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Children Exposed to Graphic Sexuality During Disturbing Dallas Pride Event

6 Jun 2022

CLAY: So, over the weekend, a couple of different stories that I think are very connected began to play out relating to — as I’m sure every single one of you knows, June is Pride month. In case you’ve missed all the rainbow flags and everything else, you cannot escape it.

Congratulations, by the way, to those of us who are prideful out there. I’m sure we have a lot of gay and lesbian listeners all over the country, many of whom may well vote for Republicans. And we certainly welcome you into this brigade of sanity in an insane world. But there is an amazing amount of woke hypocrisy out there as it pertains to the Pride agenda.

One of our writers, Buck, a guy named Bobby Burack, who we have had on the show, did a great piece where he compared the way that big American corporations embrace Pride events in the United States on their corporate accounts but pretend that pride is not occurring at all on their Chinese and Middle Eastern-related accounts.

In other words, it’s sort of a woke capitalism to lean into Pride in the United States, while pretending it doesn’t exist anywhere else.

BUCK: Selective.

CLAY: Selective woke capitalism.

I went on, over the weekend, yesterday with our friend Will Cain and Enes Kanter, and we were calling out the NBA, which is the wokest sports league in America for not being willing to say we support basic human rights in China while denigrating American institutions to the utmost here.

And I saw two things that really stood out to me in a big way. One, I don’t know if you saw this, Buck, five members of the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team refused to wear a Pride flag on their jerseys because they said it conflicted with their religious beliefs. They didn’t say, hey, gay people shouldn’t have rights; they just said, hey, we’re not going to wear the Pride flag on our uniforms.

And it has turned into a major cultural flash point. Also, around this same time, Buck, these videos from a Dallas Pride event went viral. And if you guys didn’t see them — and I understand a lot of you don’t live in the social media universe in the same way Buck and I do — but these videos were spread widely across the entirety of the Internet.

And we’re talking about Dallas, Texas, by the way. We’re not talking about New York City or San Francisco — Dallas, which is in Texas, which is a state where we have a monster audience. And I think a lot of people wouldn’t anticipate necessarily this would take place in Dallas. Transgender — basically — what would you even call it, Buck, like a transgender, it’s almost like lap dances, drag show?

BUCK: It was a drag show specifically put on —

CLAY: You dove into the details behind this?

BUCK: Yes. It’s troubling. It’s a drag show specifically intended for kids.

Now, I want everyone to understand this. This is men who are dressed up as women and they are wearing what we would consider, if they were actually women, provocative attire.

CLAY: Lingerie.

BUCK: G-strings, thigh-high boots, fish nets. That’s how they are dressed. They are dancing in a way that is intended to be sexually provocative. And children were — and this was even on video — putting, like, dollar bills — when I say children, 8-year-olds, 5-year-olds, 10-year-olds, 6-year-olds, little kids, not even teenagers — putting dollar bills in the G-strings of these male-dressed-as-women drag, trans, whatever, drag individuals.

The event, I actually have the flyer in front of me. It was called “Drag the Kids to Pride”. And there was a huge neon sign that all of these adults were dancing under that said “It’s not going to lick itself.”

They’re not talking about stamps here, folks. Like, there’s a problem. There’s a problem.

CLAY: I saw these videos. And my first thought was, what would the reaction be if this was a show basically and it was only straight women? Right? And if I took my 7-year-old…

BUCK: If you took a 7-year-old boy to a strip club and there were women gyrating all over him, and he was putting dollar bills, you would expect child services to come visit you and you’d have some trouble.

CLAY: I think I would get arrested, is the way I was thinking about it.

So take it outside of the trans agenda and just put it on, hey, if you have — I have a first-grader. If I took my first-grader or my fifth-grader or probably my eighth-grader, to a strip club and I allowed them to put dollar bills inside of G-strings, I probably would get arrested. I certainly would get investigated by child services and it would be a massive story.

So what is wild to me about this is how it is being mainstreamed as normal that you would take your kid to a trans show and be putting dollar bills in the G-strings of these performers. This is crazy. This is not an adult event. This is specifically designed, as you read from the flyer, for children. And combined with the Tampa Bay Rays event, the players making their choice, I think we’re in an interesting pivot point. Let me explain what I mean by this, Buck.

To me there’s a difference between saying, hey, if this is a lifestyle that you think makes sense for you as an adult, you do whatever makes you happy, you make your choices in your own life, and requiring, in the case of the Tampa Bay Rays as a condition of employment, basically, hey, you’re going to have to wear a special uniform endorsing this. And also at the same time requiring it, even permitting it, I should say, for kids to show up at a drag show. This is the tolerance here has moved beyond tolerance to a mandate of insanity, feels like.

BUCK: Now you’re getting there. I think this is way too polite, talking about the corporate and the Rays, and all this stuff. This is deviancy. This is gross. There’s something wrong here.

Because exactly what you said, if you were to change — if these were adult females dancing under the same sign, on the same stage and wearing the same outfits and you had 5-year-olds putting dollar bills in their underwear, people would say that this is child abuse. And it is. This is child abuse.

Honestly, the fact they had them dancing and they had the signs in the background is just mind blowing. And, Clay, the parents brought their own children to this event. This isn’t like the school board snuck this in and no one knew what was going on. Why would a parent take their 8-year-old to this? How is that even possible?

