CDC’s Walensky Drops Data Bombs on Biden Covid Narrative

10 Jan 2022

CLAY: The Dark Ages for the Biden covid regime. Everything, it feels like, is falling apart for them as it pertains to the overall narrative of Joe Biden’s entire 2020 presidential campaign. He said, “I’m gonna shut down the virus, I’m not gonna shut down the economy,” and the virus is surging and it feels like to me, Buck — and I’m curious if you got this sense too — ever since the Supreme Court arguments on Friday (which we talked a lot about) over the covid vaccine mandate, that Biden has lost control finally of the narrative.

We got a couple of clips of Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, that I’m gonna get to in a moment. But, Buck, you’re in New York City, the place with basically the highest covid rate of infection once more, effectively two years after March of 2020. What is the vibe on the ground, and do you also have the sense that I do coming out of this weekend that basically the Biden White House has just finally lost control of the covid narrative that they’re trying to sell to the American public?

BUCK: The narrative is in free fall. To say it’s collapsing is one thing. I think it’s actually going in the other direction too. It’s not just that people are ceasing to believe a lot of what the established consensus storyline is. They’re starting to say finally — and I think this is a good thing — “Wait a second. How long have they been wrong about this? Why should we trust this narrative going forward? Why should the apparatus have so much control over our lives?”

Clay, it was just bombshell after bombshell the last few days with what’s being said ’cause, first of all, let’s just all take a step back. We’ve had this enormous fight over mandates, and in New York City they implemented it. The federal government — just to remind everybody — is supposed to start (I believe today) the initial phase, although it’s really a phased-in process, of the OSHA mandate, right?

That’s why we have the Supreme Court oral arguments, and this is why there’s the urgency of whether there will be a stay. So you’re in the phase now where, technically, the federal government supposed to be forcing these shots into people’s arms or they can get a test every week and be harassed forever and be masked up or get fired, right? That’s where we are.

Clay, up to 40% of covid patients — according to Rochelle Walensky and the CDC — in the hospital may be there for other reasons. I know you have this audio, but the numbers now are telling us what we’ve been saying all along, which is covid is dangerous to a small percentage of the overall U.S. population. The vaccines do not stop the spread. They’ve had to admit that. That’s obvious now. They do not stop the spread, and they might be dramatically overcounting — the CDC might be dramatically overcounting — hospitalizations and deaths.

CLAY: Yes, and we’re gonna play a couple of these clips for you. I also… There’s a great editorial, I shared it, and we’re gonna talk about this, too, because I think it ties in it to overall crumbling foundation of the Biden covid narrative on the opinion page of the Wall Street Journal: “Omicron Makes Biden’s Mandates Obsolete.” If you want to do a little reading during a commercial break here in a little bit, we’re gonna talk about that piece, which is written, by the way, by a Nobel Prize-winning physician.

So it’s kind of a significant person to be writing that story. But first, Rochelle Walensky — it seems to me to some extent — has been deputized as the official sudden truth-teller. Now, she’s not sharing data that you and I, Buck, haven’t been talking about for a long time. But what’s landing here is this data is blowing people away, and it’s also making people realize — stop and say — “Wait a minute.

“Why have we not known about this before, and what else are they not telling us?” Now, there are a couple of different clips that I want to play here. Friday, Rochelle Walensky went on Good Morning America, and she said what we talked about for a long time, that the people who are dying with covid have four or more comorbidities often. Listen to cut 3 of Rochelle Walensky, CDC director, Friday on Good Morning America.

WALENSKY: The overwhelming number of deaths — over 75% — occurred in people who had least four comorbidities. So really these are people who were unwell to begin with.

CLAY: Okay. So this is what we’ve been saying. If you are not well, if you have a high level of obesity, you are under particular risk from covid. This is from data that the CDC has been unwilling to share with the American public on shows like Good Morning America with people like Rochelle Walensky sharing it. So if you missed that, over 75% of deaths, she said, are occurring in people with at least four comorbidities. And these people are not well, she is saying, okay? Now, also she went on Sunday with Bret Baier on Fox News, and she was asked directly, “What percentage of the people that are counted as covid deaths died from covid, not with covid?” Listen to this answer.

WALENSKY: Yeah, Omicron we’re following that we carefully. Our death registry of course takes a few weeks to collect, and of course Omicron has just been with us for a few weeks, but those data will be forthcoming.

CLAY: All right. So really the question there is an important part from Bret Baier, too, ’cause he said directly, Buck: Hey, there’s 835,000 deaths that are attributed to covid. How many of those are deaths with covid? That is, people have many different comorbidities. In other words, if you’re in hospice and — as often, unfortunately, occurs in hospice — you die not with any one particular cause.

You might have pneumonia, you might have the flu, you might also have covid, you have many different illnesses oftentimes that are occurring simultaneously but you are on your way to death otherwise. That would be counted as a covid death or — memorably as has sometimes happened — if you come in to the hospital after getting hit by a bus and you test positive for covid, you are a covid death.

