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Countdown to the Midterms: Fight for Every Inch, GOP

23 Sep 2022

We have got good news on the horizon as it pertains to the Senate battlegrounds: Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Take a look at this poll. And also check out our new podcast starting this Sunday at 9 a.m. Eastern that’s a Countdown to the Midterms. You can find all our podcasts in one place.

Democrats, under Biden, are in a position where the economy is a dumpster fire.

We also have murders and violent crime continuing to surge across the country in 2022, skyrocketing since 2019.

Plus, the border is an unmitigated disaster that is impossible to defend.

Ron DeSantis has made it a major topic of discussion.

The focus keeps moving away from Donald Trump and whatever happens at Mar-a-Lago no matter how often paratisan prosecutors try to put him on the ballot.

But don’t worry. All that pain you’re suffering? The president has it on his mind.

No wonder Democrats have to distract the country from what’s right in front of ’em. Pretty much every GOP staffer right now in all these campaigns should have this playing in the background.

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