Clay’s Bengal Cats Reportedly a Menace to Drinks

8 Jul 2021

BUCK: Welcome back to the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show. This is Buck. Clay and I are just rolling today, rockin’ and rolling, doing what we do here. And please follow us on our respective social media accounts. We can contact you — or at least be in touch — throughout the day with content, thoughts, all the rest of it on Twitter and Facebook. @ClayAndBuck is the show handle, and I’m Buck Sexton; he’s Clay Travis. Follow us. On Instagram, I post Tallulah photos. Clay’s got a…? You’ve got a cat?

CLAY: Uhhh, unfortunately, Buck, we have two cats.

BUCK: Yeah. The fluffy cat is gonna make some appearances.

CLAY: I was not —

BUCK: The staff here is getting more upset you’re not giving more love to your cat.

So, we have two Bengal cats. They’re hypoallergenic. I don’t even want to talk about how much I spend on these things. The rest of the family is in love with them, and they just basically run around and knock my drinks over all day in the house.


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