Clay’s Father-in-Law Explains the Turkey Inflation Tax

23 Nov 2021

CLAY: A couple days in advance of Thanksgiving. Hope you are either soon to be or already with your friends and family, getting ready for a Thanksgiving feast. One, by the way, that will end up costing quite a bit more than any Thanksgiving has ever cost before.

My father-in-law is already with me here in Florida. And he owns a meat-packing plant in Michigan, outside of Detroit.

And I tweeted this out last night, Buck.

He was talking, he came over and he shared an email with me. And he said, “I know you guys have been talking about inflation a lot on the show,” and whatnot. He said, “I just want you to see what’s going on when it comes to my cost for his meat-packing plant.”

He showed me an email invoice, said January of 2020, Buck, a turkey breast cost him $1.15 a pound. January of 2021 it’s all the way up to $3.73 for the same turkey per pound.

That is pretty crazy to think about a one-year increase of what that has ended up costing him. I said,”What’s the practical impact?”

He said, “People who are buying meat are paying a vast inflation tax as a result of how much more this is costing.”

That’s direct in my own family. My father-in-law employs 100 people in Detroit at the meat-packing plant. It’s pretty staggering just to look at the tangible impact there.

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