Katie Couric Admits Cutting Justice Ginsburg Response

14 Oct 2021

BUCK: You can be an editorialist, somebody with an opinion but if you are pretending that you have no dog in the fight, so to speak, and you’re just presenting information and that’s not true? Well, that’s obviously a problem. That’s what CNN does. I think we saw that with the horse dewormer thing that Clay and I have been talking about today.

It’s also what Katie Couric essentially did when she’s written about this now in her new book, which is so full of nasty things — nasty score settling — that it actually makes it sound like it’s kind of interesting. (laughing) Here’s what Katie Couric has admitted to doing. She changed an interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Clay.

She cut out about the controversy of athletes kneeling, something I know you’ve covered extensively and know very well. She cut out the following comment by the liberal Supreme Court justice and icon of the left, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She said, “Ginsburg said, ‘Contempt for a government that has made it possible for their parents and grandparents to have a decent life is what they are showing when they kneel.

“‘They probably could not have lived in the places they come from as they became older, they realized this was youthful folly and it’s why education is important. I think it’s a terrible thing to do, to kneel, but I wouldn’t lock a person up for doing it. I would point to how ridiculous it seems to me to do such an act.'” Clay, she’s essentially saying the athletes kneeling were ignorant and disrespectful.

CLAY: Which, by the way, I agree with, RBG, liberal icon. But the big story here, Buck, is what you’re pointing out, which is Katie Couric is not allowing RBG’s opinions to be shared because she, Katie Couric, is worried that it could impact RBG’s legacy with liberal activists for her to call out Colin Kaepernick, and this is the definition of dishonest media.

They are protecting RBG, in their mind. But more importantly, they are not allowing a full fruition of one of the most eloquent women of her generation when it comes to making arguments. This is also what the ACLU did, Buck. Remember when they edited her close to actually make it “gender inclusive”?

They are using a real individual who, like all of us, has a variety of opinions — some of which are politically correct, otherwise of which might not be — and they’re using her to hold up not what she believes, but what they believe using her then as the proxy based on her history to further advance their beliefs.

This is what they do with athletes in general. We were just talking off the air, ’cause I think this ties in. Kyrie Irving is refusing to get the covid vaccine. I just sent out this tweet, Buck: “That makes Kyrie Irving the first athlete that I’m aware of in the twenty-first century to actually potentially give up tens of millions of dollars.”

Because if he can’t do his job, he’s giving up tens of millions of dollars. Everybody else who is a woke athlete and who has “the right opinions,” like Colin Kaepernick actually has made more money. Colin Kaepernick has made far more money saying America’s awful because he kneeled than he ever would have as an athlete. This is a form of propaganda and dishonesty that ties directly into what Katie Couric did with RBG.

BUCK: And Couric is not a first-time offender in this respect. Years ago some of you will remember she had a classic ignorant lib documentary about guns, Under the Gun, which is just, “If we just like got rid of the guns with all the more laws, we would stop all the violence and the badness from the guns.”

There is no topic on which leftist journos feel as safe to be morons as on the topic of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms and just firearms in general, which is how we get things like chainsaw bayonets being warned about by USA Today. That was a real thing that happened. “Be careful of the chainsaw bayonet!” Vreoom! Everybody was worried about these attachments.

CLAY: They didn’t want to use bayonets in the Civil War, Buck! They didn’t want to to fight that way.

BUCK: They definitely weren’t using chain saw bayonets which, by the way, there was a run of them on Amazon because I think someone either started making them, there was one company. And of course, it sold out right away because it became a collector’s item. But Couric in Under the Gun… A lot of you listening to this will remember this.

I’m sure Rush talked about it when it happened because it was so egregious. This was years ago. I want to say maybe — gosh, I don’t know — five or six at least, maybe seven years ago. Couric had this documentary out and she asked something like… I actually have the question in front of me. She asked, “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent violent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

And, Clay, they edited the documentary so this room of pro-Second Amendment people, they just sit there silently and looking at their feet for nine seconds. The actual footage, a guy immediately goes, “Well, here’s actually how that works. Here’s what the law actually says.” He had an excellent answer, but that didn’t go with the narrative.

So they just do that — and, by the way, this was always my problem with The Daily Show. The Daily Show, when Jon Stewart was running it, they would say, “Ha-ha we’re a comedy show,” but they would cut and splice interviews to make people look stupid on serious issues so then the idiot libs at home would say, “Look what a Bozo he is! He doesn’t know anything,” when they were using the guise of this is just a comedy show to actually tackle issues that were then presented to the audience in a serious light or in somewhat serious light.

Katie Couric is a straight-up propagandist. But she’s also a representative of this generation of media journos from the past who are honestly just narcissistic, overpaid and really mediocre. There are a lot of them. I worked at Dan Rather’s CBS Evening News. That guy was a clown. I knew he was a clown when he was 18. I was an intern.

CLAY: (laughing) I just think it’s so amazing that she felt comfortable even admitting what she was doing, which is selling a falsehood, and in a way to protect the belief system that she already had. It is the default version of propaganda.

BUCK: This gets her a high five at every liberal Nantucket cocktail party she’ll ever go to the rest of her life. Everyone knows the game.

CLAY: I bet we don’t get invited to those.

BUCK: What’s up?

CLAY: I bet we don’t get invited to those cocktail parties.

BUCK: I don’t know. But I’m hoping to get invited to fancy Tennessee barbecues ’cause I am not going to Nantucket, Nantucket cocktail parties. I’ll just say this. Remember when the photographer had that photo of Barack Obama that they hid? I believe he was shaking hands with Farrakhan.

CLAY: Oh, yeah.

BUCK: It was just to defend the image of Obama, a photo that people would have paid a lot of attention to. The left knows how the game is played. They will do whatever they have to to protect their side of the luminaries


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