Circle Back with Little Red Lyin’ Hood on Her Last Day

13 May 2022

CLAY: Jen Psaki. It is her last day. And I wanted to play, first of all, this montage of her using her most famous phrase, telling reporters she’ll “circle back” with information. This is cut 24, guys. Let’s listen to Little Red Lying Hood on her way out of the White House.

CLAY: All of those, by the way, are unique. That is not a repetition of the same clip over and over again. That is Jen Psaki “circling back” over and over again. Now, this is unfortunate. She had a lot of lies, and I know right now you got Nina Jankowicz and you got people inside the Biden White House claiming that they are voices for truth in a world where there is otherwise lots of misinformation and whatnot. Well, here’s the truth. Jen Psaki told a lot of lies from the White House press lectern, and here is one of the worst — and, honestly, this is when you can start to trace Joe Biden’s collapsing approval ratings to what happened in Afghanistan.

And I know it’s been coming on a year now since the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the attack that took 13 American lives. But this is when the American public started to recognize that Joe Biden was not up for the job and that his incompetence was spreading. ‘Cause, remember, initially he had a honeymoon period.

There were a lot of people inclined to hope that he was gonna follow through on the lies that he told in his campaign about bringing America together. But in August of 2021, that’s when things started to collapse for Joe Biden, and they haven’t gotten better since. And Jen Psaki said no one was stranded in Afghanistan. Do you remember this? It was on August the 23rd of 2021. Listen.

CLAY: We spent trillions of dollars in Afghanistan. Of course, that was all lies. There were lots of people stranded in Afghanistan. There still are Americans who are in Afghanistan and have had difficulty getting out. We spent trillions of dollars in Afghanistan. Trillions of dollars. And they now are requiring, the Taliban is, girls to wear burqas all day, women to wear burqas all day. It’s as if we were never there.

We left behind billions of dollars in military equipment. We allowed the people, the Taliban, who helped to give cover to Osama Bin Laden so he could strike us to 9/11… Trillions of dollars we spent. I think this ties in with what Rand Paul was just talking about, the money that we spent in Afghanistan. What did we get for that? Trillions of our taxpayer dollars. And I would argue it’s as if we were never, ever there. Shameful.


CLAY: We just played some Jen Psaki clips for you. But this one, this baby formula shortage — and you heard Rand Paul talking about it with us as well — this is pretty wild, the degree to which we are now probably suffering, many moms and dads out there are, with the single most irreplaceable product out there. Because right now if there’s a shortage of bananas, you can decide…

I know we got a lot of banana fans out there. But if you want to go with a fruit, you can go from banana to orange, right? You can go from apple to any other fruit product, right? If you want a beer… I’m gonna have some adult beverages tonight down at the… I’m down on the, by the way, the Florida Panhandle, having an awesome time down here.

We got a lot of listeners from all over the country. I met a bunch of them last night out to dinner. But if you want to go with an adult beverage, maybe you’re a Bud Light guy, you could probably make due with Miller Lite or Coors Light. If you’re a parent and you need baby formula, there isn’t a fungible alternative. I’ve been through this. I know a lot of dads and moms know the feeling, where you suddenly realize you’re out of baby formula. It’s late at night and you walk into that 24-hour grocery store to go buy the Similac or the Enfamil, whatever brand you might be dealing with.

And you know that that is incredibly important ’cause you got a cryin’ baby back home, ’cause you got a baby that’s hungry, ’cause you have to maintain and provide for that baby, and there aren’t hardly any fungible alternatives ’cause the baby is still feeding from the bottle. Well, Jen Psaki is in the White House. We just told you it’s her last day. She was asked yesterday about the baby formula shortage, and she blamed it on people who are hoarding baby formula. That’s really what the White House response is now. Listen to this.

CLAY: I don’t know. I’ve lived in America my whole life. I never remember a time when hoarding baby formula would have been remotely effective because there was plenty of it. Joe Biden. Bare Shelves Biden. Of all the things that we could be running out of right now, running out of baby formula is absolute absurd.

We took phone calls on this earlier this week, you may recall. From the East Coast to the West Coast people were calling into the program talking about the difficulty they are having finding baby formula to such an extent that grandmas and grandpas are getting drawn into the search process in many different places.

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