D.C. Crime Hits Home for Limousine Libs

23 Jul 2021

BUCK: Clay, can I just…? I used to live in D.C. I’ve lived in D.C. twice. You used to live in D.C.

CLAY: I lived in D.C. for four years, college.

BUCK: Yeah. So I lived in D.C. for the CIA, and then I went back and I launched Hill.TV a few years ago at The Hill, and 14th Street is where everybody goes to drink and restaurants, and it’s a really popular spot, and I saw last night on Twitter. I was at home and preparing for today’s show because that’s pretty much what I do. I do radio or I prep for radio and occasionally I sleep.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK That’s basically my life, and I’m looking around, and I see that it’s bright out. There’s still obviously lights, so it’s really late. And just pop, pop, pop! A whole bunch of shots firing off on video, people have captured this, right on 14th Street near the restaurant Le Diplomate, which is a place that a lot of… I mean, Biden loves it.

It’s one of the spots. People call it “Le Dip.” It’s one of the hip places in D.C. if you’re one of the people that cares about going out for fancy meals to go. So this would be very much like having a shooting in daylight hours with 15 or 20 rounds. Two people hit, by the way. Some people were shot.

It wasn’t even just rounds going off. And all of a sudden, Clay, there were these journos that I’ve seen talk about how violence is not really rising, it’s not really bad. Their initial tweets were, “Oh, well, this is serious now!”

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: “Oh, when there are shots fired and it’s Le Fancy Man, then we got a problem.”

CLAY: Not only that, this combines with the shooting at the Washington Nationals, right outside of the baseball stadium that led to a panic inside of the Nat stadium. This really goes to Democratic hypocrisy, I think, in many ways, which is: Crime, as long as you don’t see it, is not really an issue.

And, fortunately, if you live in neighborhoods with low crime rates, it hasn’t been as tangible of a reality. But what happens as crime increases is the number of places that crime is occurring expands and maybe you’re otherwise, in quotation marks, “safe” neighborhood or your favorite restaurant or your favorite sports franchise?

You have the luxury of not having to worry about crime very often the more money that you have, and all of a sudden these limousine liberals who’ve been saying, “Oh the crime issue is exaggerated! Let’s defund the police. Let’s actually make sure that we’re not in any way overexaggerating a problem.” Boom! A few gunshots go off and they hear ’em, and all of a sudden, “Boy, we gotta really think about this crime issue, Buck!”

BUCK: Remember Irving Kristol? “A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality.” Well, in this case it’s actually just conservatives are sometimes people who used to be liberals who have been mugged.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: They’ve actually just gone through that very situation of dealing with crimes themselves.


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