Comedy Break: Veep Says Something Nonsensical Again

15 Aug 2022

CLAY: Let’s start off the second hour with just a nice, long, healthy laugh at our Vice President Kamala Harris, who continues to put together strings of words the likes of which we haven’t seen, Buck, since Shakespeare. I don’t know how it’s possible for her to talk so much and say so little, but here is Kamala Harris over the weekend bringing some sanity to an insane world. Of course all of that is a joke. But just listen to Kamala, let’s all.

BUCK: Are we speaking the same language as Kamala? Because I have no idea what she thinks she’s talking about. But I am certain of this we can get people I think to cosign this one, Clay. Hell is the endless H.R. lecture where Kamala Harris is the one giving you the speech. Just go droning on and on, buzzword after buzzword. It’s all corporate jargon. It’s all words connected without thoughts between them. And she is remarkable at this.

I’ve never actually come across somebody else — if SNL had created the character of the politician of Kamala, it would be the funniest thing they had done in a long time. And yet here we are. She keeps giving these speeches and saying this just utterly nonsensical stuff.

CLAY: It’s globalized. I can’t figure out which is the better analogy. Is Kamala Harris the student — and some of you have probably been in this camp before — certainly I bet you have, Buck. I mean, I have. Sometimes you gotta write a paper and you’re not really an expert in what you’re writing about and so you take what should be one sentence and turn it into a paragraph and you take a paragraph and you turn it into a page to hit your word count. It feels like she is the vice president of word count. Like, she has to hit a certain number on her speeches. That’s one.

The other one is — Buck, I can’t decide which one is better — she’s the worst boss that any of us have ever had.

BUCK: Oh, yes.

CLAY: Who is way promoted above her level of expertise.

BUCK: The competency.

CLAY: Yes. Every time she addresses the people who work for her she’s Michael Scott, right? Like, she is so bereft of the ability to do her job, I can’t decide which one of those is more accurate.

BUCK: You are one of the few people that I know in the media world who has pulled similar duration and crazy hours to me with radio and TV and everything, you know. At one point I was doing a 5AM wake-up for a TV show and I was finishing my radio show at 9 o’clock at night. I do not recommend this for anybody, by the way, right?

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: You were doing a morning show for years and I’ve ever been — I mean, you’re tweeting at like 1 o’clock in the morning. I don’t know how you do it. You’re like a machine. Have you ever had the thing where you’ve been on a breaking news day, you’ve done so much content, you’ve been on the air for, like, six solid hours plus you’ve been on, you know, maybe you’ve done Hannity’s show or Tucker’s show plus — and then you get to, like, your friend’s podcast that you said you’d do at 11 o’clock at night and at some point you realize the brain and the words just aren’t really syncing up? I’ve been there a couple times. When Kamala starts speaking, it sounds to me like how I sound when I’m about to smack my face on the table from exhaustion.

CLAY: I did 5 AM radio, Central time, ’cause I live here in Nashville. And I would get up at, you know, 4:15, 4:30 for years, and a lot of times I had to do that, Buck, after Monday Night Football ends or after it’s a late-night sporting event that’s gonna be your lead. And the thing I remember most about it is just sometimes your brain doesn’t click like you expect your brain to click. If that makes sense. We rely on live radio, live television being at least somewhat good at expressing ourselves on a day-to-day basis and making connections and all those things. And sometimes you can, like, feel the hamster running in the wheel and the hamster’s just really tired. So that’s the analogy that sometimes you get to by the end.

The problem is Kamala’s always that way. And if you’re always that way, at some point, you know, to use a sports reference, you are what your record says you are. And her record is bad, and, again, those two analogies — student who hasn’t done enough research to be able to write a paper or boss who’s been promoted way over her pay grade — I can’t figure out which one’s more perfect.

BUCK: We have fun with this, obviously, because it is funny. But it also does play into the much bigger conversation about what the dynamics will be here with the Biden administration. A big point of conversation — this is, you know, I’m on vacation at the beach, ended up talking politics all weekend. I didn’t mean to, but that’s what happened. Big point of conversation for everybody is who believes that Biden is — and everyone’s calling it the Weekend at Bernie’s situation, by the way.

CLAY: That’s caught on now. Yes.

BUCK: They’re gonna push Biden to a second term. The problem they have is not only whether or not they should — by the way, I believe they are gonna just Weekend at Bernie’s. I think they’re gonna push —

CLAY: You think they’re going Weekend at Bernie’s 2 — is saying they made a second movie —

BUCK: The first movie is not even really watchable, folks. I’ll cut to the chase on that one. The second one I can’t even imagine. I think they would wheel Biden out completely, you know, with a blanket across his knees and completely unable to really even finish a sentence.

I think, unfortunately, they are that reckless that they would do that and they wouldn’t care about it and they think that they could probably win with that. But the other part of this is, you have the first female, black vice president in the history of the country. How did the Democrats go around — let’s be honest — how do they deny her the promotion that is implied by this role without looking like they’re skipping the first black female vice president for promotion, if you know what I mean. That’s a tough one.

CLAY: Yeah. That’s a problem. If you promote someone and you keep promoting them, then at some point by diversity and exclusion rules, if you don’t continue to promote them, it’s racist and sexist not to do so.

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