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Clay Makes MIT Chart of Biggest Anti-Maskers

15 Aug 2022

CLAY: You’re jealous that the Biden White House is upset, the MIT people, I was on a list.

BUCK: Hold on. MIT did some analysis of the biggest mask haters, and for some reason I have not yet been highlighted on the MIT analysis.

CLAY: They had my name in bold. One of the most proud things I’ve seen.

BUCK: Berenson is in center. But like Avik Roy who is our friend he was like a pro-mask guy, he’s on there; so I demand a recount. This is nonsense. The fix is in.

And even our friend Ann Coulter, she became very anti-mask when the data came in. She thought I was crazy. I had dinner with her back in, what, maybe June of 20. June of 2020, Clay, and I’m like “Masks are ridiculous.” Okay. I was like full on. So MIT. I don’t know.

I might have to bring a lawsuit against MIT for defamation for not putting me on the biggest mask haters list ’cause that makes me sad.

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