Crazy Town, Population 1: Nancy Pelosi

20 May 2022

BUCK: I don’t know about the poll numbers, but Biden’s been a great president, Pelosi says.

BUCK: Crazy Town, population 1 with Nancy Pelosi here. But what else is she gonna say? It’s not a surprise. Welcome back to Clay and Buck, and look: They know — we just spoke to our friend Ben Domenech about this — it’s just a question of how much Republicans can run up the scoreboard, right? And it needs to be high, though, because if we can’t run up the scoreboard now, given all the realities around us, we can never do it.


CLAY: I’m looking at this right now. This just came down the wire here, Buck. AP poll is out: Joe Biden, new low — this according to the Associated Press — 39% approval. How bad is it for Joe Biden? His approval with Democrats when it comes to the economy was just 33%, and his approval with Democrats overall — these are the people who put him into office — only 73%. Democrats! Republicans, obviously, are all allied in Joe Biden being a disaster. Even Democrats are now turning against him in a way I don’t remember seeing — a Democratic approval rating for a Democrat president at 73% — at any time in recent history.

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