BUCK: Right. Okay. So how could we have had anything even approaching a rational and reasonable policy discussion, Clay, when the CDC is effectively telling us the numbers — and remember, the numbers are what they use to justify everything.

CLAY: Everything.

BUCK: There was a time when New York City was shutting down schools because of the positivity rate of covid tests, which makes zero sense, right? How many people are taking tests? Are asymptomatic people taking tests? They have had the numbers game being played this whole time, and now when they say things like 75% of covid deaths are those who are essentially at high risk of dying from the flu, any number of upper respiratory problems…

CLAY: Very unwell.

BUCK: People with four comorbidities? That’s statistically someone who is at risk from just day-to-day life. We’re all going there, by the way. We’re all gonna be at that point. But when I hear her say that, I have to think about all the lives — ’cause, remember, they also tell us almost everybody who is dying in the hospital is unvaccinated. I find that… The most recent data on that was pretty stunning. It’s like .003% of those dying are vaccinated. So they’re saying everyone in the hospital in the U.S. who’s dying is unvaccinated.

CLAY: That’s not true.

BUCK: I know, but the CDC is saying it. But just take that moment and pause and think about what that means. Think of all the lives that could have been saved if we had gotten 99.9% of those truly at risk vaccinated instead of firing 35-year-old nurses with natural immunity and trying to force everyone’s 10-year-old to get the shot. Think of the dispersal of resources, the lack of trust, the authoritarian overreach that has been created by trying to do this — and not just mass vaccination. Mass booster campaign now for everybody. People look around and say, “Who are the morons in charge that think this is actually working?”

CLAY: Well, and what this represents to me, Buck, is the internal polling in the White House on covid must be a disaster right now for Joe Biden. Because the first thing I say is, okay, they’re going to now start sharing data that, frankly, when you and I would share it on social media, what would we get told? Oh, you’re trying to kill grandmas, you would sometimes be told, hey, you can’t share this. It appears to me that Big Tech — and I’m curious if you buy into this — it seems like Big Tech has stopped restricting the spread in many ways of critical commentary surrounding covid all of a sudden.

BUCK: I just got hit. On my Facebook account, I got dinged the last 24 hours for something I said on this show, which we then shared at So we’re now fighting with them.

CLAY: It’s an untruth, they said?

BUCK: “Independent fact-checkers.” I have run circles as have you around these independent fact-checkers for months when you look at what is actually true, who ends up being right versus who is going along with the narrative at the time. Journalism, Big Tech, my friends, they have betrayed not only their professions but in country over the course of the pandemic bid refusing to stand for truth, refusing to make sure there’s accountability for the abomination of a CDC which at this point they’re the worst three-letter agency in the federal government which is an astonishing accomplishment.

CLAY: And the people who are doing these fact checks, well, that’s interesting that you just got dinged. Because what I have noticed is it seems like there now is a willingness to have a debate about what’s going on surrounding the covid vaccine. And I continue to say “covid vaccine” in quotation marks because the question that I ask, Buck (laughs), that got everybody riled up last week on Twitter was just this: Name me any other “vaccine,” in quotation marks, that you have to get three or four shots in a year, and it doesn’t prevented you from getting or spreading the virus. I’ve never heard of that happening.

BUCK: This is the crappiest vaccine anyone’s ever heard of No one has ever been sitting around saying, “Yeah, get the MMR vaccines and maybe get them four times a year for the rest of your life and maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, doesn’t stop the spread.” Of course, this is not what we thought of and this is not what they told us. To be very clear, they said 95% protection. You don’t get it. You don’t spread it.

But, Clay, to your point about social media what I think we are seeing is that it’s more apparent number of that there are some people who are allowed to say what you and I say; and so that’s okay now, but are you and I allowed to say it? Can I say the vaccines don’t stop the spread? I might get dinged, I might get shut down, but Rochelle Walensky can go and say it, right? It’s about who can go say what which just goes to say this is all about power dynamics and has been all along.

CLAY: And the politics. And the politics I think on this are disastrous now for Joe Biden. And I think they are trying to figure out… They’re in a tough spot, right? Because they used covid to keep Donald Trump from getting reelected in 2020. All of the death counters — which miraculously have disappeared, even though the deaths are continuing to go up — all of the nuance surrounding these death numbers — wait a minute, what’s the difference between a covid death with covid versus death because of covid?

These were conversations that were not allowed to happen, and now as they look ahead to the red wave that is coming in 2022 to this midterm as every single day, Buck, more and more people… My phone… I don’t know about you, but there are friends of mine that I will hear from pretty regularly who may have been critical of some of my covid comments earlier. And they’re like, “Man, I’m starting to look at the data, and a lot of what you’ve been saying is true.” Yeah, it’s not that I’m pretending to be a Nobel Prize-winning scientist. I’m just looking at the data and using it to inform my opinions, which is what all intelligent people should do.

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