Come On, Dude! Mitch McConnell Gives Up in August

CLAY: We talked yesterday, some people were upset, they were saying, “Oh, you guys are way too negative about what’s going on in the midterms.” No, no. Our goal is not to be cheerleaders all the time. Sometimes you need to get a kick in the butt and recognize what’s actually going on.

And having said that, I was stunned that Mitch McConnell came out and basically said, “Hey, I think we’re kind of screwed in the Senate,” given the fact that he’s the majority leader. Listen.

CLAY: I mean come on, dude, at least rally the troops when you are the head coach. To go out and basically just sabotage there your party’s ability and then to kind of throw some of your candidates under the bus over two months out from Election Day when saying they’re not that quality a candidate, which is the subtext of that.

BUCK: Yeah. You know, we have been saying that there are some close races we’re concerned about. John Fetterman said that he agrees with reducing the prison population by a third. Now, Clay, when we talk about ending mass incarceration — that’s the phrase — they just mean, the left just means, let people out of prisons. You just cut down that number. Let people out. Doesn’t matter really what you think in the long run. Well, they say it’s gonna make everyone safer, which is crazy.