CLAY: It’s a fantastic question. And I think the bigger picture here is it’s moved beyond, Hey, I support your ability to make life choices that make you happier to it really feels like this performance was akin to what we have seen in schools. Right?

Where there’s a reason why, for our entire history — like I will buy into the idea, certainly in 1940, if you were gay you didn’t feel comfortable in many parts of the country saying you were gay. But the idea that, what’s the most recent data that you shared on the show? Like 20 percent of Gen-Z now identifies as LGBTQ, transgender or LGBTQ. 20 percent, one in five.

That is an outlandish percentage of people relative to what I would say the ’90s and the 2000s, where people may not have been comfortable being full versions of themselves. To me this has changed.

Now we’re in the element. This feels like recruitment. It feels like you are trying to put on events to convince kids, like, why in the world would there be a transgender show where kids are putting dollar bills in the G-string-strings of transgender? How is this okay to exist?

BUCK: If this is okay, I want every Democrat politician that walks around talking about how they are big fighters for the LGBTQ+ community and everything, is this okay? This involves children. I want every Democrat in the state of Texas, to start with, to answer this question. Was this show okay?

Because I haven’t seen any condemnations of it. Obviously a lot of people on the right are outraged about it. How could anyone think this is anything other than sick?

The notion that this would be okay — and I think to your point, Clay, about the brainwashing; it’s not just the kids that are being brainwashed. The parents who are bringing the kids — they’re saying, “Oh, yeah, this is about inclusiveness, it’s about diversity, equity and inclusion.”

This is about some 30-year-old guy dressed with fish nets with a women’s makeup and a wig on shaking his — there are photos — I can’t describe on this radio show what some of the photos show without feeling — it’s just sordid.

CLAY: The way to think about it, to me, is immediately if it’s just a standard strip-club environment, which by and large is women in lingerie and kids are nowhere near strip clubs.

In fact, you’ll regularly, at least historically, some dad will go to a strip club and he’ll leave his kids in the car outside. This story happened quite a few times. And then chid and human services shows up and they say, hey, they do an investigation of whether this guy gets to continue to be a parent. By the way, that’s front page news stories in local communities and everybody talks about how awful it is.

I’m just thinking to myself, can you imagine if the dad takes his 6-year-old and walks right in the strip club and has the 6-year-old sit alongside the stage and start putting dollar bills in the G-strings and the thongs, everything.

It’s unbelievable that this could be mainstreamed in many ways. And to your point it’s happening in Dallas, and I feel like a lot of parents are not even aware of what’s going on. By the way, there are a lot of gay and lesbian people who think this is crazy. Like, I’ve got kids and there’s no way this is normal.

BUCK: I have gay friends. I have many close gay friends.

CLAY: You’ve lived in New York City your whole life.

BUCK: Many gay friends who I speak to about this says this is just bizarre, that they think that this co-opting of Pride, not about civil rights or equal rights, but being about this trans ideology and also really pushing it on children. No one should be pushing a sexual agenda of any kind anywhere in the vicinity of children.

CLAY: Which is what the Florida bill did, which ended up being such a controversy.

BUCK: The left, you’re realizing why there’s so much sensitivity, why they hate the term “groomer” being used. It really sends them into fits of rage. Okay. Why are some people on the left — and it’s not random isolated events here and there. It seems like there’s something within the system here of left-wing activism that wants to subject younger and younger children to this stuff.

And I’m kind of hard to shock. But the photos and signs and verbiage of this event in Dallas over the weekend, it was jaw-dropping, honestly.

CLAY: And I do think there should be questions asked about how this event came to be; why does it exist? Right?

If you are the kind of parent who is taking your kid — I’ll toss this out there — to a transgender strip show, basically — I don’t think your kids are likely to be anti-gay. I mean, they may have a lot of other issues, but I don’t think this is going to be the thing where you’re like, “Hey, I was afraid that my 8-year-old was anti-gay so I cleansed him of his anti-gayness by taking him to a transgender strip show.”

BUCK: Drag. I don’t think that these performers were necessarily trans. They’re men dressed as women. So it’s a drag show. I think. I don’t know. I am not an expert in the terminology.

CLAY: This goes beyond my expertise. So people who dress up as women might still consider themselves men?

BUCK: Yes. Oh, yes. And a lot of them — some of them, I believe, are gay men who dress in drag as women. I don’t think it’s necessarily a trans issue. Again, we have Naomi Wolf joining later. We can ask her. She has expertise in this matter.

CLAY: Now that you’re walking me through it, I think you’re right. I can’t even keep up with all this at this point to be quite honest with you.

BUCK: I just know this — the Democrat Party, there’s something very rotten in the soul of the modern left. There’s something that’s gone off the rails.

CLAY: I think the point in a big picture here is progressivism demands that it continue to be more progressive. And so at some point it leads itself off the edge of a cliff because people start saying, wait a minute, this doesn’t make any sense. And I think that’s where we are.

Where most people are okay with somebody being gay or even people being trans who are adults, that’s okay. You make adult choices for yourself. But then they keep having to push it further and further.

And I see it in the world of sports when all of a sudden, Buck, we’ve got the trans agenda requires you to believe that a man who identifies as a woman should be able to compete.

Did you see that great picture over the weekend of the woman who came in third place holding her baby while two trans guys kiss? Yes, it’s crazy. But all of this madness continues.

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