CNN’s Ridiculous Martha’s Vineyard Headline Sums Up Woke White Libs

Don’t expect an end to the left freaking out about Ron DeSantis sending migrants voluntarily on trips to Martha’s Vineyard. Look at this spin from CNN:

“Wow, what an amazing impact they had on us for the one day we let them live on our island!” You have to mock these libs. Mockery is their kryptonite, and it’s crucial for our side when they pull this Superman spin.

With the Martha’s Vineyard trip, DeSantis punctured the woke cocoon that surrounds all these super wealthy people who claim that they’re better than all of us.

Martha’s Vineyard residents couldn’t deport those 50 migrants fast enough. The military shipped them off to Cape Cod.

It’s a good thing libs don’t really care about hypocrisy, because it’s being exposed by these flights, not just to the Vineyard, but to New York City, D.C. and Chicago.

Oh, you’re not a border town? Well, you are a “sanctuary city,” so what’s up?

The bluest, most left wing states understand what’s occurring in the border states. That’s why Kari Lake is surging in the race for governor in Arizona.

Also in that state, Republican Blake Masters is right on the edge with spacey Mark Kelly.

In Texas, we believe Greg Abbott’s gonna win comfortably, and a Dallas Morning News poll finds him up by a wide margin against Robert Francis O’Rourke. Don’t Beto on RFO.

They couldn’t find 50 beds and hot meals for 50 individuals for a few days on Martha’s Vineyard? It seems very obvious to people watching this now, there’s something else at work here, and we all know what it is.