CNN Savages Kamala Harris

15 Nov 2021

CLAY: Kamala Harris got absolutely savaged by CNN on Sunday in a 4,000- or 5,000-word piece — it took a very long time to read — that felt like it was planted by the White House in some way. And I just want to read from this CNN article ’cause I want to get your reaction to this, Buck. “Suspicion has sprouted out of the bitterness. Last month, White House aides,” this is a CNN article, “leapt to the defense of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who was being hammered with outrage by Fox News host Tucker Carlson and like-minded online pundits for taking paternity leave after the adoption of his twins in September.

“Harris loyalists tell CNN they see in that yet another example of an unfair standard at play, wondering why she didn’t get similar cover any of the times she’s been attacked by the right.” The quote here, “It’s hard to miss the specific energy that the White House brings to defend a White man, knowing that Kamala Harris has spent almost a year taking a lot of the hits that the West Wing didn’t want to take themselves…”

The former Harris aide said, essentially, this was racist of Joe Biden. We know Harris herself has previously accused Joe Biden of being racist in a Democratic debate that saw her eventually be hated by all the Democratic voters and she dropped out before any votes were even taking place. This is the natural outgrowth for Joe Biden of picking someone because of their race and gender to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Kamala Harris is the vice president because she’s black and a woman, and now she’s angry that Joe Biden isn’t doing enough for her because she’s black and a woman and effectively saying he’s racist and sexist and so is the White House.

BUCK: This is what happens when you have intersectionality in the Oval Office, and just as a review for everybody, right, intersectionality is really the foundational — the philosophical foundation — of wokeness, and it’s this newly made-up concept, right? These are some of the words and ideas like critical race theory, things that the left comes up with and then creates some kind of framework for discussion.

But intersectionality is that society is essentially all interlocking groups of oppression, right? There’s all these different — and there’s really a hierarchy of oppression. Of course, at the top of the oppression hierarchy are white males, but then there’s other groups. You know, Latinos not as discriminated against as African-Americans.

CLAY: Asians are basically white people for purposes of identity politics.

BUCK: “White adjacent” is the term the left uses for Asians, which I think is highly offensive, but this is what they will say about Asians. But how does the LGBTQ community fall into this, right? You’ll notice the Kamala defenders saying white man Pete Buttigieg is getting defense from the White House here. Wait. Isn’t he the first-ever LGBTQ…?

Now, by the way, that would actually be Ric Grenell, who is a friend of mine, so I don’t want to forget him. But wouldn’t this Democrat administration say this is the first LGBTQ+ cabinet member and so of course we should defend him and defend Kamala. No they go, “Oh, you’re just going to defend the white guy!” They leave out the intersectional aspect of this because they’re bitter because nobody wants Kamala to be president except Jeff Zucker, a few people work at MSNBC and CNN, and that’s it. No one wants her to be president, Clay. I don’t know if Kamala wants to be president.

CLAY: By the way, CNN also got criticized. Don Winslow — who’s written a lot of good books, actually — said, “The written hit piece on @CNN today on @VP Kamala Harris — sent to millions — was racist and misogynistic and if you allow it to go unchecked you are failing her, President Biden and this country at a time when Trump and Republicans are trying to burn this country to the ground,” Buck.

Also, our good friend Little Red Lying Hood Jen Psaki weighed in with maybe the most tepid defense possible, Buck. She said, “For anyone who needs to hear it. @VP is not only a vital partner to @POTUS but,” and this is where she really kind of crushed her “a bold leader who has taken on key, important challenges facing the country — from voting rights to addressing root causes of migration to expanding broadband,” all of which Kamala Harris has the looked ridiculous trying to elucidate the government position.

BUCK: There’s no way they’re gonna be able to convince people with talking points that somehow the reality of what the American people are seeing with Kamala Harris as the border czar, with Kamala Harris as somebody who can’t even go through — let’s be really honest about it.

CLAY: She’s incompetent.

BUCK: Even the ceremonial functions of a vice president seem to be somehow amiss for her. Even the very straightforward things that anybody in the role you would think could do, Kamala makes it look like, “Wait. How can you be inauthentic at the ribbon cutting ceremony?” if you will. That’s what she manages to do, and that’s why there’s a bit of a panic because simultaneously, Clay, there are some Democrats who are waking up, the same way they’re waking up to the reality that now Fauci is saying boosters for everybody, every adult.

CLAY: Yes, which you’ve been telling everybody out there was going to be happen.

