta variant. Now, hopefully it limits the overall severity of infection. But this idea that you’re able to tell whether somebody is getting covid and they’re vaccinated or unvaccinated, I think over the next month, that distinction will vanish, and it will be almost impossible to tell why or how people are getting covid.

BUCK: But, in the meantime, get ready for a whole lot of browbeating, of haranguing, harassing, nagging from all across the Democrat-industrial complex in the media, the Democrat Party. You’re gonna hear a lot of people talking about how, “You have a choice, but your choice is to be constantly harassed and agitated — and suffer annoying, stupid restrictions — or get the shot.”

Even if that means getting the shot again in six months, they don’t care, get it or else, here’s an example — and I want to juxtapose this with a different position they were taken taking before about Joe Scarborough who… This guy, he’s doing some performance theater where he goes on TV as an alleged Republican or former Republican or whatever he is saying whatever the Democrat loon MSNBC audience wants to here. Here he is on how you don’t want the shot find a new job.

SCARBOROUGH: It’s time for Joe Biden, it’s time for Democrats, it’s time for serious Republicans to start ignoring the ground noise and start focusing on the signal. And the signal this: If you’re a schoolteacher, if you’re a nurse, if you’re a cop, you need to get vaccinated. And if you don’t, you need to look for another job.

BUCK: Can I just say that, first of all, the authoritarian impulse from Democrats on display during this entire pandemic situation is something that I hope every American remembers for a very long time. I mean, this is a massive Milgram-style experiment where we’ve seen if Dr. Fauci told you electrocuting your neighbor would save people from covid, about half the country would do it, maybe more, and would keep doing it.

“Wait. Hold on. How does electrocuting my neighbor actually stop covid? Hold on. The data doesn’t support this.” (impression) Fauci says do it, so you gotta do it ’cause of the droplets. Right? So we know that that’s been a part of this all along. But I also remember when the teachers unions didn’t want to have their employees going back into school in the 2020-2021 school year, Clay, and the data supported teachers going back in.

Cops, first responders, they all had to go do their jobs. But teachers, because they’re important to Democrats, were in a separate category. “Oh, we can’t put them at risk from the covid!” So they got to do all this work-from-home stuff. Where was Joe Scarborough with, “If you’re a teacher, go to work or you’re fired?” It’s all politics.

CLAY: It’s so well said. Not only did teachers — who are comparatively well paid and get off substantial amounts of time — not have to go to work. But all the people that allowed our countries to continue to function: Truck drivers, grocery store workers, people at gas stations, all these people who make way less money oftentimes. Certainly grocery store and gas station employees do, fast food workers.

People preparing food remotely even if their restaurants weren’t open. All of these people make far, far less than teachers. And, frankly, if you want to consider the long-range impact, have way less impact on kids, in terms of their ability to learn and their ability to hopefully grow and progress to the point where they can one day be fully functional members of society, and nobody…

I know you were screaming it from the rooftops and I certainly was screaming it from the rooftops on my show. But comparatively almost no one said, “Hey, every teacher should have to be back at work right now. We can do this safely. They aren’t under any greater risk than a grocery-store worker would be.”

Almost no one was willing to look at the data or the science then, and now you’re demanding that people have to get shots in order to go back to work? I mean, it’s all insanely hypocritical and, frankly, I can understand why it leads to overwhelming distrust of the media and people in positions of power ’cause they lied so much for so long to so many.

BUCK: And don’t let the Democrats have their cake and eat it, too, on this one. If it’s so obvious that de Blasio in New York and Garcetti in LA and all these other places — that either are or are about to institute vaccine mandates for employees and want private sector businesses to do it, too — then they should be pushing, why doesn’t the White House just say this? Why let them have it both ways, which is what they want to do?

The Biden White House says, “Oh, no, we don’t want mandates.” But then all their Democrat underlings are pushing for the mandates. Well, if it’s so important, where’s the pressure from the Democrats at the state and local level to say, “Hey, Biden should just come out and say we need a federal vaccine mandate.” Again, be honest.

Have the courage of your conviction, libs. Stop playing games. But they won’t do it because they know there’d be a political backlash. So they don’t want to have to deal with the consequences of the mandate. They want a stealth mandate at the state and local and private sector-instituted level with the White House doing this wink and a nod thing — and you can tell I find this all very, very agitating.


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