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Clay Thanks All C&B’s #1 Markets

22 Jun 2022

CLAY: Yesterday, I told everybody out there, “Hey, it’s our one-year anniversary; I want to thank the specific markets that we have been number one in.” Buck, are you ready?

BUCK: You know it. I love this.

CLAY: During the course of this year — I’ve got it, I am really to roll — we have been number one — and this is in order of the market size, so I’m not trying to favor one or the other. This is market size. Top 100 markets. We have been number one in Houston; in Phoenix; in San Diego; in Denver; in Salt Lake City; in Sacramento; Austin, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; Raleigh-Durham; Milwaukee; Greensboro, North Carolina; Memphis, Tennessee; Fort Myers and Naples; Louisville, Kentucky; Birmingham, Alabama; Tucson, Arizona; Albany, New York; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Des Moines, Iowa; Omaha; Spokane, Washington, and Syracuse, New York.

Now, those are just the top 100 biggest radio markets in the country. We rank highly in many of them. But, Buck, that is an awful lot of markets out there. We love all of you. Those are a lot of big cities and a lot of unique areas all over the country that are currently listening to us the most of any radio show.

BUCK: We want to use this platform, this legendary platform — built, created by, held up by Rush Limbaugh for decades. We want to now take this platform and make sure this audience feels focused, informed, entertained, and fired up for our first full-scale election together, friends, in this midterm. So we are on a mission. You are part of this mission. You are the mission to save the country, my friends. That’s the plan.

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