BUCK: We’ve been saying four months. Go back and watch, read the transcript, listen to the show. We’ve been saying they’re gonna say boosters for everybody. We’ve been right, and he even says it’s because the Israeli data which we’ve been talking about since July.

CLAY: For months.

BUCK: So boosters for everybody. But the same way that we can all see what’s really going on, and now they can’t hide it is transparent with Joe Biden. The guy is gonna be 82 in his second term going into it. That’s supposed to be okay for the American people. This is the best occasion to say, “Yeah, there are 82-year-olds who are super sharp.” He’s not even one of those.

CLAY: No. He is… As we’ve said, Thanksgiving is next week, he’s the doddering member of your family who can no longer string consecutive thoughts together that make sense. But Kamala’s a lot younger, and she every time she talks, it’s like she has a word quota she has to fill. Did you hear…?

BUCK: Who makes you more comfortable? I mean, I read the article you sent over the weekend. It was pretty… It wasn’t surprising, but it was a good read. Who are you more comfortable having the nuclear codes, Kamala or Joe Biden? Honestly.

CLAY: Joe.

BUCK: I say Joe.

CLAY: Just because I think he is more cognizant, which is crazy to say, of the consequences of decisions whereas Kamala. Listen to this on cut 9. Listen to Kamala. We’ll play a couple of these cuts for you about Kamala ’cause CNN was talking about her too.


BUCK: I was just telling you all a minute ago about — and welcome back to Clay and Buck show — how Kamala is able to make a mess of things in the most straightforward, ceremonial and sound bite situation, right? Somehow people go, “Wait. What? Just kind of be normal. Don’t try too hard. Just act natural.” This is what happens. And, really, the problem that Kamala’s having — and what people around her, her team are also very sensitive to — is, is this a person who has just been pushed forward by the establishment for reasons other than political skill and mass political appeal?

“Are there other factors that have had the system pushing her forward?” This is what gets very sensitive when you start asking why, Kamala. Here’s an example, though. Clay pointed this out to me.

CLAY: There’s nothing there.

BUCK: I don’t even know what it… Here she is in France.

HARRIS: We must together work together to see where we are, where we are headed, where we are going in our vision for where we should be. But also see it as a moment, yes, to, together, address the challenges and to work on —

BUCK: Clay, you know, you went to GW, I went to Amherst, and you went to law school after that, to Vanderbilt, right? You always remember, right, when there was the kid that thought that he could get away with not doing the reading when called on and was like getting kind of close to it and then just belly flopped. (laughing)

CLAY: I’ve heard, you know, in law school we have the Socratic method, Buck, so everybody gets called on. But when you’re getting grilled by a professor on a detailed case, it becomes really self-evident who has never done the reading at all, and that’s what it sounded like.

BUCK: Right.

CLAY: That is Kamala getting — and that’s not even getting grilled! That’s her trying to talk. It’s embarrassing.

BUCK: But this is what it is all the time, right? This is her sitting down, for example, what we saw when she sat down with Lester Holt, and he’s like, “Hey, when you going to the border? Why haven’t you gone?” And she goes, “We’ve been to the border.” (laughing) No. That’s not gonna fly. That’s not gonna work. You can’t pull that move here. But she keeps trying and you have to wonder. People say, “Well, she was a senator in California.” Yeah. Where the Democrat machine is probably the most dominant and well-oiled as a system of any state in the country, right? And she got where she is through personal relationships and politics —

CLAY: That’s a very discreet, uhhh… (chuckles) That’s a very discreet way to describe her past. I mean, the whole thing with Kamala, Buck, she’s not ready for prime time. And that’s really the story that you get from CNN over and over again. It’s not like Joe Biden is without error. But essentially what the White House West Wing seems to be saying is, “We’re not gonna try to defend her because so much of her problems are self-inflicted and she just can’t handle responding to questions.” She’s barely done an interview in the time that she’s been in the White House because they’re so terrified of what she might say.

BUCK: And now, of course, they have to come up with an explanation of how it’s not her fault without talking about down Biden too much in the process. When you have leaks going on like this between Oval Office and the vice president’s office, you got issues. And it’s not gonna get better.

CLAY: When CNN’s writing it, Buck. This is Pravda, right? They’re the propaganda machine for the Democrats in the White House, and they are writing this. It makes it feel like a setup.

BUCK: CNN is much more emotionally invested as an institution in Kamala Harris than Joe Biden. No doubt about it. Much more emotionally invested. They want her to be the future of the Democrat Party.


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