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Census Data Confirms Mass Exodus from Blue States

22 Dec 2021

CLAY: Saw something that I thought was fascinating because the data, we’ve been talking on this show, one of my big theses about what is gonna happen with covid is it’s made the red states redder and the blue states bluer but that’s been occurring primarily because red state residents are being supplemented by refugees from blue states. And they came out with the data on, the Census data for 2021, and — this is interesting — New York was the number-one state to lose population. Around 320,000 New Yorkers bailed on the state. California was the second biggest loser, around 250K or so, followed by Illinois.

Hear me say, by the way, those are the three states that I see people moving into my state of Tennessee the most from. And if you’re from Texas or Florida, you may feel the same way, okay. So the big-state losers populations, almost all blue states, New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Louisiana, which, by the way, has a Democratic governor right now who’s been among the most stringent in applying covid rules. Pennsylvania, D.C., Puerto Rico, which has all sorts of interesting challenges going on, Michigan, and New Jersey. Most of what we saw, in fact, was over one million people left blue states to move to red states in 2021. Why would they be doing that if the red states were so unsafe, if their covid policies were so dangerous?

I want to build on this in a moment, but these are the states that added population: Texas, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, Tennessee, Idaho, and Nevada. Almost all of those states red states. What is going on here with the great sorting of America? And if you live in Texas, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Tennessee, states like those, North Carolina, should you be afraid that the people who are moving in, many of whom are from New York, California, and Illinois are going to destroy your way of life and, like moths, bring a great plague of wokeness to your state? I’ll tell you why I don’t think so in a moment.


CLAY: When we went to break I was talking about the great mass migration that we’re seeing from blue states to red states, a million people in 2021 moved from blue states, primarily New York, California, and Illinois — to red states, primarily Texas, Florida, and Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, Tennessee, a lot of these states adding much of the population.

I was talking about the fact that where I live in the Nashville area, I meet people all the time that are moving into my neighborhood. I live in an area called Franklin, Tennessee, which is just south of Nashville about 15 or 20 miles in Williamson County. And our schools have stayed open. We were open all last year.

And so as a result been a lot of parents and a lot of families that have moved here. And what I see is New York, California, and Illinois, most commonly, Chicago area, is where people are bailing in Illinois, and I asked ’em why they came here, and they all say, to a person, man and woman, they moved because they were finally fed up with the politics and covid was the tipping point. And if you talk to real estate agents in Texas, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, every single time a new covid policy goes into effect in these communities, in these states, in these cities, the phones start to ring off the hook. There are no properties, hardly, for sale right now in Tennessee in my area of Nashville because people are flooding in from New York, California, and Illinois. And I know there’s a fear out there that they’re going to change the politics. I think it’s actually the opposite.

I think they’re coming here for the politics, which is why I am arguing they are going to make red states redder because they’ve seen the deleterious, destructive policies of far-left-wing California, New York, and Illinois, and want to move to a place where they and their family never have to deal with those threats again which is why I believe red is getting redder and blue is getting bluer because of covid. And all of these policies are becoming more insane. Guys, I was just looking, Buck has talked about this, New York City vaccine mandates, by the way, not working because New York City keeps setting new highs for covid infections. But they’ve now been joined by Chicago, Boston, L.A., San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., where I went to college and have spent a decent amount of time. I live in Nashville now, the city that I’ve lived in the second most time in my life’s Washington, D.C. I love it. It’s a great town.

But this blew me away. Washington, D.C., now has a vaccine mandate in order to get into restaurants, gyms, entertainment facilities, indoor venues beginning January 15th. This is pretty wild. No test-out option here. Only 46%, this according to Matt Whitlock, 66%, I saw it retweeted by Erin Perrine, who used to work in the Trump White House, only 46% of D.C.’s black population is vaccinated, and only 34% of the 18-to-24 age range is. So D.C., which is a majority black city, now has implemented a covid vaccine requirement which will not allow the majority number of black residents in this black-run city to even go into restaurants, gyms, entertainment facilities, or other indoor venues. This is madness. This is madness on an epic level.

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